Monday, January 10, 2011

The voices of hate that lead to the Arizona murders

Note from SPaul:

I do not agree that the Right is completely responsible for the recent murders in Arizona but they have done nothing for the past two years but target Obama and the Democrats for what they deem as "destroying" America. Fox News and the related Right Wing Conservative talk shows have made it their trademark to denounce the efforts of Liberals as America hating. The Left has countered but not as strongly. Yes, it has been irresponsible and destructive but at the end of the day, the insanity of a young man is to blame...or was he a victim? I will let you decide and as time rolls on there will still be many questions and evidence to be pondered.

My first one is; Did forensics determine all bullets were from Jared Loughner's gun? I mean there was an assailant, right? The Government has been trying very hard to pass internet surveillance and control legislation. Loughner was said to be on Face Book and some have intimated that had there been tighter screening, he would have been found out prior to the incident. The CIA did just visit FB headquarters. Just saying.

Secondly; Sarah Palin has been of late attacking the Bush's and other Right wingers. Her web page had crosshairs over the district from which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was from. The first blame was toward her. Was there an possible element of a Kennedy issue here? Will Palin be the scapegoat?

I have many more questions and theories but my job is not to tell you how to think...that is up to you. I just don't believe it is as cut and dry as it seems.

Dirt and Seeds

This is the party that is stoking the flames of hatred in this country. Make no mistake about it, the Republicans will not be satisfied until Obama is driven from office and the country reshaped in the white, Christian image that they so stridently cling to. The Republicans wanted revolt, they called for violence both in word and deed, and now they are witnessing the manifestation of that platform. There is no gray area here. The Republican Party is guilty of treasonous, murderous acts, and its core and leadership should be held accountable. The videos below are reflective of a violent, racist, sociopathic mindset and as such are accurate portrayals of the Republican Party.

This is not just a right wing issue of guilt...or is it?
Aren't we are all, in one way or another...Responsible?

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