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Globalization, New World Order, FEMA Camps and Dictator Hussein Obama

S. Paul note:
In all conspiracy theories there lay a grain of truth. Sometimes one has to look so deeply into the theory, figurative scuba gear and a nitrox tank is needed to navigate the deep waters and caverns of thought.. In this particular opinion piece, a snorkel will do just fine. Though I am not saying he is correct in his perspective, his thoughts are well worth a read as is everyone's in this time of our countries decline...

Image: Devil's shame

And I saw a beast rising out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads
And a blasphemous name upon its head
And the beast that I saw was like a leopard
Its feet were like a bear's
And its mouth was like a lion's mouth
And to it the dragon gave his power
And the whole earth followed the beast with wonder
(from Revelation 13:1 - 10)

Northeast Intelligence Network
Investigating threats to our homeland
By Randy Taylor

“Keep this in mind. I didn’t bring these conspiracy subjects up. You did. You asked for my thoughts. You have them. Do I have all the answers? Obviously not, but then again you don’t either or you wouldn’t be asking me.”- Randy Taylor

14 April 2009: The talk of the day is Globalization and the New World Order. America is on the brink of losing her sovereignty as a free nation and is going to be absorbed into a one world government. In my opinion, this is well underway and has been for probably about twenty years or so. We heard George Bush Sr. speak of it, then Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and now of course, Dictator Hussein Obama, the FBP. We’ll jokingly refer to him as king, since we are obviously nothing but pawns and he isn’t doing anything that an American democratic republic would approve of or want their President to do. Dictator Hussein Obama was tripping around the world, slapping backs, bowing to Muslims and leaving lip prints on every ass he can find. Unfortunately, many of those asses being kissed are enemies of the United States even though publicly they call themselves our allies. Only a dictator would dare fire the head General Motors as surely presidents don’t do this sort of thing. Only a dictator would hand out trillions of dollars to banking cronies and then tell them to keep the money, don’t worry about repayment to the US taxpayer peasants.

Only a Muslim dictator would seek to fill government positions with Muslims. The dictator is hard at work on this one. Muslims, delusional women, ex black panthers, former terrorists all seem to be his chosen cronies.

As to the New World Order and Globalization, Revelation chapter 17 speaks of seven heads. There are seven continents. You do the math. Revelation 13: 16-17 describes the mark of the beast.

16: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads;

17: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The proposed national ID cards, RDIF chips, or any number of others things being proposed could easily fulfill this. Once again, you do the math. Note the verse says “in” their foreheads and in their hands, not “on” either one. That sounds like a chip to me. They are doing it to kids and animals, under the guise of making the kids easier to find when lost or kidnapped. That’s pretty much bullshit since if someone kidnaps your child you would have to assume they would cut the chip out. But it was sold to us as a measure of security”. How about just keeping a better eye on your kids?

This occupant of the Oval Office still hasn’t proven he is worthy of the office and still refuses to show us a valid certificate of live birth. Problem is no one that is supposed to be on the side of the American people seems to care. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land won’t listen to the American people. They are obviously being told to close their doors on the subject which is criminal in itself. The resort that the American people always had when wronged was the legal system. Well, if the legal system won’t listen to you, you are out of options. Well almost out of options.

The irony is that the methods that allow people to right a wrong legally are being closed down. Then when you voice your protest you suddenly are a malcontent, a right wing conspiracy theorist and might make some sort of watch list for speaking out against the obvious wrongs being perpetrated against the American people. As one of the American sheep, if you break away from the fold, they will surely send the dogs after you.

We need to be clear on something here. The current dictator Hussein Obama inherited what was already in motion as far as the economy, infringements on Constitutional rights and this huge banking crisis. This was all underway when Bush was still in office. This goes back further than that. The banking collapse started many, many years ago. When the Democrats started pushing Fannie Mae and others into making it to where everyone qualified to own a home, paper backed securities were in trouble. The problem with Hussein Obama is the fact that he has no plans to fix it without selling off the US as a whole to our enemies. He has the business acumen of a housefly. He has no interest in protecting the rights of Americans.

