Monday, March 21, 2011

Tips to control your government

Mark Adams Speaks at Deland, Florida on Labor Day 2009

If you have wondered why the government passes laws that virtually everyone opposes, like the bank bailout, and why the government refuses to investigate and prosecute obvious crimes, like torture and murder, check out Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes?

To understand why judges, government agents, and those with the power to influence them can get away with criminal conduct like rigging elections, ignoring the law to throw cases and other outrageous crimes, see Why does the U.S. government torture people?. The facts are right here for you to see if you can handle the truth.

If you read this article, you’ll see that the government admits that hundreds of Americans are beaten, raped, and even murdered by “law” enforcement every day, and more importantly, you’ll learn why they get away with these horrible crimes. It is because one of our most important rights have been stolen, and it includes a link to a U.S. Supreme Court case explaining this right and how it is the difference between freedom and slavery.

Once you learn the truth, will you spread the word to your contacts or will you go into denial? Will you stop supporting politicians, “news” and “reform” organizations which constantly lie to you or will you keep supporting them while vainly hoping that one day they will start telling you the truth?

Will you support organizations like the Daily Censored, Project Censored, the Election Defense Alliance, and Project Vote Count or will you just hope that someone else will take action to spread the real news and protect your rights to control your government?

If you want to know how a few people in each county can take action to make sure that the votes are counted accurately or that a fraudulent vote count is exposed, see How to Stop Election Theft and How Not to Stop Election Theft?

In case you just can’t believe that anyone would steal elections in the good old U.S.A, see Have American Elections Really Been Stolen? – It was a Top Scoop on Scoop for several days. See it at

If you still just can’t believe that the government would violate the law in the land that promises liberty and justice for all, see Would Congressional Democrats Cover Up Neo-Con Election Fraud? No Way, Right?!?!

Listen, learn, wake up and take action before it is too late!

In reaction to my article "They take our money for War", Mark had the following thoughts:
They take our money for war because most do nothing to try to stop them!

They take our money for war because our votes are counted in secret and almost no one will demand a restoration of our right to have our votes counted in public.

They take our money for war because they take money from the warmongers and do their bidding even though that is illegal.

They take our money for the banks and look the other way while the banks steal the homes of millions of American even though that is illegal, immoral and harms everyone.

They take money from big corporations and give them "free" trade laws so their benefactors can move factories overseas to take advantage of child labor and even slave labor even though that is illegal, immoral and against the best interests of everyone.

They act against the best interests of the public because they have stolen our rights to control them and hold them accountable for their crimes.

If you want to know how we were supposed to be able to control the government and hold criminals accountable for their crimes, see this short speech.

They take our money, our homes and our jobs because most do nothing to stop them!

Remember. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

Be sure to read: They Take Our Money For War

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