Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leonard Peltier; Native American Movement

From Wikipedia...Modern social statistics of Native Americans serve as defining characteristics of Native American life, and can be compared to the average United States citizens’ social statistics. Areas from their demographics and economy to health standards, drug and alcohol use, and land use and ownership all lead to a better understanding of Native American life. Health standards for Native Americans have notable disparities from that of all United States racial and ethnic groups. They have higher rates of disease, higher death rates, and a lack of medical coverage.[1] These health issues are matched by illegal drug abuse; abuse levels are higher than any other demographic group in the United States. Methamphetamine abuse on reservations is a particular area of concern for tribal and federal governments.[2] Concerning their land, Native Americans lost more than 97.7 percent of their land over the course of the American conquest. The signing of treaties, relocation, and, epidemics accelerated the decrease of Native American population as well as land.[3]

And the "leaders" of this nation pretend to care about human rights as a pretense to invade nations abroad while indiscriminately despairing its own...Welcome to the Land of Hypocrisy.

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