Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Government by The Fascists for The Fascists

S. Paul Forrest

In the spirit of celebrating the re-election of a silver tongued fascist (actually the faux election), I offer the following repost...Enjoy the coming years.

A fascist state exists where a nation begins to allow the control of its government by corporatism, single party political interests and law enforcement that reaches beyond the normal necessity of such. There are many other defining characteristics of a fascist condition but in the United States of America, these basic ingredients have come to define a developing system that is leading the American people into a cage of control.

Most recently in this country, fascism has taken the form of overzealous faux-patriotism and its accompanying legislation in order to garner control of our nationalistic interests, domestic and abroad. It has condemned the speakers, the activists, the natural food producers, the non-Christians, immigrants and the poor. In fact, it has attacked everything that is America.

Fascism is not new to this country, nor is it a conspiracy theory by half-baked paranoids. It is alive and growing in this, our Republic and has been for quite a long time. Any developed country has, as part of its governing system, a certain level of fascism. There needs to be a police element otherwise there is anarchy. A certain level of governmental control of information is necessary to secure military counter actions in national defense interests. Prisons are established to correct criminal behavior. These defining principles of fascism are present intrinsically in any government. The issue that needs to be watched and contained by the people, is to what level of existence the fascist element is present within said government.

America was supposed to be the land of the free. The Statue of Liberty was meant as a beacon; calling to those across the globe to come to our door for refuge. It is a place where religion was to be practiced freely, speech guaranteed, and a citizen had a right to vote for real representation. Why then, are so many of our politicians uniting to close our borders, religion closed to anyone not Christian, and our electoral college a scene out of Himmler’s own daydream?