Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breaking Taboos and More

The following was read on an interview with Breaking Taboo's Lakota Philllips on Allan Colberly, myself (S.Paul Forrest) and Lakota break down immigration, human trafficking and some other, fun stuff.  

Listen to the show’s archive HERE

America’s Border Insecurity

No Republican campaign speech ever goes on for long without mention of illegal immigration and the desire to quell it.  Though the debate itself invokes a clear and present problem, the persistent use of it as a political jumping point without consideration or offering of reasoned solutions, continues to cloud the reality of its under-reported dark side. From drugs to human trafficking, the lax state of our border security reflected in our inability to control illegal immigration, has taken a great toll on this nation.  Secure borders are more than just keeping desperate, freedom seeking people out of the country but one would be hard pressed to hear the reality of the problem on the stage of the ongoing political circus featuring so many aspiring performers. 

It may come as a shock to some to learn that our border gaps present a greater threat to this nation than people entering our nation without documentation.  When looking at the bigger picture of border security or in the case of America post-9/11, border insecurity, illegal immigration represents the least of our worries.  Off the political talking point filled stage, the all but ignored subject of illegal drugs entering this nation over (or under) the border, through our seaports and airports as well as the insidious practices of human trafficking only add to our nation’s troubles.  Maybe if this country secured its borders and ports and stopped these darker imports from entering, there would be fewer crimes within the spectrum of our racial and culturally diverse social palette.

Immigration as a debate issue seems to be meant to distract our thoughts on the bigger problems facing this Nation taking from our national agenda any realistic solutions to the dark underbelly of our profit oriented system. The truth of it all is quite simple: The political side show in this nation is not about finding solutions; it is about providing shock absorbers for our fantasy infected car pool traveling a road riddled with gaping, moral pot holes. Illegal immigration is the shallowest of these pits riddling the scarred surface of our Nation’s current path. If we are to improve as a Nation, we will need a better vision and improved policies not just for ourselves but for those who needlessly suffer within the shadow of our nation’s governmental inaction. 

If it weren’t for the filibustering and useless discussions in Washington, this would truly be an America we could all be proud of and possibly, prosper within. The sad realty is though; filibustering and blaming of the opposite party for their own, inept governing is all our “leaders” seem to know how do anymore.  In as far as illegal immigration is concerned, especially when considering the context of what is really involved, the current debate completely misses the mark.

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