Monday, February 21, 2011

The Tree of Liberty Must Be Refreshed

by Fred Soto
A revolution in America — no matter how you choose to define or characterize it — is still an American Revolution.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” — Thomas Jefferson

What happens when the threat to American government comes from within? There is the subtle and invisible war that is taking place at home. This War is between Americans with different understandings of what it means to be “American” and what it means to be “Free”. This war will NOT take place in the trenches and won’t be won with guns or knives.

This revolutionary war is taking place among America’s elite over control of our nation’s future. What better way to spearhead the revolution than the advancement of technology? The revolutionary charge from libertarians and anti-war liberals has already started to make members of the establishment a bit nervous. Radicals want change and there will be no compromise on one key idea: Defending liberty at home is essential to fighting the “war on terror” ™ and necessary to restore our Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

David hunting down Goliath
Can the principle, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” apply to this kind of war?

Can Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians band together to bring about this change? Will the change sought shake up Washington and restore American faith in Democracy? Americans sense the the threat to freedom that has come from within. If you haven’t noticed, Libertarians have come out of the woodworks and have amassed a viable force to counter the threat of “super patriotism”.

The force is especially noticeable with the rise of Ron Paul, a Texas libertarian that will no doubt impact the outcome of the Republican primary. His band of revolutionaries will likely help decide the 2008 election no matter how Ron Paul fares in the primary.

Defending the Constitution vs. “Securing” our Nation
Were the founding fathers revolutionaries or “terrorists?”

The founders of the U.S. Constitution were most definitely terrorists as per today’s definition of the word. When we recall their patriotic actions, we remember them as revolutionaries, visionaries, and widely regard them as American heroes. Our founder had dreams of an America free of tyranny and corruption. They desired a limited government that would keep order, promote freedom and stay out of people’s affairs. Without the aid of civil libertarians that kept our nation honest and true to our founding principles over the years, the dream our founders had may soon end if Americans aren’t careful.

Home-grown Terrorism Legislation is now in sharp focus.
As I mentioned above, the founders were a special breed of “terrorist”. They stood bravely against a State ready to hang them for not bowing before an unjust king. His majesty, King George III of England, was in for a great surprise!

Over two hundred years later, our nation remains strong but liberty is no longer the hallmark of American Democracy. In fact, the issue of protecting Liberty has become a controversial topic now. Our Senators in Congress should be quick to stand up for the cause of Liberty. Instead, the foundation of our nation is cracking and Senators are sitting down when they should be fighting for our rights.

If there were ever a litmus test for serving as a public official, protecting essential liberty and defending the Constitution should be it.

Senator Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd joined forces this week against immunity for telecommunication companies that allegedly violated outdated FISA laws

Why is this such a big deal, weren’t these companies just doing their patriotic duty? For starters, you might want to take a look at Senator Sessions who currently serves to champion the neo-conservative agenda in Washington.

Senator Jeff Sessions said

“The civil libertarians among us would rather defend the constitution than protect our nation’s security.”

If that’s what passes for “patriotic duty” around here, then I want no part of it. Whether it was a gaffe, a Freudian slip, or him speaking his mind and sharing what he really feels is of no consequence. Most of the buzz has and will be focused on Senator Dodd’s protection of Civil Liberties and derailment of the corrupted FISA legislation. Nevertheless, Senator Sessions statement should not be dismissed or ignored.

America is in danger.

There are a number of politicians in Washington that have engaged in the very terrorism that they claim they are against. They use fear tactics, NO, they use terrorism to get their point across. By encouraging Americans to fear death, the traitors effectively deny citizens the right to dissent and challenge authority.

“Essential Liberty” and Defending our Constitution vs. Fascism

Our Politicians have been quick to forsake liberty in the name of “defending the nation.” They claim that they are “spreading Democracy overseas” and acting in “America’s best interest.” If our Senators cannot defend the Constitution and act as model citizens, how could they hope to spread Democracy abroad?

How could men who cater to tyranny, promote Fascism, and dismiss Constitutional rights, have the nerve to say they represent American Freedom? These men do not represent America, they certainly do not represent you or me. Our “leaders” represent something awful that if not kept in check, may threaten our understanding of what it means to be American. We live in a a failed Democratic Republic and the illusion of freedom is fading away.

Let’s stop pretending we live in a truly free democratic society. Let’s aim to learn about American history and understand our place in the world. We are dangerously close to being governed by a fascist State and there is an argument to be made that we already live under fascist rule. Americans like myself are desperately seeking to break free from the shackles. If we don’t dismantle the threat to the Republic, how could we continue to claim we’re leaders of the “free world?”

Will there be an American Revolution in 2008?
Don’t stand on the sidelines. A plague is eating away at Washington and it must be cured. Remember, the revolution starts with YOU, your mind can never be enslaved and your vote is your weapon. For those Americans that have lost all hope, hang in there and have faith in America. A Revolution is on the horizon and you will have the pleasure of being a part of something wonderful. Even those people who lost themselves along the way can redeem themselves. Every neo-conservative stuck on the Bush bandwagon is welcome to join the movement.

Since you’re reading this piece, I expect that you’ll err on the side of liberty. Whatever happens, do your part to ensure the enemy falls short in its attempt to support the rise of tyranny and corruption in America.

Note: This article is so right on...the time is not to pass again...We must stand our ground and take back our country!!!

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