Friday, October 14, 2011

Who Cares About Foreclosure?

by Mark Adams

If you are wondering why so many Americans are taking to the streets, the first grievance listed by the General Assembly at Occupy Wall Street is the illegal theft of homes. If you want to know more about illegal foreclosures, check out the Mortgage Justice Seminar in Sarasota, Florida on Saturday, October 15. If you cannot make it to Sarasota, then at least, find out more about this major cause of our economic crisis below.

This free seminar will feature several nationally known legal experts including ones who are speaking out against illegal foreclosures without any financial incentive to do so. Yes, some attorneys do take a stand for justice without pay and in spite of the threats from the Bar regulators who cannot find anything wrong with any bank attorney.

Perhaps the most famous expert and certainly the most cited one speaking at the seminar is Henry P. Trawick, Jr., Esquire. Mr. Trawick has practiced law since 1950 and has authored the most widely cited guide to civil procedure in Florida, Florida Practice and Procedure, published by Westlaw. Mr. Trawick has been repeatedly cited as a legal expert by Florida’s appellate courts and the Florida Supreme Court.

Yet, over the course of his career, Mr. Trawick has seen a decline in respect for the rule of law, and in the introduction to a recent edition of his book, he compares our current justice system to that “dispensed under palm trees in the far reaches of the Sahara.” His speech is titled The Foreclosure Mess, and as he often does in his books, he is expected to call out those who have disregarded the law and trampled the rights of millions of Americans.

The most widely known expert on foreclosure defense is April Charney, Esquire who works for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. Ms. Charney has compared bankers and those who have helped cause our national foreclosure nightmare to a pit of snakes.
In spite of widespread demand for her foreclosure defense services, Ms. Charney continues to serve the very poor who cannot afford an attorney to defend their homes. However, the always unhelpful big bank attorneys are working on forcing her into private practice in their effort to have her fired by Legal Aid. Apparently, the bankster “geniuses” don’t realize that she can hurt them more by managing a large private law firm defending middle class Americans from the illegal acts of the predatory banksters.

Also, speaking is the widely known, outspoken foreclosure defense attorney Matthew Weidner, Esquire. Mr. Weidner has helped fight illegal foreclosures by organizing presentations at the Florida Bar Association’s annual meeting and by organizing protests at Florida’s Capitol against illegal, unconstitutional bills which would allow banks to take property without even having to go to court and risk the chance that a homeowner might be able to prove that the bank doesn’t have the right to take the property. Mr. Weidner has also decided to run for the Florida House to try to help preserve justice.  See his blog at this link.

Several other experts will be speaking at the Mortgage Justice Seminar in Sarasota, and the event wraps up with a free screening of the Academy Award winning documentary Inside Job. See Inside Job’s director Charles Ferguson’s Oscar acceptance speech in which he points out that no bank executive has gone to jail.

This extraordinary seminar has been put together by the Mortgage Justice Group which is an organization of citizens helping citizens in foreclosure. Yes, many people realize that people must stand up and demand justice because sitting on the couch relying on the folks who the banksters put in power is not working out very well.

This seminar will be held on Saturday, Oct. 15th at the Unity Church of Sarasota. It begins at 9:15 AM and runs until 9:00 PM. See the agenda. Get directions from the North and from the South. For additional information or media inquiries, contact the Mortgage Justice Group at (941) 504-4873 or email mortgagejustice1[at]

If you want to know more about what caused the mortgage mess, why people are protesting, and learn how the banksters got away with their continuing crime spree which has resulted in the thefts of the homes and life savings of over 40,000,000 Americans to date, the theft of billions in taxpayers’ fund from the treasury, the devaluation of real estate across our country and the economic collapse, see this article, and then do something to help restore justice even if all you can do is email the link to this article to your contacts or post it on Facebook.

© Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

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