Sunday, February 27, 2011

America: D.O.A.

What if...America is dead and we just don't know it???

The once great United States of America Inc.has now dropped to the 34th ranking country where one should live when considering issues such as: freedom/lifestyle/health/health care/entertainment/living standards/life expectancy/cost of living/education/crime/weather/etc...

Most Americans rarely travel abroad - and when they do they are increasingly unwelcome due to their government's inhumane foreign policy. Most Americans do not know that Canadians for example, trust the Chinese more than their once favourite brother, the great neighbour to the south. All Americans have been brainwashed since birth through the media, culture and the edcational system that America is the best country in the world to live in. Unfortunately it is a delusion that the American sheeple swallow like chili dogs. Pigs in their fecal-laden mud do not know the wonders of the world. Travel to the South American islands, to Hong Kong, St. Maarten, beyond the equator. Most of Europe is friendly and relatively non-toxic compared to the filth which engulfs most major U.S. cities.

Italy, Poland, Russia - all greet visitors as guests to their countries and are treated with respect. Unfortunately Americans are greeted with little respect do to their government's increasingly madness and brutality towards innocent, defenseless nations. Yet these facts are hidden from the corporate controlled media. The recently deceased honourable truth-seeker and investigative journalist Sherman Skolnik referred to the the media as "...the oil-soaked monopoly press.." The view of America from afar for many is that of an ugly octopus with slimy tentacles whose aim is to control, manipulate and disfigure governments, economies, currencies and military configurations into its favour.

The ugly slimy octopus which requires "human sacrifice", the sucking of cheap labour from third world countries, astronomical debt and confidence with the American people in it's Orwellian "Homeland" is about to come to an end. America has sold much of its assets off to foreign lands to forestall foreclosure on the inevitable, waged wars to distract the world and its "citizens" but the end is at hand. In fact it has arrived. Just as a spider's legs keep moving after they are cut off, that is what has happened to America, the great octopus.

America the Beautiful? America is dead and is in rigor mortise. The decaying corpse, shaking in its misery now borrows $1.8 billion each and every day to pay the interest on its debt. This amount equates to an incredible 80% of the rest of the world's entire day's savings! Yet the American sheeple are asleep to these facts. American Idol, CNN and '24' just don't mention these non-important facts. Keep the sheeple focused on illegal immigrunts and the increasing price of gas. The lie lives hence the economy is booming. As Dictator Bush said, "Go out and shop..." Walmart/Chinamart is run by the Chinese military. Chinamart now controls 8% of America's retail sales. How much longer can the American public even afford $30 dvd players to support the Chinese government when all that they get in return are U.S. notes which are basically notes of debt?

The jig is up... The collapse of America has been planned for many years. No voting for any party will make any difference. Americans are living in a fantasy world where they think that the party will just keep on going - and that the only problem is with their government. Simple economics does not enter the minds of the dumbed down, buttered turkey stuffed social security numbered owners of massive debt that cannot be repayed due to the massive Federal Reserve pyramid scheme fraud which creates money out of nothing.

The once great United States of America at one time held 3 years of grain in reserve for its citizens in case of a natural disaster. Don't worry, there is enough food in stores across the country to last the population now for 3 days. Hungry when the bottom drops? Time to fight for food. Did you throw away your Y2K food?

Illegal immigrants that do not belong in your country can gather 700,000 wetbacks to sway Congressional policy. American have become soft and fat. They wouldn't rally for anything unless they could drive their SUVs or pickups to a barbecue with free steaks.The poor Gringo has no idea of the power which our treasonous government has to trigger immediate havoc with respect to racial war with the already invaded army of Mexicans. Bush and Vincente Fox, an admitted Jew, have likely prepositioned those who believe parts of America belong to Mexico to ignite the "fire." Who will stand up to America and its foundation of being a Democratic Republic?

The treasonous government would love to impose martial law and watch the slaughter and chaos. From chaos comes order. Take a look at your dollar bill. As for Americans, a few would fight back, but most are conditioned to cower in fear and wait for FEMA to rescue them. Few understand that FEMA is designed to protect the President and the shadow government, only 10% of its funding is put towards disaster/emergency relief. Remember, you have to protect the speech reader/President just in case the sheeple wake up and realize that just maybe the corruption comes from the visible top. Unfortunately the real decision makers, the Bildeberg Group will be meeting in Ottawa, Canada on June 8.

Where are the Hippies of the 70's??? They are old and mostly satiated with wealth or looking after their grown up children. Where is the new rejuvenated generation which recognizes the fascist regime that has taken over our government? Well, the planned Communistic dumbing down of the public system has worked wonders. A generation of youth/young adults have been poisoned with over 30 vaccinations, 1,000's of diet sodas containing aspartame, food laced with excitotoxins and water complete with all the fluoride Nazis used to make concentration camp occupants compliant.

Americans, get out while you can... because they will chip you like animals and dispose of you and or let you starve.

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