Friday, March 2, 2012

Is this our New American “Liberty”?

by S. Paul Forrest

Angry White Men
Is this really where we are today?  Watching or rather, hearing Rush Limbaugh further a prejudicial offence toward free speech is akin to listening to Hitler during his rise to power.  The statements made against Sandra Fluke for being outspoken against the Right’s insistence that birth control is immoral and the continued demonization of any woman who dares disagree with their stance are somehow only “sluts” is beyond reproach.  We as a Nation should not allow this war on Free Speech and the War on Women, to continue.  We should not sit silently and allow these people to spread their brand of anti-Liberty into our lives and take our Nation back to a dark ages, Salem witch hunt era of hatred.

This is not the first time this has occurred, either.  The rush (no pun intended) to create a country of anger; a country of a people divided must stop.  We will never be a great nation again if we allow this kind of white power, hate controlled agenda to continue.  The only America I am proud to be a part of is to one which used to represent freedom and justice.  We the People have had enough.  Those of us left who still realize that the Constitution is still valid; still nationally sacred, must stand up now and make our voices heard to combat this evil.

What Sandra Fluke said:

The following videos represent the antithesis of America ideology and the lying rants of what Sandra said:

MSNBC responds...

Wake up, America...and the rest of the world, to the reality of our American contradiction


  1. So your idea of protecting your free speech is to stop someone else from being able to voice their opinion even though they never tried to stop you from speaking. You are a true moron and a danger to freedom.

  2. I think you have read a bit much into what I have said..,When I said, "We will never be a great nation again if we allow this kind of white power, hate controlled agenda to continue.", I am pointing out that to say nothing in response is taking our freedom - We need to let these people know this hate is un-American. If you choose to lay down without protest, that is your decision. To say that somehow by allowing a media member to dictate what that freedom is and who should be allowed to enjoy it, is a "danger to freedom", sir.

    My issue is how this "person", Limbaugh has the ear of millions of Americans and apparently yours. Telling him he can't speak is not what I am advocating. Telling him that his view is ignorant and NOT representative of what a true American thinks, is.

    "Moron"? Quite the intelligent retort. I am impressed with your grasp of the English language - much less so when it comes to your decision to allow hate to rule our media and to represent American voices. Yes, let us just allow it to happen with out saying it is wrong. Brilliant plan.

  3. I would also like to point out that Limbaugh like so many right wing hate mongers, has no site to respond, no callers to argue with or any way for his listeners to challenge what he says. All he does is direct opinion in a terribly errant way. If I were to come here from another place, never knowing what this country stood for and listened to his hate rhetoric, I would think he represented the whole of our America. Quite the contrary. He represents only himself and other, angry white men who feel threatened by women and "minorities". He is a bruise on our national image. He can say whatever he wants, that is the freedom of speech we all enjoy, as of now. I can also say what I want and I say, he is un-American as are any who blindly follow and practice his brand of hate.

  4. I do not listen to Rush but I sought out what he said and it was far from an attack on women. You clearly never bothered to try and get the picture of what he was saying and instead only focused on 2 words that he used as a joke and for shock value. The fact that you are trying to make all those on the right out to be racist hate filled white men shows you are not capable of thinking for yourself and have stopped seeking the truth.

  5. I respect your opinion, Paul...I do admit, I have a strong dislike for Limbaugh. I find him to be a very shallow, well paid, corporate mouth piece who upholds the merits of greed. I too listened and read much from the Left and Right and hence, my statements on the matter. Just so you are aware, I was once a Republican but now, and an Independent. It is because of people like him and the lies from some of the right wing media and the Christian take over of the Party, that I left. I am no Liberal or Dem either; for similar reasons. If we both keep reading and maybe between us, we can find real truth.


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