Friday, August 12, 2011

The Psychology of Activism

by Justin Cottam

Activists need to clear the psychological ground of prejudice, anger, etc. to prepare for clarity and insight with regards to the issues when the majority of our people are called to act by becoming aware of their own conscience and their perceptions. We as activists need to work for clear a understanding of all the issues. We as activists can feel powerless, frustrated, depressed and sick with anxiety. For those of us activists who have learned about the full scope of the present day scenarios and the coming difficulties, we know we are powerless to stop the forces at hand. 

When the pressures become more real and prominent, that is, when they begin to affect greater numbers of people, especially normal, law abiding citizens who possibly at present have a distain for activists, we can help. We can prepare. This will help moderate the knee jerk reactions, the anger, rebellion and sense of despair and powerlessness that we, the new people coming into this, will be threatened by. This could blow up pretty badly. We know we are powerless to stop it. We can only prepare for this, to smooth it through, so we don't end up in rage (as an example -- burning down our cities).

As activists we learn about the present day scenarios, the history, the corruption, the trends of where we are headed as well as the pressures and forces at work. We understand the corporation/government relational pressures. We understand the privately owned banks, the New World Government, the New World Order. We understand the danger of GM Food. We understand the danger of pollution and the circumvention of our Banking and Environmental Laws. We understand that the Exponential Growth of the "Economy" is now unsustainable and that the economy will not be able to survive. We are powerless to stop this. We need to clear things up. We need to have clear consensus about all of the issues. We need to combine all our different activist groups and debate and discuss through to a clear model of where we stand and what needs to be done. 

Through all of our activist media, we are reading about present day scenarios and how bad it is. This is important, but only goes so far. But we need consensus and clear representation about where we are and what is important. Possibly, if normal people do become involved in protests, there could a danger of escalation. The danger could raise the stakes by forcing the Governments hand in a brutal and violent repression. This would change things and make things worse. If this happens, we will have then missed our opportunity and the powers that exist will have been consolidated and there will be no chance of any change and help with regards to the path we are on. 

We as activists know we are in trouble. We also know, if we are realistic, that we cannot change this by ourselves or with very few people. When so-called normal people (middle class people) angrily join the protests, we will be in a critical and precarious position. We need to prepare for this. You know, as activists we say, "If only more people could know what is happening, if more people could be involved". The irony of this is, when more people (en-mass) become involved, it could get out of hand. If the State is forced to suppress the protests, it could be dangerous to the people protesting due to the up scaling of the repression of the people. This will raise the stakes and may make it nearly impossible for us activists and concerned citizens to have any say or any relevance at all.

Activists have three areas of practice.

Degree 1.
We learn about the issues we are faced with, as a society -- people and Government. Examples are the New World Government, 9-11, the hidden trillionaires, GM food, pollution, energy and economy-money theory. We search out web sites of alternative media and learn about what is going on that is hidden from the normal people of the world. This type of pursuit also has an occult basis, that is, Hidden Learnings, Power Principles, Shadow tendencies and projections.

Degree 2.
We would be wise to learn of where we are now and the issues we face which were hidden from us. We would need to understand about the "Power Principle" through some degree of study of the occult sciences and psychology. We would acknowledge nations' psychology. For example, America uses key words and phrases such as big, wealthy, powerful, freedom, liberty, justice, and maverick. Through study of our history, we would know about the private bankers and their assault on America. We would know that bankers would back both sides of wars. We would know that corporations used to be for the people and private wealthy interests took it over. Now these two parts of activism are important. We need the history for context, humility and understanding and we need to read alternative media to hear about what's going on now.

Degree 3.
We need clear representation of issues, but most of all, we need to set out what needs to be changed and set up this Information Set, for when things get worse and the majority gets involved en-mass. 

For a start, the main stream media seems to be against us (i.e., us as activists and the "normal" people). One thing about activism I have found is that it seems to be an "extra", or as consciousness set; "anti". This was especially true coming through the 1960s; a lot of the conservative older generation didn't understand what we were doing as pot smoking, hippie revolutionaries and possibly thought we were disrespectful and wrong. If activism is merely "against", we have nothing and will achieve nothing. Under the best case scenario, if we are right, will be that we will be rounded up and jailed or killed. 

The key term for the media is Activist-Psychology . The media is owned by corporations and spin the public into disarray. Activism would also work closely with government, which would be the "true"sense for Activism, and a function of the people. This is why the millionaires lobby groups work so well. 

There is a lot of information to learn as an activist. But once we work through the above points 1 and 2, we need to start working out solutions. We need to set out a model of understanding of the departments and the roles of Government. We need to set out the issues that we feel are important and simplify it all. Saying that trillionaires own the banking system and we are entering a New World Order becomes irrelevant. We can do nothing about this and maybe it's not so bad; maybe it's just the hidden sense of our reality we have "now". 

An example is The America Union, Canada, America, Mexico. Ok, scenarios: possibly loss of American Jobs for cheaper labor in Mexico. We "say" this is "Bad". We need to reduce this down to something real. We say that the government, Republican and Democrat, is being bought. And there is a revolving door between corporations and government. We as activists know this, but if "normal" people discover what we are saying about the corruption of this, we could lose any chance of reformation or positive change because of a build-up of immense anger. We need to have clear lines and clear truth about what is right and wrong and of the positive and false sense of "actions". Now this is the trick; it is not actions , it is truth and error or destructive tendencies. As the football coach says, "Play the ball, not the man". We need to work through a lot so that we can provide for our society when and if we self-destruct, such as during an economic collapse. We need to work through the huge sense of betrayal and immense anger. 

Crowd and mob psychology says that the crowd can erupt and do things that the people, as individuals, would never do. We as activists have the potential to clear a lot of the "undertow" and clear the way a bit for when and if people become involved en-mass. The scope can be very destructive. We need to clear the "man" and the "actions",clearly define what our societies' needs are and what is positive and destructive and unsustainable. For example, the economy we have is unsustainable. In our exponential growth of the economy, we can no longer support the money and interest involved in our borrowing. What are we as activists to say?   

There needs to be lot of communication with all the people involved via text and documents. So say professors, authority figures, experts, media pundits, media experts, plus many others in the field of activism. Let's begin to raise the level of talking clear insight, debate the issues and raise clarity and real awareness. We can no longer play the man - nor the actions.

Goodwill and peace to you

Justin Cottam

S.Paul Note: Justin has some deeper definitions in the end of this essay which some may very much enjoy reading.  I myself find it a bit deeper than I would like to go.  Read the rest of this essay at

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