Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christian Hypocrisy

As the news continues with the Afghan apostate, Christians and Western governments have come out saying religious freedom must be respected and allowed: The same nonsense from Christians. However what makes it all the more amusing, is that in western countries Muslims have often been prevented from practicing their own religion.

Girls have not been allowed to wear their hijab in school, men have had to shave their beards, and on top of that on a couple of occasions the police go on and raid a Mosque or two turning everything inside out. So where is the freedom of religion if I may ask? It seems Christians are very fond of speaking from two mouths, the same with the Western man. The amount of hypocrisy coming from these nations is incredible.  The core of it just exposes the Christian character, and just shows how low these people truly are.
When something bad is done to them they cry foul play, and they cry that all religions should be respected and its followers treated equally and allowed to follow their rights.

So why cant the Christians follow their own rules? In fact many pathetic Christians enjoyed the rule that Muslim girls would have take their hijabs off, they said good! It made them happy and pleased, since it means Muslims could not practice their religion.

The ChristianS also argued that if the Muslim didn’t like it, then the Muslim should leave and if they didn’t leave, then they should simply respect the law and shut up. So therefore, the same thing goes for Christians; Christians should also keep their mouths shut on an issue that has nothing to do with them. As Bush and his cronies have said, Afghanistan is a free democratic state, therefore the country has the right to exercise what it sees fit, right or wrong. Or let me rephrase that, Christians who are not Afghan citizens should keep their mouths shut, and actually so should Afghan Christians if they don’t like the law, just as the Christian tells the Muslim living in his country, which is that you must respect the country’s law, so all is fair.

Now I don’t agree with the apostate being killed, don’t get me wrong. But what I am saying is that Christians should not put their business in others people's business, since as I said, the Christians always tells the Muslims respect our law or leave! So therefore the Christian must respect the Afghan law whether they like it or not. Or wait, does this world have to follow everything the Christian man says? I don’t think so, Christians should wake up and smell the coffee, maybe in Europe and America they can do what they see fit, but when it comes to Africa and Asia, it is a completely different story, now it is the other way round, now it is the Christian who has to respect the law or leave, and if he doesn’t leave then likewise the Christian should keep theirs mouths closed.

I am not being rude or offensive here, I am just giving the Christian the SAME criteria they give the Muslims in the West.  If Christians see it as offensive, then that is good since it is only a reflection of themselves.

Christians must not demand things which they themselves don’t offer.   The Christians don’t own this planet, and they never will, and if they don’t like that, then they are free to go to the Moon or Mars.

Once again let me make it clear, I am against the apostate being killed, he should be allowed to freely worship whatever he feels like, and if it was up to me I would allow him and I would also grant him protection for himself and his family. What is the use of punishing him? He will get the worst punishment in the here-after and that is satisfying enough, because Allah’s punishment is indeed a punishment you do not want.

Now the question is where were the Christians when the European countries banned the hijab? I didn’t say any of them speaking then, why did they not stand for the freedom to follow your belief? Non of them complained, which indeed baffles me, yet they now come on tv saying all religions must be allowed to be practiced freely and equally, give me a break, the Christians have lied so much it is becoming just as pathetic as their cult.
How long will you the Christian continue such actions? HOW LONG? How long will you continue to expose your hypocrisy and speak from two mouths? How long?

Now if any Christians feel offended by what I have said and want to voice their opinion and give a response, then they are free to contact me by email:

But let me repeat it again, if Christians are offended, it is only because this is a reflection of themselves, I have simply used the same criteria as the Christians always do, so hence the only reason a Christian will feel offended by this article is not because I am wrong, or because I lied, but because everything I have said is true and correct, I have simply used their own words against them! And they cant stand it.

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