Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN

Original broadcast from:  The Progressive

S. Paul note: 

The Republican Party of these United States and its representatives would like nothing more than to rid our land of voting rights.  They now stand en masse, as a representation of all that is wrong with America.  They are an example of what happens when greed, religion, nationalism and fear combine to create policy.  Despite their vehement proclamations of “patriotic action”, they stand for nothing that is truly American but rather, all of which we originally rebelled against England for: Oligarchy, taxation without representation and the ridding of any care for those who are not among their treasured numbers; those who do not support them, 100%.

If you doubt this claim, research what the Party and their media affiliates did to destroy ACORN, an association that in 2008 assisted in the voter registration of 400,000 black and Latino voters.  They also helped the poor who would not have otherwise afforded homes, secure loans from banks. They also had a major role in fair wage actions for workers who otherwise would have been paid an above poverty salary.  The right wing wave of propagandistic slander banded together to shut this agency down with false claims of their role in the housing crisis, voter fraud and big government coercion.  John Atlas has written a fascinating book on what happened to ACORN and how the Right wing stopped at nothing to destroy it and the work it was doing for the poor. 

The following is a podcast I had the privilege to listen to on with John Atlas, which explains the destruction of ACORN at the hands of the powers which will stop at nothing to disenfranchise We the People so they alone have power over of lives now and in the future.  


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