Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rob Schiller - America Revealed

Rob Schiller Photography

Photo "Tuscon, Arizona" by Rob Schiller Photography

Robert Schiller has created "American Revealed", an original artistic movement. It's a venture requiring inspiration from many artists.

"America Revealed" is a collaborative effort among Americans willing to remove their layers and expose their individuality. Contorting one's body in order to express a personal view in a visually dynamic way is what this challenge is all about.

With help from any American over the age of 21, we hope to compile an amazing range of intimate self-portraits. It's our hope to gain insight into people's lives in an artistic, soul-searching venue. We hope to discover Americans' intimate perspectives on the world, as well as their hopes for the future. We want to learn about individual slants and private evolutions, and bring them out in personal photographs.

If you are interested in this unique challenge, please take the time to think seriously of who you are and how a portrait can represent your innermost thoughts. We want to bring out the true meaning of what is important to citizens' lives through a truly visual format.

A written narrative of up to 300 words to be showcased alongside your picture must accompany any self-portrait submitted. The website will serve as a means to highlight your creative self, whereas our favorite two hundred submissions will be collected and published.

Are you and American ready to be revealed?

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