Monday, June 11, 2012

America’s Abusive Relationship with their Government

by S. Paul Forrest

If you missed the discussion on - 06-11-12 - at Breaking Taboo - - 7:00 PM EST - You can listen to it HERE.

Abusive relationships are often tragic.  Any person who enters into one is typically unaware of the perils which will soon follow.  Once the abuse begins, many resolve to remain in the relationship in order to avoid trouble whilst others try to escape only to meet a punishing hand for having tried to do so.  Oftentimes, those in these types of relationships cling to an ideal of a lover who will one day return to them; the person they first fell in love with and trusted: They can not admit an abusive relationship exists for they want only to hang onto the idea of a love that once brought happiness and security to their lives, innately resisting the idea that the relationship they were once so enamored with has turned into a nightmare.  It seems that Americans of late have come to exist within such a relationship. Their abuser though, is not a lover or a spouse but rather, their government; that entity they once trusted to look over their safety but which now has turned into a fiend and only wants to further imprison them; to cost them everything if they attempt to challenge or escape from the abuse.

It is deeply engrained within our psyche to love our Nation and by proxy, our government that nary a soul seems to want to admit there is a problem.  The propagandistic mechanisms used to keep us from speaking out against the abuse are everywhere.  The media tells us to question the government is anti-patriotic.  They slander Occupy Wall Street, calling the participants rabble while others who protest, they call traitorous.  The government itself perpetuates the problem by passing laws to watch us; to subconsciously and at times, actively threaten us with losing everything so we will remain in the relationship; so we will remain under its control. Those afraid of this backlash keep convincing themselves that the love and trust will once again be justified so continue to ignore the problem.

If any doubt of this abuse remains in the minds of Americans today, all they have to do is look around. Look at the case of Bradley Manning who dared show the world the villainous ways of our war machine or the Occupy protestors who are treated like criminals for daring to confront their abusers.  Look at how the protestors at Chicago’s NATO summit were violently treated and how the preparations for the Republican Convention in Tampa are progressing with the installation of cameras, the enlistment of thousands of police officers and the creation of “event zones” to silence the abused.  They say admitting your problem is the first step toward recovery so it would follow that admitting there is a problem with our current governmental system would be a step toward recovering from its oppressive nature.  It is unfortunate though, how few dare take that first step.

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