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The Role of 9-11 in Middle East Resource Control

David Redick

Government Lies, Contrived Wars, and Why Muslims and Victims of Our Empire Hate Us

The first version of this essay was issued on Sep. 14, 2001 about 9-11, and evolved to include the  ‘True Reasons’ Bush Invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Events and information exposed since 9-11 confirm all the conclusions therein. Key issues are that: a) 9-11 had nothing to do with Saddam, but was used by Bush as an excuse to invade Iraq. b) Invading Afghanistan was to build an oil/gas pipeline (the same reason the Russians invaded);  c) The government story about planning and execution of 9-11 (and the ‘crashes’ at the Pentagon, and UA Flight 93) is full of voids and lies.

There is much work still needed to get the true story; the possible complicity of the Bush-43 gang, the towers' owner Silverstein (friend of Israel's Netanyahu), and Israel’s black-ops group, Mossad. Silverstein had long-owned Bldg 7, but bought the towers with a $14 million down payment only 6 weeks before 9-11.  Both needed costly removal of asbestos, were money-losers due to high vacancies, and Silverstein paid for special insurance protection from destruction by 'terror attacks.'  He eventually collected $4.5 billion!  Was this a plan ending in the staged 9-11 event? Perhaps inspired by the bombing in a tower basement in 1999?

As an engineer, I am trained to analyze the interaction of forces, and with input from other architects and engineers I am certain there is no way the twin towers or Bldg 7 could have fallen at free-fall speed without a controlled demolition installed in advance.  The twin towers were built as a ‘tube’ structure with an exterior shell of vertical I-beams.  These were severed into roughly 30 ft. pieces as each floor fell, a few of which blew across the street.  Without such cutting, the beams would have remained sticking up, some drooping sideways, like a splayed corn shock, and the ‘pancaking’ of floors would not sever these huge beams.  There wasn't enough vertical force  involved to continue 'pancaking' for more than a few floors, if any. 

The same lack of evidence casts doubt on the alleged crash of an airliner into the Pentagon. The damage there is consistent with a ground-fired missile (large hole through an inner concrete wall, which a soft-nosed airplane could not make, and no airliner debris, engines, or seats, etc.) 

Below is an abridged and updated overview which frames the extended details of my original article that can be found at Forward-USA about the role 9-11 has played within the wider Middle East landscape, before and after the event.  

Why Muslims and Others Hate Our Government
I’m all for finding and stopping the bombers and other maniacs that use violence to vent their rage, but feel equally as strong that we must examine why these thugs target us. The press, TV, and their 'experts' are overlooking, or avoiding, the core causes of why most Muslims in the Mid East and elsewhere hate us.

The two key causes begin with our worldwide meddling foreign policy, especially in the Mid East; and our extreme support of Israel -- financial, military, and political. Osama made it clear in his letter of Nov. '04 (suppressed by Bush) that his reasons to attack the US were: a) US troops and bases on Saudi soil; b) The US biased support of Israel. c) The sanctions and bombings of Iraq since 1991.  Bush twisted that into ‘they hate our way of life, etc.’  No one mentions our propping of oppressive regimes such as 1. The US lackey Shah of Iran who was installed after the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Pres. Mossadegh in 1953 when he nationalized, i.e., stole the Iranian oil industry from the UK and US. 2. Saudi Kings in a deal struck by FDR with Ibn Saud in February, 1945, after the Yalta Conferences with Churchill and Stalin on the USS Quincy in the Suez Canal’s Bitter Lake to trade their promise of cheap oil (to be sold only in USD to all nations) for our promise to protect the monarchy from revolt. 3. Marcos in Philippines. 4. Somoza and various others in Latin America. 

Also, it may be a coincidence, but on Sep. 11, 2001 the pals of Osama bin Laden were to be sentenced in New York for the 1998 bombings of 2 US embassies in Africa.

There are other reasons people dislike us. Many people, of many countries and religions, view the US exuberant lifestyle and free-enterprise ‘capitalist’ system as improper and immoral. For Muslims, this is partly a jealousy/scapegoat issue due to the lack of freedom and prosperity in most of the Islamic world, in part due to corrupt leaders, rejection of outside ideas and technology, and repression of women. They also view Islam as more ‘virtuous’ than Christianity or Judaism, but ignore the need for liberty as a foundation for virtue, and a rejection of violence in achieving their dreams of world domination. Furthermore, the Arabs have not forgotten their losses from 13 infamous Crusades as a reason to hate Europe and its pals in the West. One could call the 2003 US invasion of Iraq the fourteenth Crusade.

Of course, the illegal creation of Israel by the UN, UK and US, which had no authority to create a new country, was a huge jab to Arab pride and sovereignty. Due to all of the above indignities, Muslims don’t want their governments to deal with us on any level, and most emphatically do not want our military bases on their sacred Arab soil.

