Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bohemian Grove: The New World Order Revealed?

Question: Do you think this is a reality? What if (and this is a stretch for my mini-mind as it relates to the conspiratorial world) this group organized and orchestrated 9/11? It did mark the new Holy War on Islam (they claim it is a Christian organisation). After all, many of the super rich have made billions from the wars...I don't know enough to answer this.

Operation Bohemian Grove: Message from Anonymous

Sins of Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground in Northern California's Monte Rio, along the Russian River near Guernville, 75 miles north of San Francisco.

The secretive Bohemian Club has been scrutinized over the years. The nonprofit group was founded in 1872 for "socializing" and can now accommodate 2,011 guests.

Held every July, the annual clandestine encampments by members and their guests began in 1899.

The club acquired its 2,700 acres near Monte Rio over several decades, buying up properties that were deemed worthless after being extensively logged.

There are 120 specialized camps at Bohemian Grove, with some strictly reserved for California-based companies.  The most invisible camp of all, Lucus Bohemicum, is unknown and off-limits to nearly all members.

Over the years, the invitation-only membership club has attracted the world's most elite power players, as well as criticism and conspiracy theories prompted by its exclusionary and hidden practices.

All potential attendees must first endure an intrusional background check, but a dark past doesn't necessarily disqualify someone.  Past sins may be useful later on as a means of absolute control over an individual.

During the yearly elite gathering, strategic alliances are formed between powerful males who negotiate over lucrative government contracts and decisions that shape the future globally.

Bohemian Grove's members, many of whom are famous, include leaders of the arts, entertainment, politics, business, finance, military, government, education and religion.

The annual gathering serves as an information clearing house for the elite. The most powerful men in the world engage in 'networking' in violation of the Grove's motto "weaving spiders come not here".

Bohemian Grove's shadowy conferences determine whether prices rise or fall, what rights are valid and which laws have effect.

Many judicial appointments are decided in an uninhibited atmosphere where men bond spiritually, mentally and physically.

Members secretly decide exactly whom society's highest officials should be, by consensus among themselves, then the selected candidates are marketed to voters through media outlets which Bohemian Grove members own.

Grove attendees are explicitly sworn to not speak about, write about, record nor photograph the top-secret activities at the Grove.

The most prudent attendees will exercise caution and discretion regarding the activities they choose to participate in because everything is documented via strategically placed digital video recording devices at Bohemian Grove.

The owl of Molech never blinks.

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