Sunday, February 5, 2012

Targeting Planned Parenthood Has Little To Do With Abortion

by S. Paul Forrest

If you missed the show, you can listen to our discussion on this topic and more, including disease as big business and the pink P.R. mess Komen made with their Planned Parenthood announcement. The dangers of privatizing prisons, schools, and healthcare are also examined. Listen to the show HERE and be sure to tune in weekly to Breaking Taboo, 7:00 PM EST on 

For the past several years, vitriol from the religious right and their followers concerning abortion has been filling the airwaves from radio to political cable opinion shows. The debate surrounding the issue has metastasized into a grudge match between pro-choice advocates and pro-lifers and has been met by a propaganda machine trying to demonize government funded programs. The pro-life contingency has taken this fight to combat charitable services in order to push an agenda that robs those who need medical care of the ability to afford such.  Following the patterns of education and prison privatization, the attempt to defund Planned Parenthood and label it an immoral abortion clinic is a transparent effort to convince Americans to ignore our obligation to assist those left helpless in the aftermath of the profiteering machine.

Originally slated as “a charitable organization committed to providing comprehensive, age-appropriate and medically accurate sexuality education” the attacks against Planned Parenthood have been based on the premise that the organization provides abortions as its principle purpose despite evidence to the contrary. Those involved in this debate have said the fight is a matter of protecting life vs a women’s right to choose but the issue seems to be more about eliminating governmental oversight and turning our health care system into a for-profit venture instead of supporting those social services provided for Americans unable to pay for corporate controlled health care.

Permeating the Presidential campaign trail as a hot button item, all of the republican candidates have denounced abortion on a pro-life, "Christian" platform.  As an example, Rick Santorum stated that abortion is “an inhumanity that should not occur in this country"; that "[Tax dollars] should not be used for things that are morally objectionable.” This same candidate however, as well as the rest of the field with the exception of Ron Paul, continues to fully support the inhumanity of our War effort in the Middle East which is responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocents being killed for the sake of National Security. Their vehement, pro-life stance apparently does not extend any further than the borders of this nation.

When put into perspective, the pro-life approach combined with the continued support of public school and prison privatization is really only about creating a system that puts every aspect of America's social and governmental system into the hands of corporations for the sake of profit.  From charter schools to the recent private prison initiatives pushed through the Florida Senate, the continued propaganda to privatize government has shown no bounds.  Many label this agenda as pro-life or anti-union and claim the elimination of these programs will help balance budgets across America but it is not hard to see what it is really about: profiteering.  Capitalism is not a bad thing, per se but when profit takes precedent over people where only the few benefit, one must reassess the principles of a nation whose leaders would leave so many without assistance only to profit from the misery of those left behind, unrepresented.  


  1. "Pro-life" "values" aren't limited to this nation's borders--they are limited to inside the womb.

  2. The hell does that mean?


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