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The Sociopathic Party Prepares to Take Total Control of the U.S. Government

by Michael Payne

America, a nation that has been in a severe state of regression and decline over the past decade, is approaching yet another obstacle to its ability to recover. That obstacle and a great threat to this nation, the Sociopathic Party, is a growing movement that has evolved from the corrupted Republican Party. It is relentlessly pursuing its main objective; to take complete control of the U.S. government.

Why exactly does this Sociopathic Party represent such a great danger to America? What is it about its members and its agenda that is so threatening? To answer this question we need to list some of the most pertinent characteristics of a sociopath and see just how they fit the members of this deranged political movement. And by this exercise we will also prove how these sociopaths and the Republicans are one and the same.

Characteristics of a Sociopath:

Manipulative and Conning : A sociopath is expert at scheming and manipulation. So are Republicans who are past masters of using every strategy and technique at their disposal to further the interests of Wall Street and Corporate America in the quest for greater and greater profits. They use every means at their disposal, mostly large sums of corporate money, in the attempt to weaken or destroy regulations covering this nation's financial sector. They fully intend to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency in order to eliminate air and water quality standards.

Grandiose Sense of Self : You've no doubt heard of those individuals who cover up their deep-seated feelings of inferiority by a pretense of superiority. That's an excellent description of a typical Republican who doesn't have a clue as to how to solve this nation's most pressing problems but comes across as having all the answers. What they try to do is present themselves as above everyone else, as leaders who the American people should worship as those who stand for everything that is good and right. But those are pure delusions of grandeur as they possess none of those qualities.

Pathological Lying : These sociopaths have taken the art of lying to new heights. No matter what they say they simply cannot be trusted and you can't believe a word they say. Trying to get a Republican to tell the truth is like trying to convince a hardened drug addict to give up his habit; lying is what they do, it is a part of their being. These are people who could, most probably, pass a lie detector test because, even as they tell the most outrageous lies, they actually believe that it is the truth. Their sense of right versus wrong is completely twisted.

Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt : No matter how much they hurt people to achieve their objectives it bothers them not a whit. It is a part of their nature to use people to get what they want so why should feelings of others be of any concern to them?

Shallow Emotions : Their behavior and actions will never be judged as being driven by warmth, love, joy or compassion for others. These are individuals who portray themselves as "compassionate conservatives" but that is just a ploy by which they cover up their utter disregard for the welfare of others. In their mind the word welfare should be eliminated from the English language. In reality, these are cold hearted people who can easily watch as millions of their fellow Americans suffer due to this economic decline without the slightest concerns over their plight.

Incapacity for Love : Those among them that include the Christian Right and the right-wing evangelicals publicize their beliefs as if they were the representatives of God on earth. But they are anything but that. If they were given a copy of the Sermon on the Mount, which is entirely based upon love, mercy and respect for others and speaks of the "meek who will inherit the earth", the "merciful who will obtain mercy", and the "peacemakers who will be called the Sons of God", they would totally reject it as being no more than liberal mythology. These are people who practice their own private brand of religion and falsely use Christianity to further their aims.

Callousness, Lack of Empathy : This characteristic is one that is most descriptive of sociopathic Republicans; they are actively planning, if they are successful in taking control of the presidency and the Congress, to tear down the most important social programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits and others, all in the name of deficit reduction. And, when they do so, it will not cause them any personal feeling of distress; feelings of empathy or concern never enter their minds.

Irresponsibility, Unreliability : As they go about their business in both the House and the Senate they don't even try to hide the fact that their number one objective is to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama rather than do what is right for this nation. They have used the filibuster and other techniques to block every attempt by this president and the Democrats to create badly needed job for millions of out of work Americans. They are deliberately sabotaging attempts to restore this economy by using their disruptive methods.

They are masters at using language and appealing messages to fool the American people into believing that they are steeped in morality. They constantly use terms such as "family values" and "pro-life" to try to cloud the people's minds and hide their real intentions; they are masters of appearing to be something they are not. They consider themselves to be part of the upper strata of America who know what is best for others, but their actions show them to be anything but models of moral decency.

They are well aware of the massive inequality of income and wealth in this society. They know that in this society it's the 99% of the rich against everyone else and they are committed to keep it that way. They intend to increase the wealth of those at the top at the expense of all other Americans no matter what it takes to do it.

Of course, there are always those who point out that while Republicans may be everything I say they are, that Democrats are no different, that both parties are exactly the same. Sorry, but that's uninformed thinking that indicates a lack of observation of one versus the other. Democrats, from this president on down, are often weak and indecisive; some are conservatives in Democratic clothing. But most of them are still trying to address the needs and interests of the American people. Perhaps they need a shot of adrenalin to become stronger and more committed, but they certainly can't be classed as the same as sociopathic Republicans.

The Democratic Party was the creator of this nation's most successful social programs. They have been on the side of unions and they support working men and women. They are the only ones who are trying to create jobs through congressional legislation; they are the only ones who go to bat for jobless Americans by fighting to extend unemployment benefits. They want the rich to pay more of their share in taxes; they want to reduce the great disparity of income and wealth in this society. Their Republican counterparts want none of these things; their entire agenda is geared to aid the rich and Corporate America. To say that these two political entities are the same is absolutely inaccurate.

So here's the question that begs an answer. How can people in America who seemingly have a conscience and a sense of morality still support that radicalized party and their sociopathic agenda? That's one of life's mysteries that cannot be explained, at least not yet. As difficult as that may be to understand, you can bet that many millions of them will blindly support and vote for members of this twisted political ideology.

The American people need to wake up before the 2012 national elections and become informed about all the issues that are involved in the decision for whom to vote. They must keep in mind that the members of the Sociopathic party will use every trick and deceitful scheme to take control of this government; they are busy enacting laws in Republican-controlled states to prevent millions of Americans from voting. The will attempt to present themselves as the party of the people and nothing could be further from the truth; they will misrepresent themselves in many different ways to fool the voters of this country. This time around the people must see through their smoke screens.

I dislike talking about the lesser of two evils as it only magnifies my concerns about the degree to which this nation has regressed and declined. But, being a realist, I know that, no matter how limited or bad the choices may be, I cannot in good conscience, do nothing and allow this country to be taken down by these political extremists. And the fact is that no matter how distasteful it may be for we the American people, it will boil down to only two choices.

As we approach this 2012 election, the American people will be faced with a tremendous dilemma, one that will stretch our moral judgment to its absolute limits. We can stay home, refuse to vote and fail this country in its greatest time of need by doing absolutely nothing. We can vote for some obscure candidate who has absolutely no chance of winning but it will show our defiance against the polluted political system.

We can cast our vote for what we might want to call the lesser of two evils and, thereafter continue to live in an America that, quite probably, will continue to be faced with a myriad of very serious problems; most probably more war, joblessness and a declining economy - but with the possibility that we still will have the chance to find the ways to reverse this situation and restore this nation's stability.
And lastly we can vote for the only other alternative that there is, one that will allow this nation to be ruled by a sociopathic-controlled government that will make the future a living hell.

All I can say is that "these are the times that try men's souls" and all Americans must look deeply into their hearts and souls and make a monumental decision that will determine the fate of this nation.

Michael Payne

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