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Why not another American Revolution?

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S.Paul note: Isn't it odd how in 2008 many people in America were ready for a revolution and then Obama was elected? The prince of hope and the promisor of change...His election to the office of President of the United States came at the perfect time to quell the masses and for two and a half years now, we are still waiting for change to come. Isn't it odd how that happened at the time when We the People were ready to revolt en masse? Think about that for a minute.

Why not another American Revolution?

That statement will generally send people scampering into their ideological safe havens whatever they may be. Too radical a thought for some to even consider. Proclaim it boldly and you will be relegated to the fringe extremist camp. Before you condemn it on its face, let's rewind history for a moment and consider what perils our founders faced upon their undertaking of the Revolutionary War. Don't worry, I'll not rehash all of your history lessons here, just enough to set the stage.

One of the primary reasons for our war for independence was triggered by the Anglo-French wars of the previous 30 years. The British felt the colonists didn't pull their weight either in costs or participation. The existence of the colonies was primarily for providing raw materials to Britain and also acting as a consumer of British goods. The colonists held a different view. One of trailblazers motivated by taming the newfound wilderness of America and creating a new society unto its own, free from the oppression of rule from a land across the ocean.

In short, they faced an overbearing government intent on being far too intrusive in their everyday lives and taxing the daylights out of them in the process. Sounds familiar? It's not difficult at all to draw the parallels between then and now. Today, we face much the same set of circumstances the colonists faced with the only difference being the address of the monarchy. There is one other critical difference between the two time periods. Today, we have much more to lose. The early Americans sought freedom to make their own way and had little to lose in the form of established society and private property as we do today. Not to mention, we have the hindsight capability of the benefits of over two centuries of freedom and what we stand to lose.

This acts as a double edged sword. It changes ones perspective entirely when you have experienced the value of what you stand to lose. While assuming a defensive posture to protect your liberty may be second nature to some, to others it elicits a different reaction altogether. Paralysis. Fear to do anything let alone do the wrong thing. This is where we stand today in America. Far too many of us are unwilling to accept the task before us. We stand by allowing the slow confiscation of our liberty. Some simply refuse to believe it is happening at all. Some are too weak in spirit or will to do anything in response. Some sit by idly hoping that someone else will take care of the problem for them. Some are pro-active in the theft of our liberty due to ignorance as they blindly conform to the utopian promises of allowing big government to take care of all their needs.

The point is, what action will we take going forward? Will we stand up and stop this oppression? We still can. It's not too late despite appearances. How far are you willing to go to protect your freedom? I'm prior military and even though I am free from the bounds of the oath I took to protect our freedoms, I consider it a life choice. One cannot understate the importance of what we do next in protecting our freedom.

Remember, the colonists didn't advocate violence. They had no intention of instigating a bloody revolution. It was the oppressors that chose to take this route. It was they who refused to relinquish control of the colonists and forced a necessary reaction. Those who seek to control people by force eventually all face this. History is our guide with countless examples of the people rising up against oppression and every so-called 'great' society has experienced it.

We face what our founders faced. Our wealth is being stripped away from us. Our liberty is being confiscated by deceit. Masquerading as the greater good, it is systematically erased little by little. The colonists reacted in the way that we should. Intolerance. Despite the odds, they faced it down. We need to find that spirit inside ourselves and make the uncomfortable choices. It will be harder than what the colonists faced. They followed their road out of necessity. They felt they had no other choice. This is why it is harder for us. We need to leave our comfort zone and voluntarily take on an enemy that lies within. Some of them are your neighbors or even family members. It is your ultimate challenge to find a way to combat this disease without resorting to violence. Or resorting to it if the need arises. How far are you willing to go to protect your liberty? You risk losing everything if you do nothing.

Let's assume you agree with the risk facing us. Perhaps you are now asking, what can I do? Much. This is the basis for a second American Revolution. It's already underway in various forms. Knowledge is the key. Educating those who fail to see what is happening around us. You don't need to run out and join a militia. We don't have the luxury of a defined enemy, per say. The colonists knew it was the British Redcoats. They knew they must defeat them to achieve their goal. Who will we attack? The military? The government? Politicians who support big government? It's not that cut and dried. You're battling an ideology. A belief that central control can provide a better society. To defeat ideology, you must use the appropriate weapon. The truth.

The thing that supporters of central control fear most is knowledge. If the masses realize the implications of why socialist type societies always fail, they will not so easily fall prey to its seduction. To be sure, we will always have the element that prefer to be supported by others. They are not the target audience. It is the people with a choice to make. Good people with a value system that is susceptible to the progressive message. Willing to give up a small piece of freedom for the betterment of society. They see no harm in allowing our government to have control if the cause is worthy.

Save the _______ causes. Educating our children. Providing for those in need. They must realize that charity cannot be done by proxy. You can't merely write a check and have a clear conscience that you have done your part. To maintain freedom in a structured society, we must all play a role. You can aspire to living your life with as little government interference as possible. Keep wealth confiscation to a minimum. Allow true ownership of private property. But freedom comes with a price tag. It is simply not practical for one to live in a bubble and expect that freedom will maintain itself. The enemies of it are eternally vigilant so the supporters must rise to the same level to protect it. In other words, you must be involved and actively safeguard it.

You may choose to spread information through blogging. By interacting in your local civic activities and just talking with others. Certainly, by voting. However, we must become much more informed prior to casting our votes to insure we're getting what was advertised. Attend your school board meetings. Your local township meetings. Find out for yourself what is happening out there rather than relying on a media with an agenda to deliver it to you. Write your local paper with your opinion. It has to happen at the lowest levels and work up. That would be your immediate family. Many people never even discuss these topics at home. You may be surprised at the views you find inside your own house.

The progressive movement has taken this tact for decades. It may take as long to eradicate it. But the prize is worth any amount of toil it takes. Take a minute and seek out someone who has escaped an oppressive regime and speak to them. They nearly always value freedom far more than we who take it for granted. They will risk anything to keep it now. We need to value it equally. So take a few moments and review what you're doing about it in your daily life. Is there anything else you can do? Maybe you've already done much. Congratulations. Try to do even more. It's the only way to avoid a violent revolution and at some point that is no longer possible. I can't tell you when that is. Violent or non-violent, it needs to happen, and happen now. Don't worry about trying to avoid it, it will come to you.

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