Violent Reaction
The book Dying to Win by Prof. R. Pape shows that occupying forces are the main reason suicide bombers exist. It is the only WMD that poor citizens have. However, I say our relationship with Israel is the current core issue that gets the bombers into action against the US. And please forget any comments about anti-Semitism. This is a legal, financial and political issue, not religious. I’d feel the same if Israel was created for, and populated by, Baptists or Hippies.

There is always a demented fringe that justifies use of violence, but executing them will not stop the source of hate. Our policies will create lots of new ones, both at home and abroad. First, we must change our foreign policy and stop our arrogant role as the world's policeman, and specifically back off on special treatment of Israel and our double-standard as to their use of violence and assassinations, versus their neighbors' conduct.

Domestic Big Government, which invokes police powers as boss and manager of our lives, is also a big problem. The Waco, and Ruby Ridge crimes by police against US citizens (with support from Janet Reno) are good examples of big violations, but there are hundreds of smaller ones daily. The current surge of increased domestic police powers to fight terrorism (Patriot Act, MCA, etc.)  threatens to make things worse, as they are used and abused for other situations (RICO is a good example). A major reason for creation of the Homeland Security Department, and the air travel gropers of TSA, was to keep the US population in fear of attack so they are willing to submit to violation of their rights.  Once the government gets new power, it seldom goes away.  

If we are too vain or stupid to change, the terror will continue, and our liberty and economic productivity (due to fear of travel, border and transport delays, reduced confidence for investing, etc.) will suffer forever.

The Devil is in the Details: The True Reasons Why We Invaded the Middle East
Controlling access and pricing of oil in the Greater Mid East is our goal: This includes the east of Caspian area and northern Africa by preventing access and control by Russia, China, and India. By taking over Afghanistan we finally got approval to build a pipeline through it, which was in the works prior to 9-11.  The AMBO pipeline from the Black Sea to the Adriatic Sea was in planning before 9-11, but again, 9-11 gave more reason for the US to meddle in the Baltics, which is the main reason the U.S. recognized the sovereignty of Kosovo in Feb. '08 in order to assure access to Camp Bondsteel.

The oil industry leaders, Rockefellers in particular, have long been good buddies with the Bushes and other political elites. Their money and influence have had a major impact on US foreign policy as a means for these private corporations to control oil sources and the price. It's been a fine trio of deceit and exploitation led by the oil industry, the Bushes, and the Saudis.

In his second week in office Bush created the task force, officially known as the National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG) with Dick Cheney as chairman. This group was supposed to develop an energy policy for the Bush administration. Cheney met secretly with oil industry leaders, and has refused to disclose the proceedings, claiming the need for secrecy of Presidential discussions. Various groups have complained that this group had undue influence on national policy. Now we know it involved invasions of oil-producing nations to capture oil before China, India and Russia took control.

The Iraq war has not gone well.  In early 2007, the weakened US was ready to settle for an oil deal with the puppet government of Iraq. This would have been a ‘victory’ for Bush, and allowed for a pullback of U.S. troops to just control Iraq’s border, while the US and UK oil firms such as Unocal could suck Iraq oil dry! These policies continue as we hear of a possible attack on Iran from the sea (they will create ‘Reasons’ as needed), and maybe occupy some of the oil regions near Iraq. This will minimize need for scarce ‘boots on the ground.’ All deaths in these last two years are to enhance the Bush/Cheney/oil cartel legacy. Tragic, immoral, illegal!

The failure to capture Osama bin Laden (and not trying very hard) helped keep Bush as a 'War President' so that the above issues could be pursued as part of the unending War on Terror. The increasingly illegal and desperate measures at home and abroad taken by Bush and carried through the current administration have only made real terror attacks even more likely by the ongoing intervention for the above issues in the Mid East.

In their effort to solve the above problems and gain power worldwide, the Imperial U.S. continues to operate with excess use of force and secrecy, which conflicts with core U.S. principles. They are using foreign aid, intervention, and war in a plan to control the world politics and oil, coupled with high spending, funded by debt, to pacify the folks at home. 

The Plan and The Outcome
The first version of the warfare plan was secretly issued in Sep. '00 by the Project for a New American Century, a DC think tank started in 1997 with founders Cheney and Rumsfeld. The plan called for increased military force worldwide to promote control of oil and their special-interest politics. When Bush was elected in Nov. '00, many of the authors (including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Kagan, Feith, Abrams, and Wolfowitz) joined the Bush team. Full details can be found in the Feb. 25, 2003 essay by William Pitt.  Pitt also joined Scott Ritter (former UN Inspector for Iraq weapons) to write War On Iraq, and Ritter wrote five other books on Mid East strife, including Target Iran.  As shown by the demise of all previous empires in history, imperialism is the path to military, economic, and ethical failure.  But they believe they have their reasons:

