Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/11 Radio Talk

Newdissidentradio.com presents Breaking Taboo with Hostess Lakota Phillips speaking with S. Paul Forrest and Jeffrey Brunk on the topic of 9/11 conspiracy, reality, psychology and where we go from here.  Also, Jeffrey talks about a new reality show idea for Religious Reality TV.  

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Nation Divided
by Lakota Phillips

Hate and hostility are voluntary emotions. People choose to embrace unrelenting anger, closing their eyes, ears and minds to anything that threatens their self-righteous anger. Most of America has made a mockery at one point or another over the everlasting hatred the south has for the north. After all the civil war was over a 100 years ago. It seems ludicrous that generations later there could still be viable animosity – yet there is. The cultural trauma and resentment was so deep that it was fed into subsequent generations like a poison that thrives in the genes. For anyone who doesn’t think that hatred for the damn Yankees isn’t alive and well in the South – come on down here for a spell and I’ll introduce you to Bubba and Bobby Joe who fly their rebel flag proudly and will be happy to spit some chewin tobacco on any northerner who dares to cross them. Read the online commentaries in small town southern newspapers sometimes – it’s a real eye-opener.  Something similar is happening with the rift between those who believe 9/11 happened as the government and media have outlined, and those who believe there is a subversive plot that led to the events on September 11, 2001.

The conspiracy theorists versus the patriots. And “god” help you if you disagree with anything either side says. They’ll rip you a new one for questioning the validity of their stance. The truth lies somewhere in the middle but that isn’t something either side wants to hear. The ridiculous part is that there’s truth and there are lies on BOTH sides. Anyone who doesn’t believe our government has covered up and redirected information regarding events prior, during and following the attack on the Twin Towers is delusional. We’ve been lied to before (for our own good of course) and we will be lied to again. It is the nature of governments to deflect, to manipulate, and to avoid a public relations nightmare. The power of government is retained through keeping the population pacified and asleep as much as possible so they don’t interfere and make demands. On the other side of the equation, 90% of the conspiracy theories have been proven to be rabid speculation or outright fiction created to stir the sleeping beast. The threads of relevant truths that run through some of the “theories” are obscured or completely buried beneath the more outrageous claims. So speculation as a whole is dismissed out of hand by most people.  Nothing is accomplished.

The sad fact is that if half as much energy had gone into protecting the rights and interests of the American people as went into developing and trying to prove the conspiracy theories and half as much passion went into ensuring that our government didn’t run roughshod over our rights as went into hating all things Islamic – we might not have the situation we find ourselves in today.

We now live in an America where we are guilty until proven innocent, where freedom of speech is curtailed and a police state that can invade the privacy of anyone they deem a “credible” threat. Where laws meant to protect us are broken by those who pledged to protect us and where our politicians are more concerned with their reelections and popularity than they are with doing a good job in leading.

We live in a world of distrust and insecurity. The American Dream is no longer one of fulfillment and achievement, but one of survival. It wasn’t the fall of the twin towers that did this to us. We, the American people did this to ourselves.



Saved By the Hell
Reverend Jeffrey Brunk

Few can dispute the notion that religion has been directly responsible for causing wars, fostering hatred, which by the way is quite ironic, oppression of individuals and entire cultures and societies and the Left Behind book series. Pestilences, all.

We are spiritual beings by nature. We are all connected if by nothing more than DNA, energy and a shared interest in the woes of Charlie Sheen. Yet, somewhere down the line many eons ago some yahoo decided that his spirituality was a bit more finite and superior to those around him. Bada-Boom, Bada-Big-Bang and Voila! Religion was born and what do you know, there’s money to be made in proselytization. Joel O’Steen, Pat Robertson, Freddy Phelps and others of their ilk surely don’t drive around in a Chevy Cavalier and I’m fairly certain that a successful evangelizing Muslim settles for nothing less than a two-humped camel. Don’t even consider the money to be made in Scientology. Jesus couldn’t even afford to be a scientologist without leveraging his treasures in Heaven.

So, as spiritual beings, we all believe something even if we believe nothing. The horrors of the Crusades and 9/11 are but only two examples of the catastrophic results of warring religious belief systems. Those are glaring examples of bastardized spirituality at its worst.

Now, combine the worst of those bastardized belief systems and put the most passionate espouser of each under one roof, film the shenanigans and possibly have it follow ‘Two and a Half Men’ on Monday nights. Instant smash hit and reality TV at its finest, which is an oxymoron.

This is exactly what may be headed our way as Jim Henderson, a 63-year-old self-proclaimed failed Christian pastor and "spiritual anthropologist" living in Seattle, WA moves to bring such a show to air. And you know what? I’d watch it in a heartbeat. I’m even salivating at the thought of such a show lighting up the bedrooms and living rooms and iPads of America.  A stroke of genius! Jew, Muslim, Christian, atheist, Scientologist, Wiccan all in one house, forced to accept one another despite each’s skewed belief system. Ironically, the show is titled ‘Saved.’ How do we transcend the television and this ‘Big Brother’ type series and bring forced acceptance to the world at large?

During the time of year when the events of 9/11 are repeatedly pounded into our minds with ceaseless undertones of the evils of Islam towards a presumed Christian majority nation I find that a Christian proposing such a program quite refreshing and the antithesis of ‘Jersey Shore’, ‘Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling’ and any and all of those putrid cat-vomit ‘Housewives’ programs.

Ex-Pastor Henderson is drumming up quite a bit of interest on YouTube for his idea and
has enlisted a producer for the show. He’s actively searching for housemates with a zeal for their misguided belief in religion and its foibles. I’m down with that. Where do I sign up? I have a few words for the Mormons.

Kudos to you, Reverend Jim. Let the masses go in and the truths of human connection come out.


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