Sunday, March 20, 2011

They take our money for WAR

S. Paul Forrest

Another war has been started against Libya in the name of Humanitarian action; another war to expend American money in exchange for favor with the political party who will eventually control the country; another war in which American soldiers will be used as chattel as we march closer to a New World Order; another war justified by mass media, convincing American automotons that it is for our mutual freedoms and the protection of America. The reasons will vary that they will present to We the People in order to justify another war but they will never tell us the truth for these actions.

They will tell us this war is to combat terrorism when that very “terrorism” represents the actions of a people standing against a world power who is destroying the very fabric of their existence and is to them an act of protecting themselves in a war brought on by Western greed.

They will tell us it is for humanitarian action when the American initiated war against Iraq cost the lives of over a million civilians. Civilians: Women and children and unarmed men, trying to live the life given to them but having that life taken so easily by Western intervention. Civilians who knew nothing of the power struggle in the New World Order, now dead.

They will tell us it is to protect the American way when that “way” is taking us all toward a future where freedom will be a commodity bought and sold as part of a Global workforce. The destruction of Unions is a major step toward this goal.

They will tell us that Wikileaks, the people who uncovered the real reasons and secrecy behind American “Intervention” is un-American and new age cyber-terrorism when they are the ones who had spawned it with their secrecy and villainous acts of global dominance. They still have Bradley Manning suffering torture for his act of true Patriotism.

They will have the mass media parade in the trenches of faux-patriotism to anoint a new generation of the blind hiding behind the guise of Christianity while condemning anyone who does not conform to this new Order. Islam is evil they will tell us. They will claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to take over in these countries if we do not act. They will and have mislead America into a false action of protecting ourselves from Islam when we should be more concerned about the threat from our own government.

They will also tell us to condemn those among us who will stand up to them and label us as traitors and Liberal demons while they rob this country of its meaning and their corporate backers race to profit from a new cultural kill zone. Madison, Wisconsin saw the rising up of a people but F.E.M.A. camps stand ready to imprison many if a National uprising should occur.

They will tell us many things to justify the means but none of these reasons are what this country stands for. The new Patriots are self proclaimed, self-labeled and self-touting devils trying to convince us all with the last of their breaths that we should be supporting their greed in the name of Liberty. These people stand behind lapels and love of God when the only god they know is He who hides in the shadows of death: The God of Money. The devils we know, the demons of hate and the greedy of our system strengthened by the people’s ignorance and controlling all information to further their message of hate.

We know them for the masks they wear have been seen many times in the history of this world and they stand united for a system that favors the few and imprisons the rest in chains woven from the strongest metals of deception. They have been here before but we had defeated them. Now, they have the people behind them; the poor, blinded people so intoxicated by materialism and excess and so fearful of losing it that they parade behind the Masters hoping to be among the chosen who will survive the new global holocaust.

Today, we stand on yet another battle ground in the name of this American fiction called freedom while the poor and downtrodden are stripped of their rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They take our money for War while shutting down the schools; they take our money for War while denying the voice of a people; they take our money for War while our fellow citizens lose their homes; they take our money for War while our national infrastructure crumbles…They take our money for WAR.


  1. Excellent video and article.

  2. what is the purpose they do that? ambitions?... money?.... power?....


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