Monday, November 21, 2011

Peaceful UC Davis Protestors Pepper Sprayed

UC Davis students, protesting police brutality at a demonstration on their campus, were assaulted by police wearing riot gear when they did not disperse as ordered by officials. What is most disturbing about not only this offense against freedom and against those individuals occupying Wall Street, is how few people watching actually care.  The question that we should all be asking ourselves is, when did the citizens of a self-touting “Free Nation” become so desensitized to believe that those paid to serve and protect us are somehow justified in such an assault? 

With each passing day, the psychological attack against our “Freedom” is soaking into our collective minds to the point where the fascist state as reflected in these actions, is believed to be normal.  Didn’t our government just use this sort of treatment of protestors in Libya to justify bombing their leader out of office to “Liberate the People”?  It would seem that not only have Americans fallen asleep and have become purposely ignorant of this ongoing assault against us but now, they have become complacent in it as well.  As long as it doesn’t happen to you, is it alright?   Welcome to the new America: Land of the Oblivious.

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