Saturday, January 1, 2011

America is a Thoroughly Rotten Tree

Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS

Many people in America think America was established upon righteous principles and is gradually falling away, as did the corporeal nation of Israel of old. But such a notion is a great mistake. Few people have realized or are willing to acknowledge the fact that America was a thoroughly corrupt tree when it was first planted. The corruption we are hearing of, seeing and experiencing today is just the gradual growth, budding, blossoming and fruiting of this corrupt tree.

So why are many Americans complaining about the evils that are taking place in America? Their complaining reveals a lack of understanding of the character, functioning and the dark course America's government and society must travel. They have not perceived the type tree America truly is. 

When will they begin to accept the fact that a tree is known by its fruit? They cannot realistically expect a bad tree to produce good fruit. If they love the deranged principle of democracy and the corrupt American constitution and its amendments (particularly the first amendment), both of which are the root and body of this tree, they should be satisfied with the evil growth, thorns and poisonous fruit the two are producing. 

America cannot decline from principles upon which it was never truly founded. It can, however, develop more fully upon its true, corrupt, foundational principles. This is precisely what it has always done and is doing. Evil is not progressing in America because the government and the people are performing actions contrary to the constitution and the principle of democracy. It is speedily progressing because they are religiously adhering to the spirit of democracy and the spirit of the constitution. 

Even though there are things taking place today which would not have been tolerated in earlier years, it is only because this corrupt tree was not as developed and mature as it is today. As it develops more in the future, it will mature in more deranged ways and grow even more corrupt fruit which is not tolerated today. 

Most of the evil that's manifesting itself falls within the confines of the spirit of the deranged principles of "Mob Rule". The American Civil Liberties Union, gay and lesbian groups, women liberation groups, abortion advocates - civil libertarians of all types, or all who are labeled "liberal", and all who explore their evil constitutional freedom seem to understand this fact far better than the so-called conservative patriots and the so-called religious right.

The fact that America is a thoroughly corrupt tree has been and is being clearly demonstrated. But the conservative patriots and the so-called orthodox religionists are refusing to admit it. They would rather proudly and boastingly bask in the deception that America was founded in righteousness, while also thinking that the liberals are the ones corrupting it. 

But the truth is, by the liberals delving in deeper and exploring the only remaining frontier of America, which is the unexplored, open, immoral freedom allowed by the constitution, they are doing a far better job than all the so-called godly churches of America of demonstrating and exposing America to be the thoroughly corrupt tree it really is. 

Haven't the patriots who are complaining about the evils in America noticed that regardless of the state and federal laws that are passed, regardless of the type domestic and foreign policies America has adopted, regardless of the educational standards, regardless of how "qualified" those are who serve in positions of government, and regardless of America's level of technology, nothing is really changing for the better - America continues to grow closer and closer towards hell? The reason is the simple fact that practically everything done by the government and the people is within the spirit of the corrupt constitution and the deranged principle of democracy. Regardless of how a corrupt tree develops, it can only do so in accordance to its true nature. 

The best thing that can be done for a corrupt tree is to completely uproot it and cast it into the fire. If we continue to love, cultivate and protect it, its evil growth will work(as it is already doing) to our harm, and it will produce toxic fruit for future generations. This tree should be uprooted now and thoroughly burned; and a truly good tree needs to be planted in its place. 

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