Sunday, November 20, 2011

America's Oil Addiction: The Profit-Oriented Destruction of our Nation

by S. Paul Forrest
America Revealed

America’s Oil Industry is 150 years old.  Our addiction to it stems from our dependence upon its poison in every aspect of our lives.  This addiction, like that of any other, is slowly but surely destroying our collective body.  As crude oil becomes more inaccessible, “natural gas” and “clean coal” are being advocated by the oil industry and their lobbyists in Washington to keep us hooked.  This effort includes lying about alternative fuels and their potential role in the detox we so desperately need.  The same insane thinking and obsessive lies that haunt the minds of addicts is consistently stated by our corporatist government and their media talking heads: Our nation must have this fuel to continue to survive. The truth though, is there are better solutions.

The world's once, readily available petroleum supplies are now dwindling.  To compensate, new recovery tactics have been employed to drill deep water, process coal and tar sands and hydraulically fracture the earth to continue the flow of our economic drug.  No matter the cost or potential danger to lives across this nation and the world, our addiction continues to go unchecked and is in fact, worsening.  Due to increased lobbying from big energy corporations combined with the attempted deregulation of this industry by their paid-for politicians, the dealers are left to further gouge the American user without resistance.  From insane statements like "Drill Baby Drill" to the efforts to destroy all Federal regulation in the name of job creation, this addiction is infecting not our natural body but every aspect of our political and economic system. 

In the mind of an addict, quasi-justifiable means are often utilized to acquire a "fix" despite any dangerous or immoral ramifications.  Many look to the dealers to give them their needed drug and the dealer, without remorse or concern for the user's life, gives it with a smile; knowing they will be cash flush at the end of the night.  This same mentality is being seen from Washington and their oil wielding, sugar daddies as well as the media servants employed by them to distract us from the truth of our addiction. To this end, they are touting the Ayn Rand model of political reason and corporate "freedom"  to allow the industry to take whatever measures possible, including the poisoning our waters and our air, in order to quench our nation's insatiable thirst for this drug.  

An example of this tactic is the continuing assault against the EPA and other Federal regulatory agencies which serve to protect We the People from unchecked capitalism.  They tell us how deregulating this industry is what we need for national security and for job creation but what price are we willing to pay for the creation of these jobs?  If our "representatives" took their heads out of the corporate feed bag long enough, they would see that Green energy offers just as many (if not more) jobs for us America's without the high cost of poisoning the life blood of our planet.  

Many sustainable energy sources are available in lieu of oil.  Algae as an example, can be used to produce an environmentally friendly product to fuel our industry and is both sustainable and more efficient than oil has ever been.  The greatest promise of this particular approach is the absorption of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere instead of the production of it.  Considering the global, climate change starting to rear its ugly head, this energy alternative could very well be the answer to to move us out of our oil haze and help lead us toward a brighter future.

In other nations, this addiction is being quelled. Sweden for example, has set a mandate that by 2020, the Nation will be petroleum free.  Biofuels and green energy are plentiful and efficient enough to make this happen not only there but here, in America.  The difference between our two Nations and an explanation for why this could never happen here without significant changes to our political system though, is simple enough: Corporate control of our government.  Will American's wake up before it is too late for not only the environment but for our very freedom or will our addiction to oil cost us our very lives as is the case with so many, other addicts? 

With each day, our nation’s raison d'être continues to erode and our people continue to be not only poisoned but exploited for the sake of profit for the few.  Green energy is by and large ignored and discredited by popular media who themselves make millions from spreading the lies of corporatism.  Americans, who for the most part acquire their vision of the reality of this hypocrisy from corporate media, follow along like dependent, spoiled children only wanting their oil derived fix and their fantasies based on it, to continue. The time for change is now if we want to have a future for our children. Waiting until it is too late will indeed be a tragedy not only for us humans but for the entire, global ecosystem.

Sustainable energy is plentiful and renewable.  To continue along the same profit obsessed line of thought we have for several decades and further endanger life as we know it in this nation and abroad, is akin to insanity.  It is one thing for an individual to hit rock bottom but  when our entire ecosystem faces this inevitable, addict’s end, our national family needs to intervene.  With power from the sun, wind and water, along with the creation of plastic bottles from plants and oil and bio-fuel from algae farms, this insanity could easily end if it weren’t for the power oil money presently has over our governmental “leaders”.  

As stated in the following Documentary: Fuel, our addiction to oil has taken America from a great nation to a declining one. We are no longer respected around the world because “we put our addiction to oil in front of the Bill of Rights”. It has led our international policy toward a tyrannical state of greed knowing no bounds and willing to take life and liberty from other nations to get the next fix. This documentary is an important look at our present political and social distortion brought to us and propagated by, those who would only look at today’s profits rather than the futures of the next seven generations and the seven afterward, ad infinitum.  

This topic was discussed on Breaking Taboo ( 11/21/11 at 7:00 pm EST.  Listen Here...

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  1. I read an interesting piece in CNN where US Intelligence stated that oil barons in the middle east do fund radical Islamic groups. Oil hungry Americans patronizes those barons in oil importation.


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