Monday, April 4, 2011

War: The Deadly, Insidious Disease That Has Infected The Body Of America
by Michael Payne

War is a deadly cancerous growth that has metastasized and spread into our culture, our society and our daily lives; it has become embedded in our national psyche. America needs to find some way to combat this disease before it becomes a terminal condition. But there is one great impediment standing in the way; it's the consortium of the Congress, the U.S. presidency and the Military-Industrial Complex that resists all possible cures.

War is to America as drugs are to an addict; America is hooked. Every taxpayer dollar spent on bullets, bombs, hellfire and tomahawk missiles, drones, and all the many other weapons of war is a dollar that accomplishes nothing more than the destruction of nations and people. Just think of the hundreds of thousands of bombs, missiles and other weapons, and their monumental costs that have been used in a steady succession of wars since World War II; and to what end?

The wars currently being orchestrated by President Obama are, eventually, going to destroy the financial stability of our nation. There is no conceivable way that this country can continue to waste $1.2 trillion annually, money that we are borrowing from China, Japan and other nations. America is getting closer and closer to an inevitable financial meltdown. If Barack Obama, the constitutional scholar and professor, had even the most basic understanding of economic principles, he would comprehend the magnitude of the damage that his decisions to perpetuate war are causing America.

America would be an entirely different country if our government had invested those trillions to rebuild our nation instead of burning them in the fires of war. We'd be leading the world in the quality of our education rather than lagging far behind. We'd have a single-payer universal health care system second to none, a solid national infrastructure rather than one that is crumbling. We could develop new sources of energy. Our states would not be bleeding financially, we would be adding new teachers, police and firefighters instead of laying them off; America would be on the rise not caught in this downward spiral.

America is careening down a one-way street, going the wrong way. We must stop and reverse direction, away from war. America's President of War, Barack Obama, has now set a record for conducting the most wars at the same time; Iraq (yes, it's still considered a war), Afghanistan, Pakistan and, most recently Libya. That's quite a unique achievement for a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Yes, this president has a remarkable ability of maintaining, escalating and spreading our military outreach. Where in the world will he strike next?

How should we refer to these invasions, the shock and awe, the occupations, the killing and displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, the destruction of countries, the use of deadly drones, and documented atrocities committed by members of our military? Let's call it what it is - morally unconscionable, despicable, and repulsive. What G.W. Bush did and Barack Obama continues to do is not what should be done to our fellow human beings; even if you try to fool the American people into thinking that you are doing it in the name of freedom. What is totally wrong can't be portrayed as right.

Do the presidents we elect think that the majority of Americans are completely stupid, that we cannot see through the smoke and mirrors, the lies and the constant appeals to patriotism and support of America's misguided wars? You, know I think they actually do think that we are not only stupid but also totally ignorant of what is really going on. .

America has often been referred to as the policeman of the world. Who appointed it to that position? It appointed itself. Being that cop might have been a good thing for the world in some respects except for the fact that the situation got out of control when America decided that it would also be the judge, the jury and the prosecutor, all rolled into one in deciding which nation is guilty and which is innocent. Why be satisfied with just being the world's policeman when you also can become the judge of the world? That happened in Iraq when Bush & Co. brought down a verdict of guilty while dismissing all the evidence to the contrary.

What do the churches, temples, mosques or synagogues and their spiritual leaders have to say about these violations of the most basic moral principles? Except for a few exceptions religious leaders say nothing and remain completely silent on the wars, the slaughter of civilians, the destruction of countries, torture and all other crimes against humanity. How can they remain silent and not speak out in strong opposition to what is being done to human beings on this planet? Isn't that exactly what they should be doing as earthly representatives of a higher power?

This kind of insidious disease is not one that can be treated with radiation or chemotherapy. This is a disease so deeply embedded into the body and mind of America that it can only be treated with a large dose of logic, reason, rational thinking and a renewed sense of morality. And a total rejection of war.

But when and how is that going to happen? Who is it that is going to provide the leadership and motivation to make it happen? Right now that's a question with no answer.

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