Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tea Party: Shut-Down Corporate Welfare, Not The Government

SPaul Note: The Tea Party and the Republican Party have taken the stance that Big Government needs to go. There is a saying; Don't throw the baby out with the bath water...The Tea Party and their Millionaire friends have done more than throw out the baby, they have pushed to defund the purity of the water it drinks, the air it breathes, the education it should recieve and the social services it would recieve if it became disabled or unemployed during its life. These people are vehement in their support of corporate tax breaks and entitlements and will not rest until the American people below the $100,000 per annum income bracket, become the slaves of their corporate backers

Open Salon

Bitching about money. That's all the Republicans do these days. First, they lower taxes to a ridiculously low level; then, once the coast is clear, they borrow and spend to the point the United States government is beholden to the banksters.

Banksters? What am I talking about? When Wall Street (and the banks) were in trouble, Obama arrived for a rescue. When are Wall Street and the banksters going to pay-back the favor? And, like, where's the Tepid Party? Where are they? I certainly haven't seen the Tepid Party protesting outside the doors of Goldman, Sachs. I ask you: Have you seen the Tepid Party ever protesting their sacred-of-sacreds, their holy-of-holies--otherwise known as private industry?

Nope. No one has seen the Tepid Party with all their crazy get-ups and Halloween costumes and angry signs (many of them so ignorantly put that both spelling and grammar are out of whack...) ever bother to protest the just plain and simple fact that corporations and Big Business are both getting all the perks, all the breaks, all the tax-cuts and--well, it's a Republican-bred love-fest for business out there, isn't it?

Oh well. I'm trying to suggest that we've got thousands of deadbeat corporations and businesses all across the nation--all of which are paying an extremely low share of taxes while doing whatever the freak they want to do. At the same time, the deadbeats wave the flag, wrap themselves with the flag, and then, as par usual, go about causing all sorts of mischief as far as the world is round.

War in Iraq? Poor crybabies in the petroleum industry wanna war to get that oil.

War in Afghanistan? Poor crybabies were upset that the World Trade Center--World Trade Center--was destroyed by terrorists of a different species than corporations and Big Business.

War in Libya? A feeding-frenzy for the military/industrial complex. While almost no one likes Qaddaffy, I can hardly imagine the amount of money the United States government used to bomb all of Libya's infrastructure to pieces. What's next? Maybe a "rebuilding of Libya", courtesy of you-know-who: the corporations and Big Business.

Now's time for the "don't get me wrong" segment of this rant: There is nothing wrong with making money; what's wrong with making money is that the making of money is really nothing more than a Great Big Game that tends to suck-in obsessive/compulsives we tend to call "Captains of Industry". When the making of money becomes the be-all and end-all of one's activities, it's a psychological fact that the victim of this chemical imbalance is one sick puppy.

Think, for example, of the Wall Street hedge fund managers who skip away from work while making four billion dollars a year. Are they being taxed to the point that they can't exercise economic freedom? No? Why, then, are they given such a light tax burden? Why are they being left alone when the government is being forced, by the Republican Party, to borrow from them; an activity which--surprise!--makes more money for those dollar hogs.

Readers? Remember the big hit song by Black Sabbath? The one called "Warpigs"? Look behind the curtain and you see corporations and Big Business skipping away with all sorts of government contracts that aid and abet the making of war on a planet that really doesn't need the air and water and ground pollution.

The reason I'm bringing this old Black Sabbath song is that many of the warpigs on Wall Street and elsewhere are the same people who protested war--in Vietnam. People should listen to what Generation X has to say about the peaceniks-gone-war-crazy: Sell-outs. That's what Generation X thinks of the hypocrites. And, strangely enough, many of the Halloween trick-or-treaters we call the Tepid Party are people who protested war in Vietnam.

Of course, ever since the always contemptous Tepid Party showed contempt for Senators and Representatives in 2008 during townhall meeting after townhall meeting, I've had a theory about what really drives the Tepid Party:

It's a midlife crisis; that's exactly what it is. Tepid Party barkers and woofers are re-living the "glory days" when they, along with Abbie Hoffman, tried levitating the Pentagon. This time, however, they're storming the government. Midlife crises. Co-opted by Dick Armey and the Koch bros.

I just love calling racist scum like the Koch bros...bros. Those two billionaires have about as much soul as Tony Orlando and Dawn did in the Seventies.

Yeah, like, really dude! Tie a yellow ribbon around what kind of tree? Really?

The upshot of all this supposed mularkey is that it is Big Business that needs to step up to the plate and pay Big Business's fair share of "dues". That's right. While the dipoids from the Austrian School of Economics and the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, of all places, are against any and all taxes (quite American of them...), Big Business is practically getting away, well, Scott Free.

One of the promises President Obama made on the campaign trail was to reform the tax code and eliminate tax loopholes. This has yet to happen. As I've said before, while I agree with the Tepid Party's battle cry of TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, I do not agree that corporations and Big Business should be allowed to skip away with massively untaxed profits.

Big Business? Corporate leaders? Now is the time for you to step forward and voluntarily pay taxes to a government that has created the conditions for you to profit and grow so successfully.

There are no free rides in America. We all have to pay taxes. Even the corporations which, according to the Supreme Court, happen to be legal entities allowed to perform as if individuals.

Time to human-up, corporate America. Time to demonstrate your patriotism Big Business. Anything else will be simply one more display of utter hypocrisy.

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