Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 13 Psy-Ops Against You

by Saman Mohammadi

Six months ago, Rolling Stone's Michael Hastings reported that the "U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war," in his article "Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators."

The reality that psychological operations play a big part in our 21st century, media-saturated society is rarely discussed in the print and television media, for obvious reasons. So I was very happy that Rolling Stones was shedding some light on the mental battlefield that politicians, soldiers, journalists, military generals, geopolitical analysts, think tank elitists, and citizens all live on in this century.

Alex Jones has made famous the idea that there is an Infowar being waged against the American people and the global public mind. This is a hundred percent true. We are at war with gangsters and corporate monopolists who control our governments from behind the scenes through a shadow and informal government-private network comprised of top government officials, corporate insiders, media kings, and politically connected individuals.

Whether you are watching television on your couch, manning a checkpoint in Iraq, propagating the latest talking points in Washington, or surfing the internet, the information we breathe into our mental lungs and muscles of perception is perhaps as important as the air we breathe in our homes, offices and streets. Through the suppression and perversion of information, we become enslaved to politically constructed perceptions and fake narratives that a benefit a privileged few.
Making people familiar with the concept that our current reality is manipulated and politically engineered is a slow process, but not impossible. Once the full awakening to the truth happens inside an individual it's like waking up to a whole new world. After that, it becomes an obsession to strengthen your mental muscles of perceptions and achieve as much mental clarity as possible about the crazy world you live in.

Below, I list, according to my knowledge, the most important thirteen psychological operations that are being carried out against you, without your consent, by the power elite in America, Israel and the West.

1. The war on terror is a war on your rights, privacy, mind and everyday reality. This is a war fought in the name of goodness and freedom, but increasingly the architecture of propaganda that surrounds the war is falling apart.

In America and other Western nations freedom fighters are being demonized as domestic terrorists, while real terrorists like the al-Qaeda fighters in Libya are hailed by the Western media as defenders of liberty. Clearly, the propaganda in the war on terror does not add up.

2. The war on Social Security, Medicare, public pension plans, the general welfare, and the public good. Say what you will about government pension programs, the fact remains that seniors and workers put their own money aside every month under the assumption that the federal government would hold up its end of the deal.

A government program is not "an entitlement" when you paid taxes for the program. The only industries that are receiving government entitlements are the military, big banks, and political monopolies like GE, Monsanto, etc. These banks and corporations, especially the private Federal Reserve Bank, have committed crimes and robbed the American people. Abusing the political system in Washington is one thing, but destroying an entire nation is treasonous and unforgivable.

3. The war on self-sufficiency. The federal government in Washington is not allowing American citizens and families secure independent sources of economic livelihood and access alternative food markets and trade markets. The war on raw milk, organic farming, local production of food, and small farms is an attack on the American family, the community, and the nation. Who benefits? A few monopolistic, anti-free market, multinational corporations. They are political monopolies. Every totalitarian state has them. And the same trend can be seen in other Western nations.

As Alex Jones says in this video: "They don't want you growing your own crops and selling it to your neighbour, or producing your own eggs and selling it, or having lemonade stands. That's all over. The whole police state apparatus is here to revenue generate and to shut down the underground economy. That's the essence of an occupied country."

4. The war on knowledge and freedom of information. The greatest weapon that the tyrants who control modern secret intelligence agencies have on their side is the public disbelief about the evil nature of their existence, aims, goals and methods. Any truth that implicates the CIA, Israel's Mossad and the MI6 in treasonous crimes against the populations they are meant to serve and defend is smeared as a "conspiracy theory." The corporate-state media is complicit in this concerted attack on public knowledge and real history.

If it wasn't for the success of the alternative media and voices like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, William Rodriguez, as well as others who tell the truth about the 9/11 attacks, then there would be no hope to speak of. We would be lost, and defenseless against the evil forces of tyranny.

5. The war on hope. It is a fallacy that there are no heroes in the present age. John F. Kennedy was a hero. William Cooper was a hero. Ron Paul is a hero. Alex Jones is a hero. Jesse Ventura is a hero. It is important to praise such people because they tell the truth, defend the public good, and fight for freedom.

The reason why the establishment media says "Ron Paul can't win," even when he is leading in the polls is because they want the American people to admit defeat, and pick between two evils in the voting booth every four years. But there is hope to improve the political situation and restore the people's voice in the American government. President Obama does not represent that hope. He is the anti-hope virus who is eating away at the fruits of hope from inside the system which is controlled by larger political and economic forces.

6. The war on reality and truth. This is an era of media misinformation, political fantasies and lies. There is a siege on the American mind and the global mind. This is also a war on real history and real science. What the 9/11 fraud and the laughable NIST report on World Trade Center 7 shows is that even in this scientifically advanced age, even in a supposedly democratic society, political and economic elites are able to use the name of science to cover up their crimes.

