Monday, October 3, 2011

Party of Three? - Politics in America

by Johnny Dam

Look, I'm done playing the left against the right against the conservatives against the tea party against puppies! Because when the smoke finally clears, we'll discover that we've been fighting against the best interests of all of the above! And then... we'll blame illegal immigrants.

So what now? I mean, here I've finally reached the end of the maze and much to my surprise, there wasn't a single fucking piece of cheese. Oh, It wasn't moved, it was NEVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!.

All I found was just another reason to engage in more rhetoric. Just another opportunity to listen to pundits trash opposing pundits and then call it a successful day for their side, comforted in the knowledge that as long as today's problems don't get solved, they still have a job. So please Ed Schultz, tell us again just how evil Bill O'Reilly is and please, please, please Mr. O'Reilly, do tell just how Jon Stewart is warping what's left of the politically formative minds of today's MTV generation. Of course I'm referring to the ones that Jersey Shore missed.

This is INSANITY people. And as everybody knows, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting the outcome to be different. Or as they call it on the floors of the house and senate… "Work".

The public is just now awakening from a very deep consumer fueled sleep. Aging tea partiers are beginning to see the importance of social safety nets such as Medicare and Social Security. They may not want a black man to be president but they sure don't mind if he takes their blood pressure and writes them a prescription just so long as it's covered under their Medicare parts A, B, or C. Oh, and before they reduce the government, could they please do something about that fucking Part D donut hole?

We're waking up like a wife from a "Cheating Husband" dream, we're pissed but don't know what the fuck to do about it. It's time for a real, viable third party, one that represents "We the People" not "We the Corporation". We need somebody from the Middle Class there to protect the Middle Class. How many of our lawmakers are Middle Class? I'm not talking $250k per year Middle Class, I'm talking 38k-60k per year Middle Class. HOW MANY?!?!?!

We need somebody that's not afraid to look directly into the lens of the CSPAN cameras and scream "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?". We need a third party, a people’s party. And if the term "people’s party" conjures up images of communism then perhaps your three-cornered hat is just a tad too tight for your misshapen head. But I digress.

So why Wall $treet? Because when I bounce a check they charge me $35.00 but when they bounce the economy we give them $700,000,000,000.00. Yeah, I know they paid it back but they didn't pay us back for what they stole from "We the People". You know, things like affordable health care, retirement accounts, and jobs. Remember jobs? You know, that thing you hated going to but did it anyway because you were addicted to food?

Now I'm not going to pin the responsibility to create jobs on Congress for the simple fact that if jobs were so important to Congress then they would be doing their jobs correctly. You can't get through to these people. It's like trying to describe the picture quality of your brand new LED flat screen to Stevie Wonder. Oh sure, he'll nod his head in agreement but he really has no idea what the hell you are talking about and truly wishes you would just shut up and get back on the bus that brought you to his doorstep. Our politicians show up to town halls, shake some hands, count the money, and leave. You're feeling all warm and fuzzy because you just donated to your favorite candidate, meanwhile they're in the back of a limo slathering themselves with Purell just to get the stench of constituents off their hands before it ruins their $2000.00 suit.

Today's politicians are nothing more than elected lobbyists and THAT my friend is why we've landed on Wall $treet.

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