Thursday, May 31, 2012

We Should Just Eat the Poor

by S. Paul Forrest

Time and time again, we in America are inundated with the rhetoric of how “entitlements” are what is driving our National Debt.  This spending is crippling our economy, we are told.  And it is not a problem that is isolated to America, only.  Across Europe, austerity measures have been implemented in order to combat global, economic meltdowns.  Why? : Because there are simply too many people in need of assistance from their governments around the world; governments which cannot afford to take care of them…or so we are told.

In the world today, there are millions upon millions of people who are suffering in poverty. Many are unemployed, homeless, hungry and desperately looking for relief.  In “developed” nations, those in need are absorbing much of their nation’s fiscal resources. Unfortunately, many of America’s resources are allocated to nations who cannot afford to take care of their own but unfortunately, these funds often never make it to the people yet, we keep sending them.  The amount of money we in America give to this cause is staggering.  This cost adds to our fiscal deficit and could or rather, should be used more productively in other areas.

In America, Social Security is said to be taking up half of our National Budget and Medicare/Medicaid, food stamps, etc ; the rest.  We are told the numbers of dependents are growing too large for the resources of this Nation and other nations to support. Thanks to media’s demonizing these programs, it has somehow become acceptable to state that the people dependent upon State money are no longer “productively” contributing to our society as a whole.  We are on average, decreasing our collective abilities with these extra bodies; these socio-economic drains.  Sadly enough, that not such a false statement.

Everyday, we are handed extra fees, fines and taxes just to pay for their increasing dependency and associated governmental costs attributed to their unfortunate existence.  Those who are productive in our present society are expected to care for those who continue to exist thanks to the government teat while the numbers of these dependents grows exponentially.  Yes, much of this need is caused from corporate greed and a poor business environment but it is the inevitable outcome of a world which has become overpopulated with resource allocation strained and misery, a seeping wound of the people.  Just imagine if there weren’t so many in need: Imagine how much extra money the rest of us would have. 

To combat, support and forever solve the “problems” as reported by so many neo-conservatives, “right wing” politicians and their followers world wide, I propose the following steps which would be an extreme solution but nonetheless, a necessary one that I am certain would pass not only in Congressional review but in so many State legislative bodies and foreign Nations which have adopted extremist solutions all their own in order to solve the “problems” of over population and increasing social dependence.  The solution is as follows:

We should eat the poor and downtrodden.

I know what you must be thinking: What?!?! You’re Insane!!! Don’t be alarmed at this initial reaction; it is a perfectly normal one but alas, it is just a temporary one. You will soon enough, with the full support of politicians and their media talking heads, come to accept it as a step which is necessary toward alleviating so many “problems” across the Globe, unless of course, you are among those chosen for said eating.  After all, this nation and others believed “Weapons of Mass Destruction” was a viable reason to wage a brutal, never ending, civilian killing war so what I am proposing will soon enough be accepted as a necessary step toward maintaining our “National Security” and complete, financial stability on a global level. 

Currently, our intellectual prowess is being hampered by tightening budgets and increasing numbers of the unproductive.  Education is being de-funded, art and music diminished and university tuitions rising to the point where soon, only a select, wealthy few will be allowed in. Our society as it is now, is only training our young to be miscreant, unthinking, obese cretins with little to no ability to operate outside the realm of televised ignorance: There are too few Einsteins, Bachs and DaVincis appearing these days.  This is the fault of a society purged of intellect by the above mentioned people and those trying to proliferate their ignorance of a profit based existence without effort.  We have lost our humanistic reason because of the population increase and trying to survive the melee of increased dependence by those who do not produce for the greater good. 

So how do we go about beginning this new phase of our future societies?

First and foremost, in order to fully accept this solution as necessary and as a step toward true, financial freedom, you must rid yourselves of any religious restrictions or self-righteous hang-ups about humanity at large.  This is the stuff man never wrote in their Holy Books nor is it the best of Christian thinking, but necessity is the Mother of Invention and we are indeed, needing some invention.  Of course, there were only a few hundred thousand people on the planet back when the Bible was fabricated: We have a few billion more now so turning to the Book is not a viable solution any longer.  

