Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is Freedom?


Freedom is a universal gift to all the creatures that inhabit beautiful, bountiful, living, Planet Earth.

It is in the genetic makeup of all living things on our planet.  It is as important to our existence as breathing her life giving air.

To Americans, as it should be for all people, it is the freedom to question and the freedom to protest.  It’s the freedom to say no when our sovereignty is being attacked, our lives are being threatened, and our future is being destroyed!  Freedom is not just a “state of mind” it is a state of being.

Freedom is a universal gift from our Creator.  It is a right without equal, which cannot be undermined by any despot, any religion, any concept, idea, affiliation, treaty, or government.  It cannot be negotiated away in secret or stolen without our permission.

Freedom is the contract we made with our Sovereign called “free will."  In exchange, we agreed to endeavor to live our lives with purpose, at Peace, and with love and respect for each other, our planet, and her creatures.

Instead we have been coerced by fear mongering, lies and propaganda.  We have been dogmatically forced behind contrived and purposeful barriers, to be enslaved and tasked to enslave each other by Tyrants.

We have been encouraged to cage, oppress, and kill each other and the other animals of our planet, while we manipulate her natural bounty. Creating unnatural scarcity, we ignore and despoil her beauty, “all in the name of profit!”

The Despots have denied us the beautiful lives we were meant to live, because we constantly fail to recognize the prison bars of psychological manipulation that surround us.  It has been said that “in a climate of universal deceit, truth telling becomes a revolutionary act!”

The Americans that were our forefathers would have rather died on their feet, than live on their knees! From the American Revolution, the Civil war, the Battle of Little Big Horn to the Alamo and the Battle of Wounded Knee, whether fighting each other or outsiders trying to take it away, Americans of every race, color and creed have lived and died for and prized FREEDOM to live in PEACE and be left alone to enjoy the fruits of their labor above all else.

It is time to talk to each other and find the truth about where we came from and the power of who we are.  If we look beyond the synthetic and manipulated differences we find that mankind is not flawed, and that only our perceptions about ourselves are flawed.

We have been set up and set against one another, stirred to chaos and constant war to blind us to what is happening to our precious planet and our once peaceful, joyful, civilized world. Follow the money and you will know the truth.  That is, someone who is” truly flawed” has gotten hold of “the reins of our destiny" and is hell bent on driving humanity straight into oblivion.

The Four Horsemen can now be identified:  There is Big Pharma, World Health Organization, Codex Alimentarus, and the Monsanto Famine. Additionally, there are the U.N. peace keepers, world military/ merchant mercenary Corporations of War. Finally, there is the politicization of Religion, which has been twisted and turned into a weapon of injustice and terror and as an excuse for xenophobia, bigotry, misogyny, murder and theft.  Furthermore, described as “the opiate of the masses,” it has been used to separate us from one another and our Creator, as it destroys our judgment and imprisons our compassion. Every one of the Horsemen is a private Corporation, or is run by one or more private corporations.

Education, Medicine, Science, Creativity and Spirituality, and most Knowledge and Truth have been held hostage and turned into an Orwellian paradox because of money. All have been institutionalized by and for the benefit of the Money Changers.  Most damaging of all has been the suppression of the truth about our history.

If we follow the money then we will start to understand the game. The moneychangers worship betrayal at the feet of  Mammon.  They worship the artificial and the material at the expense of the authentic and the living. They have enslaved us through stealth and parasitic infiltration of all or most of our institutions, information media and governments worldwide.

In the U.S. they look at us as little more than collateral for the loan on our bodies which they have mortgaged beginning on the day our birth when our birth certificates were registered on the New York Stock exchange.  As our median age rises, we are rapidly becoming a depleted resource in the eyes of the “Soulless” that exist across the planet.

They are the faceless ones pulling the strings behind a curtain of secrecy and deceit.  They are the ruthless criminals who hate competition, deny justice and abhor fair elections, when bloody coups through their manipulations are so much faster, and plausible deniability is so much easier. What our generation has failed to realize is that we have been living our entire lives on borrowed time.

All that has happened will only get worse unless we understand the peril we are in which has never been more serious. We must recognize and face a common problem that can only be described demonic in nature. We must put aside our petty differences; demand the truth and access to all of the “knowledge” we have been intentionally segregated from so we can act before it is too late to make things right with our world.

This “knowledge” holds the key to the uncompromised survival of the many at the minor monetary expense of the few. We have been denied our birthright which is the ability to live harmoniously amongst ourselves with our planet and all of her creatures.  We have been imprisoned by our inability to remember that we are as infinite as the Cosmos. Thus we are facing the deaths of the many to fill the pockets of the treacherous greedy few.

They have become a predatory plague on our world as they step on our bodies to consolidate their stolen wealth and demonic power. Worse, they have managed to convince us that it is our fault that the planet is in crisis, thus their eugenic depopulation programs are a reasonable response to the problems we face. The longer we remain sheep the more they will demand acquiescence of not just the death of the body but a “death of the soul."

Furthermore, we will be livestock until we implement a permanent injunction against all of their murderous activities, especially the systemic and systematic destruction of our Earth.  More importantly we must learn to trust each other and trust our instincts instead of listening to their lies.

Above all else we must not resort to violence or chaos or fear, as they thrive on those emotions. Stubborn, non-participation, and boycott of their profit margins will remind them of how boring their lives will be without us around to manipulate.

Finally we must participate in peaceful reconciliation and learn to promote forgiveness. The alternative is destruction of most of our species as has been planned and is being carried out through non-stop war, manmade “mutagenic DNA” destroying plagues, famine, forced sterilization, intentional pollution of our air, food and water and terrifying earth changes which can be seen in our clouds and are being caused by their weather weapons, and through the torture of our planet!


The destruction of our planet is a dagger to the heart of humanity.  We ignore her while we let the parasitic paradox of the Big Lie calling itself Truth; Propaganda and Fear Mongering calling itself News; Disease and Death calling itself Health Care; Mind Control calling itself Public Education; and War calling itself Peace.  There is demonic sovereignty over all of us. Not out of fear, or ignorance, or even hate, but out of indifference, the absence of passion and the absence of love.

We are lost unless we change, wake up now, stop the destruction of our planet, and stop the Eugenics policy of those who pull the strings of puppet Governments against its own citizens.  We must also recognize the threat that all nuclear weapons, especially depleted uranium, pose to the future of our planet, our solar system and beyond.

Peace and Resist~
A concerned citizen of Earth

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