Saturday, June 25, 2011

China..America..The inevitable Confrontation
by Muammar Al Gathafi

I dealt with the problem of the Ukraine in view of its impact on international peace. It is for the same reason that I deal with the problem of China and America. Mine is a small country that is concerned for international peace, therefore I try to the extent possible to make a contribution to the maintenance of international peace and security.

A direct confrontation between major powers is harmful to all. However, regardless of the efforts of peace-loving leaders, the Sino-American problem cannot be solved. I find it very alarming to have to say to the world that the Sino-American problem does not lend itself to mediation or solution. It is an inevitable and unavoidable problem. All that is happening now is the preparation for direct confrontation or attempts to postpone it. But it is unavoidable. America would like it to be an indirect confrontation. China would like to postpone it as much as possible. However, it is in the nature of things for the two sides to find themselves moving inexorably towards confrontation. The current rapprochements and the occasional skirmishes are simple tactics to postpone confrontation, gain time or move towards indirect confrontation as preferred by America. 

The world and peace-loving leaders must not be hoodwinked by the side shows and maneuvers such as trade and customs disputes, market dumping and the pressures on China to increase consumption or to raise the exchange rate of its currency or attempts to use environmental degradation as a pretext to slow down China’s progress.

The fact is China is a very dangerous world competitor. It is much more dangerous to the US than the USSR used to be in the past. The USSR depended on ideology to defeat America politically. In addition, it depended on its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Ideology is a philosophical matter and a matter of faith. It depends on its adherents. The moment the leadership changed in the erstwhile “leftist” countries, the policies shifted from left to right. Even some of the leftists themselves moved to the right.

China is a different kind of competitor. It is a rising economic power and America is unable to stop it. It has an unprecedented human wealth. In addition, it is a nuclear-weapon state and a permanent member of the Security Council. Everywhere in the world, China is making economic, human and political inroads. Unlike America which unwisely has chosen the harsh military approach, China is making those inroads using soft power. America continues its brazen interference in the internal affairs of states in the name of democracy and human rights. Africom is a case in point. Such interference is no longer acceptable. America itself is condemned in the field of human rights. It makes a habit of taking losers as allies.

Those who do not know the facts believe that the current crisis of the arms deal with Taiwan is a passing crisis. Nothing could be farther from reality. America is aware of the danger China poses. It knows that the next international confrontation will be with China. The new pssolicy adopted by America is one of creating regional deterrents to China in order to make their confrontation an indirect one. The strategic US policy aims at keeping China busy with those regional deterrents so as to avert a direct confrontation with China. Those deterrents are India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and maybe Viet Nam as well!! The most important among them are Taiwan, India and Japan. America’s objective is to keep China busy with those regional deterrents so as to avert a direct confrontation with it. 

It is a well-known fact that the US used China in the past as a regional deterrent against the USSR when Maoism broke away from Soviet Marxism-Leninism. Pitting Russia and China against each other was America’s biggest gain. America wishes to see that kind of gain continue in the future. It is the strategic equivalent of having a Euro-American confrontation. That would be a major gain for Russia and China. Therefore, America will not cease to arm Taiwan against China, nor will it cease to support India against China.

In accordance with the policy of creating regional deterrents against China, it is in America’s interest to see Japan become a major military power. This is happening now. The limitations placed on Japan after World War II no longer serve the interests of America in the face of the real danger or in its unavoidable confrontation with the Yellow Giant. 

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