We mistakenly traded off many of our rights as citizens because of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. We cannot trade freedoms to gain freedom from terrorism. Islam is our largest and most serious threat to the nation as a whole, BUT, the government has used Islamic terrorism as a tool to strip away things from us. The provisions of Patriot acts 1&2 were sold to us as solely to be used in counter-terrorism efforts. This isn’t solely the case anymore. People who show any kind of dissent towards the government now stand the chance of being slipped into a national security threat category simply because they exercise their rights. The formation of militias was encouraged by our forefathers as was the right to bear arms. These were designed to keep the government in check and from being oppressive. Now, as predicted, militias and their members are seen as domestic terrorists. There is a difference between a militia group and a terrorist group. Somehow, they have been lumped together. There are many groups out there that should fall under suspected terrorist groups, but not all of them. That is a pretty broad stroke of the terrorist label brush. You will find that most militias intend to defend Americans, not kill them. That should bear weight when classifying them as to whether they are a danger as a terrorist group.

The government knows that Islam is the primary National Security threat and they use this to their advantage. If they were truly interested in protecting America from Islam, they would simply ban it like they banned smoking in public places or made seat belts a mandatory law. Since Islam is a political issue, not the religious issue the Muslims like to claim, banning it should not be a problem. If we are going to break Constitutional rules, then break one in America’s favor. Islam likes to hide behind the guise of a religious issue when they want to be able to wear hijabs for their driver’s license photos. Hijabs and head covering are a cultural issue, not a religious one.

If I cannot wear a ski mask into the bank, you shouldn’t be able to wear a hijab in there either. If I cannot wear a ski mask for my driver’s license photo, then you can’t wear the hijab. If you don’t like it Muslim, then go back to where you came from, take a Muslim with you.

Besides, what would the Muslims do? Get upset? Sue the government? Protest? So what? Just send their court papers to the same courts we sent all the Obama Birth certificate lawsuits to. They will just go away, just like the Obama birth certificate issue went away.

I’ve had quite a few emails lately asking about FEMA camps in the US and additionally asked for my thoughts on whether they actually exist and what would they be used for? Two other popular subjects are the hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins being stored in various places and only recently, a person emailed in and asked what I knew about DHS transporting Bird Flue to various locations in the US by way of civilian over the road truckers, the one most cited is by “Mary” who tells the story of a Mexican truck driver who gets paid cash for loads of Bird Flu delivered. A Mexican being paid cash certainly isn’t novel in itself and I researched the subject and found a few discrepancies in the reporting. She details how fake trips are documented from one specific town to another on freight slips, says the truck driver has never been to these places although his slips say he has and then two sentences later says that the police in the one town escort him to the city limits when he is there. Mary, was he there or not? There are far too many holes in the story at this point to draw a conclusion. Is it possible? Yes. But not based on “Mary’s” accounting of the incidents.

On the FEMA camps, I agree that there exist numerous barbed wire compounds scattered across the US and that we as Americans have a right to ask and I think that DHS and FEMA should openly disclose to the tax- paying public what these compounds are intended to be used for. First, it would be nice to see if they are actually operated by FEMA, DHS, the military or the federal prison system. It has become quite a topic as of late and one would think that given the current condition of total mistrust of the US government by a huge portion of the US citizenry, that the government would just come out and offer an explanation. Since the government has not addressed this in any manner, then I suggest that we as Americans push the issue with them until they address it. The other problem with people speaking out on these camps the is lack of information as to their exact locations, photos or film from more than the 4 or 5 available online and something other than just a Google pin point display showing hundreds of “generic” locations. Give us something solid to take the government to task starting with some better data. I’ve done a couple dozen Google Earth searches and can’t even find any compounds in some of the named locations, chosen by random. As far as I’m concerned nothing has been proven. Many people who speak of them keep referring to media reports on this, media reports on that and then in the same breath say the media sucks on other subjects. If you are going to use mainstream media for your proof, then you have to accept them when they counter what you are saying. Try some independent research. Give me those results and that data. Then I’ll go to battle on your side.

