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Occupy Wall Street: Day 11 -- Susan Sarandon Joins the Protest

by Mark Adams

NY Police guard the Bull in a symbolic gesture
of where their allegiances lay.
More big news from Day 11 of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Protest in NYC!  Susan Sarandon joined the protesters and discussed the issues on the live feed
Liberty Square
is still filled with protesters.

I'm picking up coverage for Chaz Valenza.  He joined the protest and covered it live for the first 10 days.  He had to attend to business, but he'll be back soon.  His previous articles can be found at this link.

Susan Sarandon Supports OWS!

Susan Sarandon talked about the harm which the bankers have caused to Americans.  She spoke of the lost jobs, the stolen homes, the broken dreams, the banker bailouts and bonuses, and the government's failure to bail out the victims of the banksters' crimes.  She said that it is time for Americans to demand accountability from the government, that it is time to end favoritism and injustice, and that the American people should be incensed!

Susan pointed out that change does not come from those in power, but instead, that positive change comes when people are willing to demand change and demand justice.  She said that the movement is building, that people need to join in the movement to get real change, and that people need to register to vote and vote most of the incumbents out of office because only a few of them act in the public's best interests.  

The Movement is Building!  

People are learning about the OWS protest, and many more are starting to join the movement to demand accountability and justice.  A web site to post information about organizing protests has been started.  See Occupy Together and note that ongoing protests are occurring in Chicago and Denver and others are being organized across the country.

Check out Occupy Together and join a protest or start one.  Remember, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and the problem that we are facing now is one of the biggest that the free world has ever faced.  If we don't restore justice and accountability, the banksters' efforts to enslave and impoverish us will succeed, and we will all suffer like serfs and slaves while the banksters live like kings and princes.  That is their dream, and it will be our nightmare if enough people don't wake up and take some action!

The "News" Media Cartel Breaks Its Silence!

The "news" media cartel finally started covering the OWS protest on Sunday, Day 9, when the New York Daily News ran a front page article and local broadcast news outlets were allowed to break the silence.  Last night, it was covered by Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC, and this morning, NBC briefly mentioned the OWS protest on the Today Show.

Lawrence O'Donnell devoted a good portion of his show, The Last Word, on MSNBC to the police brutality exhibited on Saturday, Day 8, of the OWS protest.  See his coverage.  It reminded me of the time when Walter Cronkite spoke out against the Vietnam War on his evening news broadcast in February of 1968.  Some believe that broadcast was one of the reasons why LBJ withdrew his bid for re-election.  

Those who control the "news" cartel understand that to retain credibility, they cannot refuse to report on newsworthy events when there is widespread awareness about an event.  However, when they realize that they have to report on something like this, they usually try to spin it to confuse the public. 

For example, when we were told that the bankers suddenly needed to be bailed out, the "news" cartel claimed that the banks needed help because poor people took advantage of them to buy homes that they couldn't afford.  Some bought that line of BS for a little while, but most realized that very few people would commit a felony by lying on a loan application to fool a bank so that they could put thousands of dollars down to buy a home and move their family into it when they couldn't afford it.

Who would really risk jail, invest thousands, and move into a new home just to put their families through foreclosure and ruin their credit?  Poor people or fictitious ones dreamed up by the banksters' ministry of propaganda? 

When it became obvious that banks were not just taking homes from poor people and that banks had engaged in widespread fraud in loan origination, securitization, servicing and foreclosure (See this report by the Florida Attorney General's Office.), the "news" cartel claimed that the banksters' fraud was simply paperwork irregularities.  Since that didn't work very well, the "news" cartel has quit talking about that and switched to claiming that the way to end our economic problems is by helping the banksters get their victims' homes quicker!

Does anyone believe that the way to improve things is by helping the banksters with their crime spree? Obviously, the banksters' minions in government do because they are paying the banksters to foreclose.  See this report and this report.

Of course, the thefts of millions of homes are not the only things which the protesters are protesting.  Many of the protesters are protesting the student loans which have been used to enslave them and the loss of jobs which has resulted from the banksters' plans to impoverish America, buy it for pennies on the dollar and reduce 99% of us to the status of serfs.  These banksters are not stupid.  They are just evil, greedy, power mad scum who want to live like kings and princes while we serve them like slaves. 

How Did the Banksters Take Control?

How did the U.S. government which honest Abe Lincoln described as one of, by and for the people become a government of, by and for the banksters?  It took them a while because they had to undermine the knowledge about how we were supposed to be able to control the government and secure liberty and justice, but if you want to know how it was done, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? and don't miss my short speech.

If you take a look, you'll learn why those in power and those who can improperly influence them get away with violating our rights, abusing their power, and committing horrible crimes. My article on torture includes a link to the U.S. Supreme Court case which explains how one of our stolen rights makes the difference between justice and injustice, between freedom and slavery.

What Can You Do?

Take a few minutes to review these links, then ask yourself whether you want to sit by and let the banksters enslave you and your children or whether you want to take action to restore justice in America

If you want justice, then send the link to this article to your contacts, donate to the
Occupy Wall Street
protest, and check out Occupy Together and join a protest or start one.  If not, expect much worse treatment as the banksters move towards their end game.  See how bad it really is at this link, and remember, the banksters want it all. 
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I practiced law in the banana republic of Florida. In 2006, I represented Max Linn, the Reform Party candidate for Governor of Florida, in successful lawsuits brought against the media to require his inclusion in the Gubernatorial debates.

I also represented John Russell, Clint Curtis, Frank Gonzalez, and others in contesting the official results of the 2006 elections in Florida state court and before the U.S. House of Representatives. See my articles for information about the cover-up of these contests and the evidence which we obtained showing that the votes were not counted accurately.

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I have been involved in the judicial reform movement since 2003, the media reform movement since 2004, and the election reform movement since 2006. Before those years, I believed that judges followed the law, that our media told us the truth, and that our votes were counted. Beliefs that most of us once held and that many still hold on to. Unfortunately, I learned that these beliefs were no longer true. However, I believe that we can counteract the forces which have destroyed these institutions if we face reality and take action before it is too late.

Please remember that the American dream will die and our children will suffer if the people do not know what their government leaders are doing, if the people are not able to vote ineffective or corrupt leaders out of office, or if government actors can ignore the law and the facts with no repercussions!

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