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The Problem With Anonymous

S.Paul Note:  Anonymous is a movement that represents We the People who have grown tired of the Global, Oppressive Regimes of Corporatism and the Untied States' financial and military support of it.  The author states that all movements must have a solid set of principles and goals but in the battle against a corrupt system which has entrenched itself into the whole of  global economics and politics, the problems are not so simple as to approach with a standard line of defense or revolution guidelines.  

Corporations do not pay attention to laws for they are designed to control the ruled not the rulers. The resistance against the fascist state requires following suit.  Anonymous is willing to take the necessary steps to remind these would-be-fascist that they survive because of us and it will be us who will take them down when they forget this simple fact.  Being "anonymous" in this effort protects against falling victim to the machine against which this movement fights.


No people's (r)evolutionary movement 
operates without a set of 
clear principles or a manifest
Many people have now hear of "Anonymous" but few know who it really is, whether a collection of young computer nerds who are this generations "revolutionaries" but who are even weaker in knowledge than previous generations of "revolutionaries", or, simply yet another Soros-funded ulterior-motive group such as Assange's WikiLeaks.

Of course, since Anonymous is anonymous, it could just as well the Hilary Clinton of the U.S. State Department, Twitter's main sponsor, or even a friend of Facebook's Zuckerberg. It could be grandma and her grandchildren, or it could be Israel's MOSSAD. It could be anything, and anyone could attribute any statement to it, as there is no digital or other signature to authenticate.

So, let us take a little cursory look at the history of Anonymous and what it has claimed to have done in the past. First, it rose in defence of WikiLeaks. That could have been an honourable effort against censorship, and not a Soros-funded operation, but a true anarchist underground, or, it could have been any of the above earlier-mentioned possibilities.

Yet, its next effort, reveals a lot more. It took upon itself the very easy task of threatening American ISP's that were hosting the web site that contains the speeches of the African revolutionary leader, Muammar Qaddafi. Here is the full text of the threat which shut down at the end of March.

Anyone can now see the web site as we resurrected it in Russia. The site content has not been updated since about one year. So please try to find any one reason why it should be censored by Anonymous.

On the contrary, as anyone taking a look can see, is precisely one of a handful of web sites in the world that should never be censored nor attacked, as it contains within it, pertinent solutions to the urgent problems and calamities facing the world. In fact, one such is the speech of Muammar Qaddafi to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2009. Anonymous wanted that erased.

Continuing with the sound logic of the real MIB (Mathaba Intelligence Bureau, not Men In Black), we can come to any one of the following conclusions:

* Anonymous did not even bother to read before threatening others to shut it down, and/or
* Anonymous is an anti-people group, despite what it now claims in its diatribe against NATO and/or
* Anonymous is amateurish (it cannot even keep its own website up and running some of the time)

But we can not come to the following conclusion:

* Anonymous is a movement or group that should be supported

And the reasons that we cannot support them, are clear: Muammar Qaddafi, has put forward for all time and eternity a truism "No revolutionary without revolutionary ideology" -- you cannot remain anonymous and at the same time have no ideology or set of principled, ideals or at the very least a clear manifesto.

Contrast this with the e-volutionary committees movement of the Green Charter. Many of those committees are indeed anonymous and exist in various places, a few here and more there, but all have public guidelines and a set of laws which belong not only to them, but to all the people of the world.

Until and unless "Anonymous" drops its child-like and nihilistic slogans such as "we are legion, we do not forget, we do not forgive", which are presumably designed to make its adherents feel self-important and all-powerful instead of the actual cowards they are for both hiding and not having an ideology or guiding set of noble principles.

They can do one or the other but not both: if they hide, but adopt principles, then more power to them and worldwide support. If they come out into the open and have principles, also more power to them and worldwide support. But whether they hide or not, and especially having no ideology, means quite simple that they are not (r)evolutionaries and not worthy of support or attention of any kind.

It is not enough to say "I'm anonymous, I'm with the people, I fight for the people, I defend the people" if it does not also say exactly what it does support, namely if it agrees and adopts the human rights and freedoms of the Green Charter which was the result of the deliberations on human rights and freedoms by around one million people, not a small group drafting a communique, like the UN.

Anyone can say they are against NATO, no one in their right mind wouldn't be. But to say you're against NATO and at the same time to be against the very leader of the world (r)evolution is questionable, but to fail to declare support for true human rights and freedoms nor to provide a clear set of principles or an ideology, is morally bankrupt.

Those thinking of joining or pretending to be Anonymous by hiding behind the cowardly masks that have been adopted without the slightest imagination -- something sadly lacking among today's copy-cat youth -- would be better of hiding behind The International Green Charter and promoting that instead. Wear a mask if you have to but use some imagination, at least paint it green.

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