Thursday, February 2, 2012

Depriving Our Children of a Future

Radio talk on the subject of: Are American’s Youth Making a Difference?

The harsh reality America’s youth has to face and how some of them are becoming aware and active as well as instrumental in promoting change is the main topic. Lakota Phillips is joined by America Revealed’s S. Paul Forrest in examining the impact of Occupy Wall Street movement on congressional accountability as well as the SOPA protest.

If you missed the Monday show, listen to it now...You may just learn something or just get really peeved to the point where you call in next time to voice your opinion.

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Depriving Our Children of a Future

by S. Paul Forrest
As seen across this country in places ranging from Occupy Wall Street protests to Organizations like Young Americans for Liberty, our children and young adults are speaking out against what many of them see as a direct assault against their future.  Instead of investing in the promise of tomorrow, our country’s leaders have taken our Nation’s once great vision of prosperity for all and turned it into a budget debate to enrich themselves and their contributors only,instead of working to ensure that the next seven generations will inherit a nation worthy of its great History. 

Many young people are forced to watch as our politicians and greedy corporate pirates take from them their birthright; their promise of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness that America once held with such esteem.  As our national debt swells unchecked, these progeny are being stuck with the bill not only in having to deal with the monetary repercussions of short sighted, reactionary policies but also with the continuing destruction of our international security incurred by immoral wars against those who would do us no harm if we just left them alone. Add to this assault, the demand by many to do away with environmental controls so companies can profit more thereby continuing to poison our natural landscape, we are creating an Earth that will no longer be able sustain them.

As mentors, we should be teaching these young people how to be responsible; how to be productive:  How to be respectful; not hateful and how to be keepers of our Earth rather than destroyers of it. Instead of monetary worth acquired by greed and corruption, we should be teaching the values of honesty, respect for other nations, each other and our common interests. Instead of religious vitriol we should be teaching tolerance; instead of political partisanship, we should be teaching cooperation. The lessons being taught are so distorted and wrought with malice, the only lessons being learned by our students is how to continue the current cycle of destruction. 

From schools in disrepair and out of control college tuition hikes to the ever growing attack on the ability to speak out against this injustice as was seen at U.C. Davis in November of last year when police indiscriminately pepper sprayed a group of peaceful protestors, the only message we are sending this next generations is “we don’t care about you or your future.” There is no wonder why so many of our youth retreat into the non-reality of video games; become violent or in some cases, give up all together.

Given the actions of our leaders of late, it has become painfully obvious that those currently in charge are neither capable nor willing to care about being honored mentors.  Instead of concern for the perpetuation of this once, great nation's heritage, they fill their pockets with ill gotten gains and the corporate airwaves with hateful, selfish rhetoric. We all need to come together, abandon the destructive course this nation has embarked upon and truly begin to foster the beautiful minds of our next generations if we are ever to restore any hope for a better tomorrow.  We must start acting as the teachers we were charged to be and care about our planet and its people as any responsible adult should.  If we do not take upon ourselves a renewed obligation to this common cause; our children and by proxy our Nation, will have no future at all.

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