Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lost and Bewildered in America

by S. Paul Forrest

Lost in America: Vesna Kittelson

Lost and bewildered…A wonderful combination of words describing a feeling unlike any other of the confusion and insecurity possessing this Nation.  Lost and bewildered in a world that empowers our present Government and bewildered at the fools in America so willing to follow them to their own undoing.  When looking at the parade of jesters eyeing the White House as their next breeding ground for their corrupt and in some cases, bizarre ideologies, how can any American feel anything else?

The candidates are lining up to face off with our current President, Barrack Obama.  The characters taking center stage range from modern day Don Quixotes, Joan of Arcs and Jeffrey Hudsons.  From the strange to the disillusioned, the candidates share one common goal; to dethrone Obama in order to take this country backward to a time when the people were servants to their Lords on high.  

We see it every day and with every speech.  These candidates for the highest office in the world; the most powerful position in the Global realm, daily speak of God and small government only to fill their own coffers and to empower their corporate contributors.  They speak to us of reclaiming America but continue to support free trade: That very thing which has robbed us of our jobs.  Why?  Because the people paying for their march toward Washington have told them to.

Even President Obama has gone full turn on the topic.  During his campaign in 2008, he promised to undo the destruction of free trade but like so many of his other promises, it was a lie. Currently, he is trying to complete the turn by indoctrinating the PhilippinesColombia and South Korea into the sick club whose members sell We the People’s futures for the enriched security of their own.

This new round of elections is again bringing us politicians pretending to represent us and as has been the case for the last 13 years, the sycophantic behavior indicative of a lost society, our collective insanity time and time again, rears its ugly head filled with the psychotic insistence that this time, believing and voting for these corporate puppets will somehow bring us all, a different result.  

The sad reality of our current political jesters represent not We the People but rather, the old adage that all voters should remember:  People will only try to get away with what they think they can.  As long as we continue to allow them to, they will indeed, live up to that reality.

Americans should wake up to the deception infecting our Nation each and every day.  They tell us we are being kept safe with the Nation Security initiatives and around the Globe, our war efforts are dissuading terrorism.  The reality?  National Security is a guise for the growing control of We the People and the dissuasion of an uprising against the immoral and anti-American actions of our own government and our Global assault is creating a worsened terrorist threat against us.

It is a self-perpetuating machine designed to propel a corporate state of profit from the sell off of our assets and the perpetuation of fascism infecting THIS nation, not the Middle East.  The threat is not from outside our borders but rather, from within.  Our Empire is in grave danger of collapse but the People are not stopping it, they are following these traitors like lamb to the slaughter, because they actually believe the news agencies are independent of the deception.  We are all in our own, disillusioned way, enabling it to happen.  

Abraham Lincoln has said; "America will never be destroyed from outside.  If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."   To those of you still asleep;  the time has come to awaken to the reality that our government has abandoned us.  Unfortunately, we all still need to live here and need this nation to guarantee the future of our children.  Instead of allowing them to take our wealth and our dignity unchecked, wouldn't it make more sense to be proactive and stop them now?  

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