Sunday, June 3, 2012

America 2.0 : Taxation Without Representation

by S. Paul Forrest

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We are a society which as a whole, has become over taxed and desperately under represented.  Citizen’s United, the Supreme Court case determining whether corporations may donate unlimited funds for political campaigns, only exacerbated an already corrupt, political system no serving We the People but they, the Corporations.  Add to this the recent attempts and partial success of States like Florida to purge the voter pool of people they find undesirable or insignificant and you have a condition we once revolted against as to make anyone of sound mind, question the course our Nation has taken.

The United Corporations of America have become the new Boss.  They fund their rule over our once free and prosperous nation with taxes and fees on everything from fruit to factories and the rest of their blood money taken by an ever evolving Police State whose only purpose it seems, is to harass the people and collect fines. The heavies charged with the collection of our hard earned dollars are the I.R.S. and the “Justice” Department; both acting outside the jurisdiction of our Constitution and both mightily authorized to take what they want and from whom they want, without retribution.  With every passing day, the Corporatist State is strengthened with new Laws which only serve one purpose: To make it impossible for We the People to fight back. 

What this Nation has become is not what our Forefathers envisioned. In fact, our government has come to operate in the same fashion as that Oligarchy which they revolted against and eventually, separated from.  We are now looking at a system which had spawned our American Revolution: Taxation without Representation.  With every Law passed intended to quash our freedom, we move further away from our America: Our Home of the Brave.  With every dollar spent on War, every family forced onto the street and every politician bought by corporate greed, we move further away from our one, true purpose: To Stand as a Beacon to the World and a light at the Golden Door: To represent what Freedom truly is. 

Each day, the corporate purchased media tells us that what the criminals in Washington and those in our State Governments are only doing is necessary to preserve our freedom.  What they truly represent though, is the antithesis of it.  When a government designed to protect the people from tyranny turns against they whom it has sworn to protect, the time has come to throw out that government and refresh the Tree of Liberty.  George Carlin once said, “They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”.  Now is the time for us to awaken to the ever increasing loss of our freedom.  We the People must join together protect our Liberty else have our Nation fade into the Annuls of History as one more failed Empire, destroyed by the ignorance of its people and swallowed by the greed which had infected its Heart.

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