Saturday, January 8, 2011

Peak Oil and Climate Change - An Introduction

By Kevin Gosztola

Video Nation has produced a documentary series that will be running on what will happen when oil runs out. People including Noam Chomsky, Nicole Foss, Thom Hartmann, Richard Heinberg, James Howard Kunstler, Jean Laherrère, Bill McKibben, Dmitry Orlov and Greg Palast appear in the series to talk about peak oil and the climate.

The series describes "the diminishing returns our world can expect as it deals with the consequences of peak oil even as it continues to pretend it doesn't exist. These experts predict substantially increased transportation costs, decreased industrial production, unemployment, hunger and social chaos as the supplies of the fuels on which we rely dwindle and eventually disappear," writes The Nation.

The series will run from January to February. Look for regular postings from this documentary here or on The Nation magazine website.

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