Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Government

Dear Government;

I thought it would interest you to know that I have completely lost faith in your ability to represent my interests. It is apparent to me that the only interests you represent are those of large corporations and that you have totally alienated yourself from the majority of the populace.

Now, I realize that you have heard this sort of criticism before, so I'll spare you the dissident rhetoric and direct your attention to a more pressing point: my former faith in your abilities to get your act together were the only things that were keeping you safe. You see, all your various attempts to sedate my frustration and misdirect my attention have failed. The only thing that was keeping me in line was the hope that one day you would have a paradigmatic shift in your attitudes towards the people who look to you for representation and actually start doing your half of the social compact this country was founded on. My hope for and faith in the system was, if you will, a kind of political "Soma", keeping me forever dreaming of a savior, a great man who would fight for the people. Now I've woken up and I see around me a sleeping giant lying restlessly under the skin of the nation.

So when it comes down to you staring into the barrel of whatever assault rifle I get my grubby little proletariat hands on and you find yourself asking "What are you? A communist insurgent? A Muslim terrorist?" you will be faced with a most chilling answer:

"No sir, I am the fruit of your labors." I guess hope is a hard habit to break, because I'm finding myself hoping that this letter will be a wake up call for you. But I also know oppression, imperialism and plutocracy are hard habits to break too, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high. See ya 'round.


A revolution waiting to happen


I am the fruit of your labors
Let's bring the plutocracy down!
Let's bring it down!
I don't care any more, I want fuckin' war
Taste of blood in mouth and I'm left wanting more
I'm tired of being the political prophylactic king
It's time for some real fucking
Revolution, fuck the sight seeing
It's time to stop wanting and time to start being
How long, not long
I say fuck the right, it's time to be wrong

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