However, it is only one issue on a long list of issues that needs to be addressed with the government. Problem is that no one in the government seems to care what the US citizens think. The US Congress and the US Senate resemble a huge dog and pony show with everyone playing their little roles while nothing is really being done for the American people.

Here’s my advice on the FEMA camps and keeping yourself out of them if you suspect they are for you. Don’t surrender your weapons to the government under any circumstances. If you do, then nefarious things like being picked up and transported to a camp could become a reality. Many terrible things can happen to an unarmed population. If there is a conspiracy to imprison Americans, then you being armed is the key to deter the conspiracy.

As to the plastic coffins, they could actually be available for disasters and the bodies afterwards. Why over a half a million of them? Well, if there was a disaster and the death toll was one million and FEMA only had 500,000 coffins we have to listen to that angle on the news for months about how FEMA failed to order enough coffins. They probably got a much better deal by buying quantity.

There are dark things happening all around us with regard to the government. There always has been. Reality is that I could formulate a conspiracy theory for almost everything I have seen done by the government in the last thirty years. But you have to have facts and cannot rely purely on supposition and suspicion otherwise you get dismissed by the majority. So far, there has been a flaw in almost every decent conspiracy theory. That’s where the focus should be. Fill in the gaps. Make the argument flawless, watertight and irrefutable. Find people other than questionable people to give their accounts. Like the anonymous woman on the Flight #93 shoot down order, she was doing pretty good until she started on about seeing blue auras leaving dead bodies. That indicates the wispy wonderful world of unreality to me. I deleted the entire audio at that point.

If you have photos, films and addresses or even grid coordinates on what you know are camps to be used for imprisonment by FEMA, military or otherwise within the US, send them to me. Don’t send them in without precise locations.

Don’t send me YouTube videos. I’ve seen them all. They are too generic and open to speculation as well as too easily explained away. They always seem to lack exact locations somehow. The ones of graves being dug in cemeteries doesn’t exactly prove anything. Now some graves being dug in the Nevada desert by the government might. If they want to dispose of millions of bodies because they killed those people, I’m thinking big holes, bulldozers and lime might be cheaper.

Keep this in mind. I didn’t bring these conspiracy subjects up. You did. You asked for my thoughts. You have them. Do I have all the answers? Obviously not, but then again you don’t either or you wouldn’t be asking me. Keep digging. Find the truth in all things. Make your government accountable to you. They work for us, we don’t work for them.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.


  1. aside from the hate speach, I agree with a lot of what you have blogged here. However, FEMA couldn't deliver water to the superdome hth do we expect them to hide murdered americans.. ther does not have to be a "conspiracy" for individual or state sponsored actions to have the effect of one. as for them working for us... please tell me you don't actually believe that. they work for themselves, isolating their lives from the mainstream public that is beneath them, they fly on private jets paid for with imaginary money, send their children to private schools, have health insurance that makes obama-care seem down right republican.. in short, they are not americans. they are terrorist waging war against the populace in order to do the bidding of their corporate massters, the bankers, and feather their own nest.

  2. As I said in the note, I don't share in all of his beliefs. It was for thought provocation...I agree with you...they are terrorists

  3. please let god guide u and not create doubt. what bloody evidence do u need. god has all this in the bible and the fact that u dont research truly what others are asking u then without faith land ur opinion. go into bat for urself there is too much evidence that has been proven to fill ur doubtful heart. ul wake up with a chip one day then tell everyone its ok because those who hide the truth gave it to u and that u have not enough evidence yet to prove its not a good thing. shit gladu dont shepard any church ur complacency would get us killed. good article but


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