Friday, November 18, 2011

Karl Rove: "Who gave you the right to Occupy America?"

I personally fail to see the relevance of this "Occupy Baltimore" disruption.  If you listen to this speech in full, Rove was making some very good points.  Free speech does not mean the freedom to disrespect or disrupt a Q&A with obscenities and pointless chanting.  There was nothing to be gained in this but rather to be lost.  These types of "protests" only give credence to the claims from some that OWS is nothing more than a rabble. The movement is quickly becoming a moot point with these types of acts.

Rove was making a statement which was in condemnation of the same class disparity OWS has said they stand against. Maybe they need to research rather than just blindly stumbling into a speech like drunken sailors merely because the speaker is a Washington insider. 

Please help me understand the point of this particular "Mic Check"....

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