7. The war on language. The strategic deployment of language by politicians, the pentagon, corporations and media institutions to win political points, and advance their secret, undeclared agendas, is a basic fact of our age.

The social, cultural and political programming of society through the deliberate misuse of language should be categorized as a crime against humanity. Those institutions and individuals who practice the manipulation of language to twist the public mind and confuse the herd should be held accountable in some form.

Political talking points have no place in public conversations about large and complicated issues. The soundbite media and the teleprompter presidency are serious threats to the public good. Notice how Barack Obama speaks. The guy is a robot and a machine who doesn't have real thoughts of his own.

Most successful politicians like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Rick Perry have to act like robots because they are inauthentic creatures who smile and wave at you while behind your back they screw you. As John Lennon said, "But first you must learn how to smile as you kill, If you want to be like the folks on the hill."

8. The war on public trust, and true community spirit. The Department of Homeland Security's spy campaign is meant to create public fear and collective suspicion. Their spying apparatus is focused on peaceful political activities and protests, as well as normal, everyday behaviour.

Its "If You See Something, Say Something" program is an attempt at manufacturing community spirit, but it will only create public division and citizen mistrust. The totalitarian governments of East Germany and the Soviet Union told its citizens that spying on your neighbour is good for society, and this is the same thing that America's totalitarian government is telling the American people.

East Germany and the Soviet Union ended up in spiritual hell, and America will end up there too if the DHS is not abolished.

9. The war on individual instincts, creative self expression and authentic political speech. There are few things more human than authentic speech. A society that shuns authentic speech is spiritually and morally dead. The politician is the antithesis of authenticity. The most successful politicians lead double lives and speak falsely. The reason why I love Ron Paul is because he is an authentic man who serves only one master: his country.

10. The war on the sacred warrior spirit. The exploitation of American soldiers and NATO soldiers in the war on terror is beyond shameful. It is an act of treason against humanity to use soldiers as slaves, to be deployed wherever and whenever.

Laying down your life for your country is a great spiritual and moral commitment, and this great spirit of patriotism in the American military has been deliberately used for evil purposes by the criminal shadow governments in Washington and Israel.

This spirit exits in all of us, but more so in people who decide to be soldiers. It is a spiritual and moral duty that you do not allow evil people in government to misuse your warrior spirit for their own selfish purposes.

Always question, and always demand the facts whenever you are told to kill the "enemy."

11. The war on the law, peace and order. The banker-owned U.S. empire, NATO and Israel are guilty of war crimes, aggression, creating global chaos, destabilizing sovereign nations, starting world war three, false flag attacks like 9/11 and 7/7, and funding and training terrorist groups. Taken together, their actions represent the rape of the rule of law, justice, truth, and peace.

12. The war on nature and God's creation. Biotech giants like Monsanto are greedily hijacking the planet and destroying the natural ecosystem. The Earth is being privatized, and stolen from the majority of humanity, who are the children of God. Corporations and banks are committing crimes against humanity and against the natural order of things in our faces, as if we're not even there.

Our collective instincts for survival have to kick in before we can kick out these psychopathic pirates, and restore the rule of law and justice on our planet. You are part of God's creation, as are the people who are being slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't mistake your wrath against the looting bankers and treasonous state terrorists as primitive and savage. It is not. God's wrath is what saves countries and civilizations from becoming infected with too much corruption and sin.

13. The war on collective memory.
"This was a major event that was really a television event. People really understood this through television. But it was recontextualized very quickly. You see, within hours, it started to be deemed an attack on America. But it wasn't that way in the beginning. So, how people are starting to come to grips with it really shaped how we saw the whole event." - Brewster Kahle, speaking to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now about the 9/11 attacks on August 24, 2011.
Constructing a collective memory for a criminal political agenda was the job of the mass media in America and the West on September 11, 2001.

Collective memory is a funny thing. Since 9/11, we have witnessed what Martin Griffin, an assistant professor of English at the University of Tennessee, calls "the political manipulation of collective memory," in his book, "Ashes Of The Mind: War and Memory in Northern Literature, 1865-1900," (Griffin; 2009. University of Massachusetts Press: Amherst, Massachusetts. Pg. 27).

Griffin used the phrase in the context of cultural and literary responses by Northern writers to the American Civil War during the late 19th century, but the phrase is applicable to the post-9/11 world as well.

The American empire was such a big and dynamic superpower in the beginning of the 21st century that it was able to manufacture a global history about a single event, 9/11, and a global narrative about terrorism, which is a worldwide and generational phenomenon.

When America power is discussed it's important to highlight the fact that America's cultural power is much greater than its military power and it is used for the purposes of domination. The American media reaches the whole world, making America the first nation in history to have its collective memory become the memory of all nations and all peoples.

In future articles, I will write more about the political and cultural construction of collective memory in the mass media age. The role that television and images play in creating false memories and false perceptions of reality is already known to many people, but we need to know more about it because innocent human beings are dying due to our collective ignorance.

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