Friday, March 2, 2012

Mass, Mindless Media Distracts We the People from Reality

by S. Paul Forrest

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We will have the very prolific Mark Adams to discuss this issue and corruption in gov't which he has been so adamantly fighting as an attorney and activist. 
Mark's BIO: Mark Adams practiced law in the banana republic of Florida. In 2006, Mark won the first and only injunctions getting a third party candidate into televised debates.  
Mark has also handled more Congressional election contests than any other attorney in history. In 2006, Mark represented Clint Curtis, John Russell and others in contesting the elections of 4 members of Congress, Florida’s governor and the passage of an amendment in which the people of Florida supposedly voted to restrict their right to pass Constitutional amendments. 

Mark’s team gathered affidavits from voters showing that the secret vote counting computers were manipulated to flip at least 14% of the votes cast for Clint Curtis and John Russell to their incumbent Republicon opponents and that at least 75% of the votes cast for the Reform Party candidate for governor were flipped to the Republicon giving him the win over the Democrook. 
In 2008, Mark founded Project Vote Count to spread the news about the fact that counting votes in secret is unconstitutional as well as undemocratic and to conduct exit polls to detect and deter election theft. Mark has been invited to speak to reform minded groups across the political spectrum from Move to Amend to the Save America Convention. He also writes occasional articles for the Daily Censored and OpEdNews.
Mark is retiring from activism since he has found that the vast majority of Americans are far too well brainwashed to even begin to restore a government of, by and for the people. Of course, he could be persuaded to continue his reform efforts either by a show of support from people who honestly want reform or by the bad guys if they mess with him. 
This is gonna be GREAT!!!
The story: 

After a hard day of listening to someone dictate your labors and overwhelmed by those financial struggles intrinsic to most people’s daily lives, coming home to a comfortable couch and an entertaining television show is often a welcomed distraction. Watching a group of comedians can make you laugh, a romance movie make you swoon or an action movie ttranscend one's existence to a life of excitement.  These types of shows are indeed enthralling but when one wants to hear about what is going on in the real world, news stations or documentaries are supposed to be the types of broadcast to give us a dose of reality.  The problem though, is how many of those stations entrusted to relay information to We the People, have turned reality into another form of drama meant only to distract us from the real issues and entrap us in their distorted reality.  This tactic is meant only to convince the people to surrender reason while controlling their opinions and improsoning them within a perpetual state of confusion.

The process of using media to both entertain and control the opinions of the people has been seen from early Roman times in the Coliseum, the Bolshevik Revolution, Mussolini’s Fascist Italy, Hitler's Nazi Germany to the present, Christian Reconstructionist movement in America. The psychology of control seen in this form of fact manipulation has both created and destroyed movements by prompting the people to join in on both heroic efforts and brutal, genocidal ones under the collective hypnosis of orchestrated deception. This control technique is what is known as the Politics of Distraction and is overwhelming our Nation with opinion making and fantasy embellishments woven with mechanistically, impersonal precision.

This Politics of Distraction knows no particular political affiliation or social alliance. This policy is a fully encompassing disease which is infecting our reason across the social spectrum.  This tactic is a weapon; a tool meant to lead the unsuspecting masses toward a predetermined philosophy or political action and cannot be mistaken as anything but a detriment to our global collective. This weapon is employed after the race, culture or religious orientation of the listener and the motives of the messengers have been analyzed and the outcome calculated. In America today, mass media and their political party of affiliation be it on the Right or the Left, is employing this tool to affect the outcome of elections by garnering support from a demographic spectrum and apparently, knows no guilt or shame for the half-truths they are selling or the targets of their sales pitches who are affected. 

Even the realm of “reality television” is inundated with the task of psychological control.  Across the televised fantasies of unrealistic existence, we are inundated daily with scenes from an America that does not exist.  "Normal" takes on a new definition within this surreal depiction.  This fantasy is largely used only to distract us from knowing the truth in the global realm, the dangers threatening our lives not only from foreign sources but from our own government’s initiatives and the reality that our freedoms have become so compromised. Dangers are perceived in the unreal only while safety and success are defined through whatever materialistic prism we allow our selves to be fascinated with. The very concept of reality has become distorted in this alternate realm; the illusions within which so many have become lost.

We the People are now and maybe always have been; pawns in the grand scheme of propaganistic control. Until we stand up, united by the common realization that true knowledge is the antithesis of deception and accept the necessity of such to achieve greatness as a species, we will continue to be nothing more than pawns. Martin Luther King, Jr. had once proclaimed, “The Truth shall set you free!”; apparently, this is not what those propelling the distractive measures of modern media wish to encompass in their philosophies. What they wish only it would seem, is to continue to control, deceive and distract us all so that they will remain in power while We the Minions remain ignorantly enslaved within the fantasy that somehow we are being represented.

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