Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bottom Line, Libya Will Remain a Transnational Oil Fiefdom

by Kurt Nimmo

George Galloway, the combative British MP, put Anna Walker of Sky News in her place when she tried to insist that Libya’s oil is negligible and hardly worth starting a war over.

“BP has 15 billion pounds worth of investments in Libya,” Galloway instructed the corporate media teleprompter reader, “so don’t pretend it is not a big deal.”

The BP angle is of course not mentioned when the Pentagon script readers here in the States go on ad nauseam about humanitarianism and disinfecting Libya of Gaddafi the thug.

BP CEO Bob Dudley said “we remain committed to doing business” in Libya regardless of what Gaddafi was doing to protesters.

“That morning, stories of tanks crushing unarmed protestors in Benghazi and massacres by (British-built) sniper rifles had been front page news. As Dudley spoke, reports emerged of airstrikes targeting demonstrations across the country,” the social justice website Platform reported.

BP and the government of Libya have a lucrative deal searching for offshore oil. “BP signed a deal worth at least $900 million in 2007 to explore in Libya. It said it would monitor the situation on a daily basis and could not confirm when work would start again, but stressed that offshore operations in the region were still open and the closure would not impact oil production,” the Associated Press reported as hostilities broke out between the government and protesters.

BP was lobbying hard to secure the deal when Gaddafi sent his henchman to kill protesters during February 2006 demonstrations in Benghazi.

The deal represented the “single largest exploration commitment in BP’s 100-year history and the single biggest award of exploration acreage by Libya to an international energy company in modern times,” according to the transnational corporation (citation in Arabic).

“The 54,000 square kilometers of acreage awarded to the company were four times the total of all other projects combined. The offshore Sirt basin block alone covers an area larger than Belgium. The terms of the Production Sharing Agreement signed were also more generous than those previously gained by US company Oxy and Austrian OMV,” notes Platform.

Like Saddam Hussein in oil-rich Iraq, Muammar al-Gaddafi is a PR disaster and does not fit into the new Middle East envisioned by the globalists and their multinational mega-corporations. The CIA and British intelligence engineered color revolutions in the Middle East are designed to install more user-friendly and up-to-date dictators and globalist stooges.

Gaddafi is old school and has to leave, as Madame Secretary Clinton insisted at the behest of her globalist bosses last week.

The civil war in Libya that now enjoys U.S and European air support was hardly underway when transnational oil corporations reached out and tried to negotiate assurances that their stakes in the country would be secure after Gaddafi is deposed or killed.

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Officials in the rebel-held eastern part of Libya have bent over backwards to calm the oil industry. They said there was no shortage of exports from the region and that funds from oil sales would continue to be deposited in Libya’s accounts, even if the OPEC member state comes under international sanction, according to the Associated Press.

In short, it is business as usual in Libya — never mind the little war now underway. It is merely window dressing and part of a remodeling effort.

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