Sunday, March 13, 2011

Radio Talk on Education

It's all about Education on Breaking Taboo Monday, with
Lakota Phillips and special guests Steven Forrest (S. Paul Forrest) of America Revealed and actor Steve Gelder. Tune in Monday at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST on

Breaking Taboo is hosted by artist, writer, and erotic muse Lakota Phillips who kidnaps her guests from around the country, ties them up using only the softest shibari ropes, and forces them to explore our societal myths, stereotypes, art, sex, and taboos; but not necessarily in that order or all on the same show. She’s considerate like that. The show delivers a huge dose of humor mixed with controversy on Pandora topics your mother never wanted you to know about.

Lakota is the art correspondent on the award winning DAMage Report on New Dissident Radio with a weekly spot discussing arts issues every Wednesday with host Johnny Dam and his guests. Her topics are published each Wednesday on and on Facebook.

Lakota is a writer, poet, painter, photographer, designer, and illustrator. Her stories and art have been featured in women’s magazines and online literary journals. She has completed a paranormal erotic romance novel that is home hunting and is working on a second. Her paintings are regularly exhibited in the south and she’s won numerous awards for her illustrations.

Please join the discussion on Monday, 03-14-11 as Lakota Phillips, my favorite artist and advocate for all things you should think about, talks with myself (S. Paul Forrest) and actor Steve Gelder about education in America and its seeming demise under the current regime in Washington.

The archive is found at New Dissident Radio

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