Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-11’s Anniversary Only “Celebrates” America’s Destruction

by S. Paul Forrest

I remember when 9/11 happened:  I was meeting a colleague and upon leaving his office, we entered the street and a lady came running up the road, yelling about a plane hitting the Twin Towers.  We looked at her with humor because it was hard to imagine that she was anything less than crazy.  When I returned home however, I turned CNN on just in time to see the next plane hit.  Like so many other Americans, I could feel only confusion and utter bewilderment at the events taking place before my eyes.

When first contemplating the incident, I had imagined that maybe the first plane was off course to JFK due to heavy fog or navigation problems which accounted for the misdirection.  When the second plane appeared and slammed into the other tower though, it clicked in my mind that this was no accident: America was under attack.

I watched in horror as people clung to the sides of the towers trying to escape the smoke and flames.  Some jumped to their deaths rather than suffer the agony of burning to death while others, as I can only imagine they did, prayed to God that they would be saved.  I could only imagine the realization that must have been in the minds of these doomed individuals that they may soon die. 

When the towers fell: One and then the other, I watched in awe.  The hysteria was overwhelming.  Policemen, fire fighters and civilians were trying to help but at the same time, trying to survive.  The dust billowed through the streets, engulfing the City for hundreds of blocks in ashen death while people ran in fear with only the thought of survival burning through their minds like the fire that had brought death to so many others.  Who could have done this was the only thought in my mind as I am sure it was in the minds of those experiencing the madness, first hand.

I came to tears when I thought of the loss of life and how so many children and spouses were now without that special person of their lives.  I suffered within while transcending into the roles of some of the people who so innocently suffered for this but in the back of mind, I knew it was a counter attack against our Global regime.  I considered the utter devastation we had wrought on Baghdad after Iraq invaded Kuwait and how many people suffered there when we destroyed not two but hundreds of buildings. 

Timothy McVeigh popped into my head and I thought that maybe this was some Christian radical attack, an American freedom fighter plan or highjackers from the days of the Iran hostage situation and the Lockerby bombing surging back to reap some pseudo vengeance.  When the news broke that it was Muslim radicals who took responsibility, I immediately thought that this was our payback for the criminal acts against Iraq in the years past. The news stations though, never told the story of that possibility nor did they ever let their blind followers believe this was anything but an unprovoked attack.

I thought about how we so viciously and indiscriminately killed civilians in Baghdad as part of the retribution erroneously wrought from Iraq’s actions against Kuwait. How many people died over the several nights of our bombing there, do you think?  Like the people clinging to furniture while the top floors fell down in tact after the base blew out below, I contemplated those people who we bombed in Iraq. They did not ask for their homes and businesses to be destroyed the same as our citizens did not ask nor actively participate in the actions against which, the attackers were rebelling. Those innocents here and there, who had and were about to, pay the ultimate price for our Government’s arrogance, had no choice in the decisions which cost them and their families, so much misery. 

During and after the event of 9/11, popular media, driven to support their corporate sponsors and political affiliations began to perpetuate the lie which was about to march this nation toward a devastating war effort.  It was a given that they were not going to be anything less than supportive of the lie that was to become the greatest deception our government had ever told.  It was then as it still remains to this day, that history was purposely lost in the melee of faux patriotism, xenophobia and purposeful misdirection that would come to signify and so terribly, infect the policies and the conscience of this nation for the next ten years.  

As I have written previously in an article titled, “American Nationalism; Is Our Freedom Under Attack?”;

In 2004, the IISS reported that al-Qaeda's recruitment and fundraising efforts had been given a major boost by the U.S. invasion of Iraq. This was in addition to the numbers recruited and efforts taken that led to the 2001 attack on New York. In fact, prior to this date, the U.S. led an invasion in reaction to Iraq’s attack on Kuwait even though U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie had all but given Iraq permission for the action.

With the assurance by U.S. politicians that the United States had no interest in the dispute with Kuwait, Iraq invaded on August 2, 1990. Some believe that the false assurance was deliberately given at the instruction of President George H.W. Bush to provoke a confrontation with Iraq. The details are revealed in Rodney Stich’s, Defrauding America.

Admitting for the first time that he ordered the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Osama bin Laden said he did so because of injustices against the Lebanese and Palestinians by Israel and the United States. Those in charge of our defense budgets will have us all blindly believe it was just “an act of evil” without provocation and the reaction or if you will, continued storyline, of what was to become known as the Bush Doctrine, with policies delineated in a document, the National Security Strategy of the United States, published on September 17, 2002. 

It all seemed to have started harmlessly enough.  President Bush stood in front of the cameras trying to quell the fears of the people by declaring that those responsible would answer for this crime. Those still clinging to the illusion that was America waved their flags, sang their songs and gathered to reap revenge upon a foe they did not know.  What Bush decided to do, did instead of the just thing, instead of an action that would have been globally and diplomatically responsible, was breed anger against “those responsible” to justify an all out war effort against an entire people rather than against the small group who were actually responsible.

By using catch phrases like “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, the “Axis of Evil” as used by his father before him, and touting unlimited, indiscriminate retribution as “Patriotic”, Bush convinced Congress and us Americans that War was the only, true American action.  Those who objected to this farce were immediately denounced as un-American to the point where no one dared stand against the brutal atrocities that America would thrust upon the Middle East during the next ten years in the War on Terrorism.

Along with the rush to promulgate war against a nation that his father previously waged unsuccessfully, post 9/11 saw a series of Liberty smothering legislation enabled by faux patriotic hysteria that would set our Nation back to a time before our Liberty as so fiercely fought for: Back to a time when the lack of representation from the Oligarchs of Europe and the oppression of the people’s rights prompted our forefathers and foremothers to leave Europe and found this great Land; America.

