Sunday, April 24, 2011

We the People Must Protect Our Liberty, No Matter the Cost

S. Paul Forrest

America today is no longer a Land of Opportunity but one of basic survival for the middle to lower class tax brackets. The hope we once knew and looked toward in our daily struggles as a beacon of light at the end of the labor tunnel is quickly being extinguished by corporatism and entitlements for the rich while we at the bottom slave to minimally support our families.

Our governmental representatives sit in Washington, D.C. deliberating our collective future, while We the People can only hope they are doing so in our best interests. To date though, this has not happened. To date, they have done nothing but add to our national deficit with corporate bailouts and tax havens for their contributors while our national education system has come under attack, our teachers lose their jobs, citizens lose their homes and our elders face the loss of Medicare and the elimination of social security, a fund into which they have paid their whole, working lives. To date, they have only appeased us with pointless debates while the same corporations that feed from the public trough fill these politician’s pockets with “campaign contributions”.

In addition to this, the military complex continues to cripple our economy under the guise of National Security and the global trade policies pushed by a corporatist agenda have all but rendered us global sheep in a broken field of dreams. Adding insult to injury, American factories have been allowed to leave America, exporting our jobs and are able to ship their goods in without tariffs or trade restrictions through legislative manipulations like NAFTA and CAFTA. Currently, our government is trying to initiate a Global free trade policy that will further cripple our workforce by forcing them to labor for lower pay and fewer benefits in order to remain competitive with third world workers.

To make matters worse, the idea of God somehow supporting the right wing agenda of deception and depravation of the poor and downtrodden which has been vehemently supported by our governmental quasi-Christians has become the greatest misuse of trust this country has ever seen. These people, who would have us all worshiping corporate icons as our new gods, parade around as if Jesus himself condones their American reclamation when that action is only a fa├žade of corporate and their own, personal enrichment at the people’s expense.

Historically, what had beset the ruling class power, is how the deception they used against the people over who they had control, had overwhelmed them when they came to believe this power was limitless. Their pseudo security in their oppression and their demigod egotism fooled them into the false belief of total control where it did not actually exist.

Presently, these people or in the case of American corporatism, entities, have come to believe they cannot be stopped in their monetary deception but when an empire is built upon the backs of its people, it is dependent upon those people to survive and flourish. When rebellion or refusal to comply with the in-place-system occurs, the empire falls and the People once again dictate the terms of their own destiny.

The intrinsic truth of it all is quite simple: The increasing control of corporations in our government and the Police State supporting it can only succeed if We the People allow it to. The time has come to take back this nation. We the People need to bring about change that we can actually depend on in order to combat the ongoing war on the middle and lower classes. Thomas Jefferson, perhaps the greatest of our founding fathers, once so profoundly stated;
“The people cannot be all and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. What country ever before existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that the people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

The oppression of the corporatists is not only an American dilemma. This struggle has become global and it is a fight against those who would enslave us all no matter our country of origin. Black, white, yellow, brown, male, female and even Mother Earth herself, have fallen victim to these oppressors. They know no bounds, no limits as long as we allow them to prosper. They will not stop unless we stop them.

In Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Oman, the people have risen up against tyranny. This may have happened faster than the slave masters envisioned but it happened, nonetheless. In response, the tyrants launched counter-offensives to kill the protesters and quell the movements but the slaughter only bred more protests and more awakenings across the globe.

Likewise, We the People in America are now faced with the choice of surrendering our right to control our destiny or fall further victims to corporate exploitation. We have allowed control of this country to shift from our hands into the hands of a corrupt Government but all across this country people are awakening to the reality of the current, corporate backed, global slave economy that Washington is allowing.

It is happening already in Madison, Wisconsin against a repressive, corporatist regime encapsulated by a Republican Governor paid for by the Koch Brothers parading as a Representative of Wisconsinites and their struggles. When faced with an oppressive regime that wanted to control the labor force though the destruction of their only collective voices; Labor Unions, the people of Wisconsin took a stand and currently are recalling a farce of a governor and retaking their State. Additionally, the State representatives who backed Walker’s moves toward a corporate dystopia are also being recalled for their deceptive, anti-American actions on behalf of the corporatist establishment.

The difference between America and the aforementioned countries though, is the denizens here believe they have too much to lose if they confront their slave masters. Like rats in a maze, many of us are trapped within this corrupt system, struggling to survive. We depend upon the masters to supply us with the necessities to feed our children and provide us place to hide from our collective realities. We look to the cage door for the time when the food will come or the next episode of televised escapism will be given unto us. Like addicts at the dealer’s door, we make compromises to afford our addiction to surplus.

How much will it take for Americans to rise up against a government that has inundated the landscape with false representation and fictitious promises of change? Will your house have to be taken from you or your very freedom ripped away in the night? What about your children? Will they have to suffer for your fears of partaking in true patriotic action? What will it take for you to protect this country against this current regime of fascist corporatism and reclaim the Liberty this great nation is supposed to represent and was founded upon?

There is no greater country on Earth than America but it is quickly becoming a prison and the jailers are profiting from our imprisonment. When the walls fall in on your own kingdom and the forces take from you all that you have worked for only to give it to corporate pirates and then, in the same motion, rob your children of their futures, will you then stand and fight or will you surrender and be imprisoned in chains of delusion just hoping the master will choose you to survive the slaughter of your liberty?

We must, once again, as in the time of America’s revolution against the repressive regime of England, rise up and reclaim our country that our treasonous government has taken from us and once again, plant the flag of freedom on our shores. Let history judge us as it sees fit but the corporatists should know this: Never shall We the People allow this great nation and its citizens to be sold into economic slavery. At this point, there is only one course of action that can be taken as far as I am concerned: We the People Need to Protect Our Liberty No Matter the Cost.

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