Sunday, April 8, 2012

America’s Political Plasticity

by S. Paul Forrest

Be sure to tune in Monday - 04-09-12 -  to Beaking Taboo on   We will be discussing - What a Conservative is, what is a Liberal is and how today's descriptions of such are being blurred and misrepresented on both sides of the aisle...or are they?

Webster’s Dictionary defines Conservative as “favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change” whereas Liberal is defined as “favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others.” One would be lead to believe by these definitions that it is a simple matter of same old, same old versus open to change for a better tomorrow but considering the lack of any solid base belief or even, realization of any positives held within them which should in some way, be serving our national interests, each of these terms has come to signify nothing save for what advantage it has gained for the employers of in the politics of quasi ideology.

Take the right wing, Republican stage as an example: We have suffered through the theatrics of what should be, what was and what could have been to the point where very few people truly know what the Right wing even represents any more.  The Reagan Republicans say one thing, the Tea Party Conservatives, another and the fiscal, “true” conservatives, coupled with their religious mania driven counterparts, another.  Likewise, the Democrats, caught between the Alinsky mantras of radicalism and the social engineering of unrealistic socialism, have no real idea of what they even stand for anymore.  The plasticity of these parties has grown to such an extent that even those who would have in some past time, made sense, are dismissed as radical or even, fanatical demagogues, as they most reasonably, should be.

All one has to do to understand the dilemma facing our circus-like, political system to realize how far this nation has fallen away from the reality of what our Republic was supposed to be and what it is no longer, is examine either the words of our present, Presidential hopefuls or the false promises of the current, White House occupants. One does not have to stumble far along in the fog of manipulated drama to understand the obvious: The longer we believe that we are being served by these actors performing in the worst of Shakespearean nightmares, the more likely we are to fall victim to their deceit and the closer we come to the destruction of our national essence.

We Americans are surrounded everyday by the plasticity of persona, physical appearance, media entertainment and political theater:  It inundates our lives daily through billboards, mindless television shows and interpersonal connections but rarely does it affect our lives in a hugely, negative way. After all, if we do not like the scenes in front of us, we can simply ignore them and choose to focus on a different reality.  The transparency dominating the political arena of this nation and by proxy, our individual lives ought to be as easy to ignore but whereas our taste in food, face or clothing are merely temporary distractions and soon enough deemed irrelevant, the long term affectations of America’s political plasticity has major, potentially destructive ramifications and so cannot and should not, be so easily ignored.  Fairy tales are loved for their "Happy Endings" but if We the People do not awaken from our current, ignorant slumber, the ending will be less than happy; it will eventually become a nightmare from which, we will not be able to awaken.

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