Most could not have imagined that the terrible occasion that was 9/11 and the calls to Patriotic retribution to protect the America way against terrorism would have resulted in such un-American actions as the Patriot Act and the growth of the Liberty crushing, National Security Act that would infect us all with resentment and fear not for terrorism, but for our own Government.  What is truly shameful is how these attacks have convinced some that the demonisation of an entire people was appropriate.

The Nation of Islam has been purposely titled as evil by mass media and Christian zealots wanting to rekindle the Crusades as well as to support the fortunes being accumulated by the rape of their lands and the squandering of our National wealth for the benefit of their corporate backers.  They will tell you that all Muslims are evil to propel their war; they will tell you that the violent actions of 9/11 represented the beliefs of all Muslims to garner support for their profit schemes and they will tell you that things like Real I.D. and cultural profiling are necessary to protect us against another 9/11 but the truth is something else.

As a result of the Patriot Act, National Security Act and other, anti-terrorism legislation in this country, air travel has become inundated with intrusive search standards, freedom of speech has become restricted, social pages on the net are being monitored, the police state has increased exponentially and immigrants have become a target of zealots obsessed with whitening our national tapestry.  These are just a few of the affectations of 9/11.  Will the parades and fan fare of national patriotism recognize these actions as righteous and patriotic in solemn contemplation of 9/11 or will this occasion only serve to continue the agendas of a monstrous policy said to protect us which is only robbing this nation of its meaning? 

I wonder if during this 9/11 remembrance, these facts will be discussed.  Instinctually, I would guess not.  The media knows all too well that Americans today, do not want to deal with reality.  It strips away the skin of fantasy that many here have wrapped themselves in to escape the truth.  Reality is not what most care to hear. They want to think that the attacks on 9/11 came from out of the blue; without any provocation.  Most have conveniently forgotten or cannot come to terms with how the attacks were provoked by our nationalistic foreign policy.

Those responsible for 9/11 are all around us.  Our government who sells the lie of retribution; our citizens who blindly support the foreign policy of destruction and those who daily believe what the media is selling and condemn the Nation of Islam and its entire people, as somehow responsible for our own greedy ambitions.  If we were all follow the premise and logic of the argument that a few had represented an entire Nation when they attacked the Twin Towers, then Timothy McVeigh’s actions in the bombing in Oklahoma City would define all Christianity as evil.  But that would be truth and we aren’t allowed to have any of that to disrupt the spread of our barbaric Empire.

Along with this march toward delusion we are all being subjected to, the media have incessantly echoed the claims by our government that we are winning the War on Terrorism. The fact is though; we have lost it.  Trillions of dollars, thousands of our soldier’s lives and many of our civil liberties have been lost.  Osama Bin Laden said that he wanted to destroy America.  He has succeeded in his goal.  The body of our Nation is riddled with the bullets of debt, paranoia and xenophobia. The wounds of their attack are festering with each and every day that passes without the antibiotic of truth. 

The cure to our national fever is being sequestered by they who are supposed to be protecting us but are greedily allowing the infection to take from us with our lack of objection, our very freedom.  The pulse through our national veins; those lines carrying the true blood of our freedom so crucial to our survival, has slowed while the gangrenous infection of the lies surrounding 9/11, have spread unchecked; choking its circulation. 

The attacks of 9/11 were indeed tragic but they were deserved.  Our government had for too long pushed those in the Middle East to the point where they had organized and pushed back.  We have bombed them, killed their children, their women and their men who have had nothing to do with the political power struggles between they who use us all as mere cannon fodder.  Unfortunately, fodder has always been used by they who believe the world is theirs to control.  Like pawns in a sycophantic chess match, they have marched the masses into the line of fire so the few they represent would profit from the death and suffrage incurred.

We are faced today, with the affectations of a criminal, governmental system along with their international partners in crime, fighting against the rest of the world in order to control the wealth of it. The coming side show of flag waving patriotism accented by stories of families torn apart and soldiers who died without reason, will fill the television and the radio airwaves for the coming days. The commercialism and calls for reflection of the terrible loses we suffered will most assuredly be without remorse for those hundreds of thousands of innocents we are responsible for killing before and after that one, single incident on 9/11, in order to garner our continued support of the real terrorists: Our own Government and their inexhaustible desire to control the world.

When I consider the reality of 9/11, lyrics from a song by Audio Slave permeate my thoughts:

Down on the road the world is floating by;
The poor and undefended left behind.
While your somewhere trading lives for oil
as if the whole world were blind

So come pull a sheet over my eyes
So I can sleep tonight.
Despite what I've seen today,
I found you guilty of a crime
Of sleeping at a time
when you should have been wide awake

How long will we allow this farce to continue?  How long will you blindly follow the militant regime that has become America?  How many of your freedoms lost will you “celebrate” on this 10th anniversary? And finally, how many of our own country’s atrocities will you allow to propel you into a state of stupor and continue your support the spread of its destructive evil?

9/11 was a tragedy.  It was not only horrific; it was the result of the thoughts, actions and plans of a sick people wanting only to control the world.  I am not speaking of the terrorists, though.  I am speaking of our’s and other nation’s governments who only wish upon the globe, a total surrender of their freedom to serve the regime of its collective, capitalistic evil.  Our politicians speak daily of the evil of Islam from atop their blood stained ivory towers of greed and want, nay; expect, all of us to blindly follow like drunken pawns to our deaths; mental, spiritual and physical.  How long before you decide to face the reality that this is all just one big deception?  How long before the truth is told?  How long before real Patriots understand that 9/11’s anniversary only “Celebrates” America’s destruction?

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