Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama Is Establishing An Executive Dictatorship

by Paul Joseph Watson

President Barack Obama is rapidly advancing an executive dictatorship that threatens to completely nullify the US Constitution if left unchecked, with his administration hastily eroding every other branch of government as the White House crosses the rubicon to push through its political agenda on every front, from the war in Libya to domestic gun control.

Obama has displayed open hostility to the rule of law and the Constitution when asked why he has failed to obtain Congressional approval for the war on Libya.

Obama has ignored his own constitutional lawyers on the legality of the conquest, claiming that Congressional approval is not needed because the legitimacy of the UN supersedes Congress and that the bombardment, which has included over 800 bombing runs flown by US warplanes, is not a war.

Obama has used word games and mental gymnastics to claim he hasn’t violated the War Powers Resolution. Even as universities, apartment blocks and marketplaces are bombed, killing innocent civilians, communications are blocked, and even as top admirals now admit that the scope of the mission is all about regime change, the Obama administration still clings to the ludicrous fallacy that the bombardment of Libya is not a war.

Indeed, the White House itself characterized the goal in Libya as “installing a democratic system,” a euphemism for regime change, acknowledging that the agenda goes far beyond “protecting civilians,” as Obama claimed during his March 19 speech.

As part of its bid to eviscerate the Second Amendment by stealth, or “under the radar” as Obama himself called it, the White House is about to launch a new gun control offensive that will bypass the necessity of passing legislation in Congress and instead rely on “only executive orders or administrative actions.”

According to a Huffington Post story on the issue, Obama is likely to have more success pushing through gun control if he circumvents Congress on the issue. “Executive actions offer something that legislation doesn’t: guaranteed results. And as one gun control advocate told the Huffington Post, there are ways to “use these administrative changes to obtain similar results,” writes Sam Stein.

With the revelations surrounding Fast and Furious having blown up in their face, and the Obama administration’s ploy to blame violence in Mexico on gun rights even after they got caught shipping in the weapons in tatters, the White House is desperate to push through new gun control measures that are integral to advancing Rahm Emanuel’s May 2007 call to put people who are on a no fly list on a no gun buy list, stripping millions of Americans of their Second Amendment rights because they have been erroneously placed on a notoriously inaccurate no fly list that includes everyone from Senators to toddlers.

As part of Obama’s charge to sink America into more debt to foreign bankers, he has dredged up a 143-year-old clause related to the Civil War in a bid to raise the debt ceiling, overtly challenging Congressional control of the budget, a development that could spark a “constitutional crisis,” reports AFP.

Obama’s attempt to use an obscure civil war clause to circumvent Congress, which is empowered to control the purse strings, is another example of his administration’s flagrant effort to nullify the separation of powers within government and give the executive branch supreme control.

After the White House failed in its bid to implement a de facto carbon tax through cap and trade, Obama simply bypassed Congress completely and had the EPA declare CO2 to be a pollutant and a public health threat, allowing greenhouse gas emissions to be regulated and taxed through the Clean Air Act.
The EPA’s move was little more than a threat to back Congress into a corner and force them into passing legislation that would regulate CO2 for all new or expanded power plants.

The fact that this has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with fleecing American taxpayers was confirmed when Obama gave a waiver to General Electric and ensured that one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide on the planet, and coincidentally one of Obama’s largest campaign contributors, was exempt from the new regulations.

Having already been ruled unconstitutional by federal judges in both Florida and Virginia, Obama has also been busy handing out waivers to over a thousand corporations, including McDonalds, a clear violation of the Equal Protection clause and proof “that D.C. is now completely ignoring the rule of law“.

Obama’s White House has issued a new executive order mandating the creation of a “Rural Council,” another step in the move towards a centrally planned economy.

According to this new executive order, the Obama administration plans to stick its itchy little fingers into just about every aspect of rural life,” writes the Economic Collapse Blog. “One of the stated goals of the White House Rural Council is to do the following….”

“Coordinate and increase the effectiveness of Federal engagement with rural stakeholders, including agricultural organizations, small businesses, education and training institutions, health-care providers, telecommunications services providers, research and land grant institutions, law enforcement, State, local, and tribal governments, and nongovernmental organizations regarding the needs of rural America.”

This is merely a euphemism for a new layer of bureaucracy set to suffocate rural America, with federal control freaks already implementing new draconian regulations to put a stranglehold on farmer’s markets and other forms of self-sufficiency.

Another White House executive order that creates a council of state governors who will work with the feds to expand military involvement in domestic security has stoked fears that the administration is stepping up preparations for martial law. Rather than elected representatives being in control of states, Obama has created a body of ten lapdogs who answer to the federal government and not the American people.

The order, which is entitled Establishment of the Council of Governors (PDF), creates a body of ten state governors directly appointed by Obama who will work with the federal government to help advance the “synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States”.

The governors will liaise with officials from Northcom, Homeland Security, the National Guard as well as DoD officials from the Pentagon “in order to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State governments,” according to the executive order.

Conservatives and libertarians responded to the announcement by expressing their suspicion that Obama is preparing to give governors their marching orders in targeting “anti-government” types that have long been characterized as a terrorist threat by the feds in numerous reports stretching back over a decade.

The White House is aggressively advancing Chinese-style web censorship that would provide Obama with a figurative kill switch for the Internet, bypassing Congress completely as part of the federal government’s executive-level takeover of all communications.

On every front, the Obama administration is entering the final stages of a total power grab that represents a clear effort to turn the country into an executive dictatorship, another stark indication that America is quickly beginning to resemble a decaying banana republic.

Do you agree with this assessment of the Obama Administration?

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