1. Defense of Israel --  Israel is by any definition a US protectorate, but it is a well-guarded secret that we give them over 1/3 of our foreign aid (plus uncounted , unpaid, 'loan guarantees'), defend them with over 90% of our vetoes in the UN, and spend our blood and treasure to weaken their enemies (Iraq, Syria, Hamas, etc.; Iran next?). Again, no cries of anti-Semitism please, this is a political, legal and financial issue. Water, land, and oil for Israel are also issues.  Of course the ardent Christian religious types (Bush, Delay, Ashcroft, etc.) also believe that Israel must exist to allow the second coming of Christ (the raptures).  Many Bush-team NeoCons are Zionists (all are Empire builders), which means they put the success of Israel before the USA, and expect the USA to pay for its defense with our blood and treasure. Robert Parry described it well on Jan. 2, 2009 in his essay Pity the Poor Neocons: The Israeli lobby AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee ) is their enforcer in the USA. If a Congressperson doesn't support Israel, they don't get re-elected. AIPAC attacks them, or supports their opponent. Take note that most Congresspersons (plus Cheney, Rice, Powell, etc.) attend their annual banquet in DC and kiss-up by promising vast military and financial support for Israel.  Only a retiring Congressperson will criticize AIPAC. It is an ongoing massive scandal.

2. Defense of the US dollar from the Euro:  US leaders want to keep oil deals denominated in USD.  Saddam switched to Euro on Nov. 6, 2000; N. Korea did on Dec. 5, 2002; and Iran and Venezuela in Dec. '06. One of the first executive orders that Bush signed in May, 2003 switched trading on Iraq’s oil back to the US dollar. Also watch for emergence of the Islamic gold ‘dinar’ coin, or its virtual e-form for national bank transactions and trade imbalance settlements. Both the euro and dinar were created by Europe and Islam to avoid political and banking dependence on the US dollar, as well as to avoid losses in value of dollar holdings as it weakens in purchasing power.

3. Access to Iraq Land for Permanent bases: We need to use their ports, build new US airbases and a fortress embassy (21 buildings, 104 acres, with a 15 foot thick wall), so we 'remake' Iran, Syria, and the Greater Mid East, and prevent a rebel takeover of Saudi Arabia (by Osama’s pals). Our bases in Saudi Arabia (source of the 9-11 killers) were vacated in the ‘90s under pressure, while Turkish bases have been undependable. Also notice our new ‘outer Europe’ bases in Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kosovo (huge Camp Bondsteel), etc.  This is part of the overall imperial plan.  Why do you think we are still in S. Korea, to help them? No, it’s to have bases and troops handy in Asia.  Mark my words: The US will be in Iraq for a long time. Bush had no exit strategy because he never planned to leave. We have over 700 military bases worldwide (according to the Pentagon's own 2005 official inventory). Not including the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, we now station over half a million U.S. troops, spies, contractors, dependents, and others on military bases located in more than 130 countries.

The 9-11 tragedy, prompted by the US interventionist foreign policy and support of cruel dictators such as the Saudis (but implemented by Israel's Mossad) gave Bush-43 a great reason to launch his takeover plan. ‘Lucky Iraq’ is just the first step to invoke the 'New World Order,' as Bush-41 called it.

As to our military projects subsequent to 9-11: a) Osama’s connection with the Taliban (a former US ally who did nothing to the US) in Afghanistan gave Bush a perfect opportunity to invade Afghanistan and create a puppet government so the long delayed pipeline from Turkmenistan, via Afghanistan, to Karachi could be built (surprise, a deal was signed December 27, '02) and b)while Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, our arrogant talk about ‘changing regimes’ in Iraq was/is more related to defending Israel and controlling oil throughout the Middle East, than about protecting the US.

Before claiming any moral high ground in all of this, let’s not ignore the fact that we use depleted uranium (DU) in lots of our shells. It is heavy stuff, which helps penetrate metal and concrete, but it has a nasty side effect of causing cancer in those folks (our military and 'enemies') who have the bad luck to inhale or otherwise get some of the dust or particles in their body. Of course we deny the use of DU, and the existence of sick people with the side effects. These victims are the ones deemed by our then Sec. of State, Madeleine Albright, to be 'worth it!'

What's new in government deceit? I further accuse Bush of ‘staying the course’ in the hopeless quagmire of both wars, so his replacement (‘successor’ sounds too nice) will be framed as the loser in 2009. Sadly, many thousands more of our troops and Iraqi civilians will be killed and maimed in the process!   Obama has in fact supported our ongoing role. Is this to avoid being labeled a 'weak loser,' or to get the oil?

In summary, I believe in a strong homeland defense, but that does not include, or require, being a worldwide meddling policeman and empire builder. The Iraq and Afghan wars are not about the Taliban or WMDs, etc., but about control of the Middle East -- then the politics, currency, and oil of the world. This is the core mission of EMPIRE USA, and 9-11 was the perfect staging ground to implement the very plan our leaders had all along.

Dave Redick is a Madison, WI businessman, author, and President of Forward-USA, which seeks ways to improve government so we have more peace, prosperity, and justice.  He is the author of Monetary Revolution-USA.

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