Friday, September 7, 2012

Why Are Liberals Ignoring the Obvious?

by S. Paul Forrest

Author’s note: I am a moderate and very open to change with regard to my political views.  Being a moderate means I am not stuck within one Party or one ideal; I am willing to listen to both sides of the aisle in order to formulate the best decision within this politically divided country – something the term Liberal once represented but apparently, no longer does.  I see problems on both the Right and the Left and all too often, can only shake my head with disgust at the ignorance so endemic within the blind, political allegiances so many enslave their minds within. If anything, I hope this article opens you up to the possibility that maybe while pursuing your Political Party’s agenda, you have become blind to the reality of our two party system - that it has become a duopoly, based on lies and deceit.

Being called a Liberal in these past four years, has come to represent the agendum of Socialists, Communists and/or Anarchists.  The reason for this association seems to stem from the insistence by many who would call themselves Liberals that America should cater to the poor while castigating the rich - those this author sees as they who have the ability to make money from innovation, intelligence and hard work.  Many in this movement have condemned the Right wing Conservatives for their desire to rid our Land of social care and equal rights for gays and women (to name a few) but in their race to hate their political opposites, they have rather ignorantly or maybe purposely, ignored the obvious: Our current President is more of a threat to this country’s future than any Conservative could ever be.

Preaching preservation of our right to free speech and freedom of the press but only if these “freedoms” cater to their particular beliefs, the “have your cake and eat it too” policies adopted by so many within the Liberal movement - which should more appropriately called the neo-Liberal movement - is as unrealistic as the right wing Christian Coalition’s belief that somehow God will solve all of our problems if only America adopts their brand of faith. These same Liberals (and Conservatives, for that matter) preach how media is responsible for the undoing of our Union by polarizing the people but they continually cling to every opinion given to them by the press without question as if only to gratify their personal beliefs and to regurgitate media-based opinion for lack of any real thought or responsibility for such.

On every Left aligned media source this author has had the painful experience to listen to for the past two months, there has been a 24-7 condemnation of the right wing for their pandering to corporate donors and selling to their followers the belief that any who do not produce should go without.  The problem with this constant berating of the right on these policies, even though somewhat justified, is how the Left media is convincing their followers to re-elect Barrack Obama to avoid the perceived problems stemming from right wing policies. They consciously do this while ignoring the policies that the current Democrat-oriented administration is so detrimentally enacting within our nation.

Case in point: President Obama in his campaign promises, so often used and sickeningly enough still uses, promises to end free trade because it hurts American jobs. In his recent Jobs Act which was stopped by Republicans in the House, he outlined raising tariffs so America would become once again, attractive to manufacturing – an idea which would have worked.  While in office though, Obama has ushered in Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, Panama, Thailand and Korea and currently is in discussions to enter the United States into the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which will eliminate all tariffs imposed on imports, which will inevitably lead to more American jobs lost to overseas, cheap labor and tax free functioning.  President Obama offered this Jobs Bill full well knowing it would be killed in the House for one basic reason; to convince Liberals that he was trying to help Americans.  He did this while negotiating back room deals with the United Nations and nations like China to represent the interests of Transnational Corporations rather than the workers who so gullibly supported him in 2008 and apparently, are still blindly doing so.

Yes, the agenda on the right side of the aisle is blatantly anti-social, anti-gay and anti-freedom of religion and choice, but when a sitting President is anti-truth and anti-Constitution with actions like authorizing the Indefinite Detention Act which allows Americans to be imprisoned without charges, continues to send unmanned drones into countries to kill “insurgents (a word used to define any who would dare stand against our global police state) and is currently working with the U.N. to end our Right to Bear Arms as well as control our water and ability to freely develop our Land (Agenda 21), one would think the Liberal support of such a person would come to an end. Given the evidence of late and the blind support for the person doing these things though, one would be terribly wrong in this assumption.

Despite the aforementioned realities and the continued actions (not to mention those soon to be revealed) of the in place POTUS against our Constitution and the Geneva Convention, Liberals continue to pledge allegiance to Obama’s flag. But for what: So as to avoid those Republicans who attack a system dominated by government where such government should be so much smaller, may possibly define the end to America supporting those who cannot or will not support themselves? Here is a bit of reality the Liberals may want to consider before casting their stones of condemnation upon the Right while avoiding the reality that is the Obama Administraton: If the U.N., World Bank, FED, IMF, et cetera, take over control of our nation which apparently is coming to fruition on Obama’s watch, how long do you think the Constitution and social programs Liberals so vehemently support, last?  Given the reality of European Austerity measures seen of late through such Globalist incentives, the obvious answer – if you are able to actually open your eyes to it - is; not long at all.

Most certainly those who would respond to these questions by contending the Right would do just the same if given power could be correct in their assumption, but if Liberals spent more time listening to both sides as opposed to centering upon Left aligned media only as they so hatefully say the Right does on their own political biased media, maybe they would see that the Tea Party (once very much detested by this author) may ironically enough, be the only bastion of hope left to actually preserve our sovereignty and yes, our Constitution.  Call the idea crazy but if we are truly to preserve our nation, the answers do not lie within an Administration whose promises are wrapped in deception, they lay within the promise of a better America one the current Administration cannot and will not deliver.

When mention of the Tea Party hits your mind and you sink into the thoughts of how just maybe, this author has lost his, I would ask you to consider a few facts: T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already.  This mantra was begun by Ron Paul in his previous run for President.  Taxed Enough are the businesses which in order to employ a person @ $12.00 per hour end up spending $16.00 and now more thanks to the “Affordable Care Act”: Taxed Enough has sent thousands of businesses over seas to set up camp and cost us millions of jobs.  Taxed Enough represents the regulations and restrictions upon businesses who have chosen to remain in America and which bring us our only job prospects, the ability to afford to hire employees at an above living wage.  Taxed Enough is the reason we rebelled against England to begin with but for some reason, those who claim to be about the people over the corporations (Liberals), believe is somehow acceptable now.

As Occupy Wall Street has become inundated with miscreants and purposeless anarchists, so too has the Tea Party become inundated with extremists bent on doing more damage than good to this nation than that which they originally were chartered to do.  As both mature, one can only hope that the more intelligent within both movements will join forces to create a constructive platform upon which to preserve our nation.  Together, those people participating in these movements represent We the People and together, they can unite the Left and Right to combat our fallen Government and restore real hope for our shared future. Together is the only mantra which should be used in these times for it truly represents America where our government no longer does.

This article is not intended to support the initiatives of the right wing and their support of anti-social programs or to say a theocratic government is the correct path where women are demeaned and our children are imprisoned within an educational system teaching ignorance over intelligence, it is meant to draw attention to the hypocrisy existing within the Liberal cause. Though noble and meaningful and even most needed within this world which seems to have forgotten what civilization means, it is nonetheless, ignorant to the end result of its cause as it pertains to supporting what could easily be argued, is the worst President this Nation has ever had.  Four more years of Obama will not only mean continued separation of our people who so blindly adhere to the dictates of the hate mongering media, four more years will mean the end of our ability to self-sustain and the end of our Sovereignty as Obama allows the U.N. and its Global Banksters take control of us all.

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