Throughout history, people have been sacrificed to the “Gods” for the betterment of society so this is not such a stretch of the morality we have inherited from our ancestors.  If you spend just a moment to consider it, a hungry person will do just about anything to sate their pangs. Stories of sailors adrift at sea are rife with tales of cannibalism.  Even belief in a God cannot dissuade a hungry person from doing whatever is necessary to fill their stomachs including eating their own.  This idea is based on all of these instincts; these necessities, shown throughout human history and innate within our human animal’s basic survival instincts.  We are not any different now save for our faux morality based on a loosely formed Books of fables meant only to drive us into a controlled state.  This plan is merely the final collection and actualization of these base, animal needs.

Secondly, you must understand the global issues.  We have famine, disease, poverty and a growing number of people dependent upon Government to survive. Hunger, lack of housing and the need for a continued, budget sucking existence will be all but alleviated with this plan.  There will no longer be a need for socialist systems; those labeled as financial burdens upon the State. Additionally, with the lessened numbers of humans who will survive because of this plan, our wildlife, environment and even our cultural brilliance will regain their strengths as it was always meant to evolve to. Even the Liberals can’t argue with that.

Thirdly, you must embrace the idea of a greater good.  War is oftentimes justified for such a cause.  Innocent people are killed everyday to control resources but their corpses litter the ground, above and below.  Instead of killing them, they can be made into a resource which we can harvest, sustain ourselves with and in the process, strengthen our human race. These people are going to die eventually without social assistance anyway, right?  Unless we control the growth of their existence, society will be overburdened with their continued propagation.  We must take drastic steps to correct it or our empire will eventually crumble under their weight.

Our society is degrading to the point of no return and our global economy, suffering for it.  Child labor is being used to produce goods for the masses whereas in the past, people of standard age did the work.  Even the quality of our goods is diminishing - including our food sources via genetic manipulation. Not to be outdone, strengthened bacteria and increasing illness is Nature’s way of combating over population.  We will essentially just be helping the process along and in the mean time, helping to not only feed the people remaining but we will alleviate the ever increasing problems of social dependence.  

To effectively harvest this new resource, we must establish a baseline. Anyone who is weak, either mentally or physically; will be chosen.  This can be established with any number of testing mechanisms we currently have in place including I.Q. tests, scholastic aptitude testing and physical stress tests. Those over the age of 60 will obviously be chosen because at that age, they likely will have ceased to be productive.  The sick, deformed or otherwise incapable will be chosen, as well.  They are just burdens; dead weight, as it were to this society.

Likewise, lesbians, gays, transgender and well, sexually confused or “metrosexual” people will also be allocated to this cause.  We cannot have people existing within the matrix that are unproductive in any form of fashion; reproductive capability included.  If citizens cannot produce viable, socially conforming participants, than they will not be necessary within the new world order and thereby, rendered for a more productive, more nutritious purpose.

Lastly, anyone with the inclination to not be a productive member of this society or unwilling to commit to full productivity and meritous contributions on behalf of it, will be selected for sacrifice to serve the greater good.  This will include any who speak out against the in-place system.  In a perfect world, dissidence is unpatriotic and therefore a sign of weakness; a sign of the inability to adapt to our changing, cultural matrix. Adaptation is the key to survival so what better mechanism to force others to conform to this new, competitive society than the threat of becoming part of the food chain – and not one of those at the top of it?  The time will come to choose; will you be a part of the productive masses or will you be a part of the product to feed them?

The question still remains, though: Where will the infrastructure to enact this new system of nourishment and lessened social burden come from.  Doesn’t that take money to fund? Quite simply, the stock will be taken to processing centers which will be surrounded by electrified fences so they cannot escape into our “acceptable” society.  The chosen will be able to have contact with each other and if we are lucky, breed more into the system.  Those born within these “farms” will be tested and any capable of rejoining the productive ranks will be taken to host families so as to strengthen our society.  It is not the desire to kill the productive for this new society will surely need them. Those not deemed worthy will continue to be raised for harvest. 

There is no concern for the matter of “humanistic” treatment, either. The farms will cater to all the needs of the stock and will operate according to the strictest USDA and FDA standards we now afford any animals raised for our food.  Our government tells us the standards afforded our meat industry are humane so we can easily assign these same rules for this new processing without guilt.  If it is acceptable for those we have been given dominion over, then it will be acceptable for the human animal as well. 

Some may argue that keeping this stock will cost as much money as leaving them free because we will have to feed them. This is not true since much like any animal farming the stock will be fed the remains or rather, “renderings” from the previous round of “sacrifices”.  Vegetables and grain will be introduced to balance their diet so as to render quality meat. Given the numbers who will no longer need Ethanol in their fuel, great amounts of corn will be freed up for this purpose. The amount of grain sent to cattle, pigs and chicken farms will also be better utilized to feed the human stock since animal farming industries will have a lessened demand given this new supply. The ends will justify the means, as it were. 

Just imagine a world where only the productive survive: The contributors add to the greater good and all who are “free”, fed and breeding a better race: A world where debt and social devolution become things of the past.  Just do your best and hope you are not counted among those chosen to serve the greater good.  Hard work and selective breeding will once again become the norm.  Humanity will once again flourish and achieve the level which it has always been intended to.

Given the current actions against the poor, downtrodden, elderly and those falling outside the current social “norm”, we are already on our way toward implementing a plan.  88 FEMA camps lay empty in America, ready to receive the first wave of sacrifices.  Jobs will be created while building the rendering factories near these centers.  Additionally, as other meat sources are phased out, we can retrofit those factories remaining for rendering. The infrastructure to implement this plan is ready and we can easily move forward.  All we have to do is accept the inevitable.

This may seem an excessive and somewhat archaic or rather, “inhuman” plan but given the situation within our current society and all those who are so needy being denied any support at all and left to die slowly within the evolving system, it is not a far fetched one.  We are only hindered by our inherited morals which remain in place within the recesses of our religiously tainted minds.  We are after all, at the end of the day, merely animals.  Regardless of what some will say, we are not in any way, anything other.  To survive, we must begin to realize that our society is dead lest we rid ourselves of those who are non-productive; those who only hold down the whole.

This plan is quintessentially, inevitable.  The people not in danger of selection will listen to the talking heads, the politicians and their stomachs and let it happen.  It is just a matter of when it will come to fruition.  It is in reality, a matter of just deciding when we will continue to deny them care and leave them in the dirt to rot or begin kill them in this fashion. Either way, they will inevitably die in our factories or on our heartless streets of neglect. Having them finally contribute to our society after a lifetime of not doing so would be the logical course of action.

I do hope by now, the reader has realized this article is satire and intended to give pause to the way the world is heading with austerity measures and populace views of how our society should be treated and controlled.  We are facing an ever increasing population and a separation of morality from politics.  The plan as stated above is no different from many of the emerging policies voiced in our United States and other nations abroad.  Where we go from here, no one can say with certainty but rest assured; we are not too far from this, particular solution.

Of course, in all the discussions of austerity and dependence upon the present system, nary has a mention been made of Defense budgets or the absurd philosophy of National Security but then again, most touting the inhumanity of anti-socialism care not if bombs cost more than food; they care only for profit over the people.  With this plan, the Corporate State will easily be able to literally, profit from the people. My only remaining question is; what is stopping them from going forward with it right now?


  1. the wit combined with real issues creates a satirical tour de force. Well played Mr. Forrest. Bravo.

  2. An Alternative to Capitalism (where no one will be poor)

    Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: "There is no alternative". She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

    I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: "Home of the Brave?" which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:

    John Steinsvold

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."~ Albert Einstein


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