Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can a Single Politician or Administration, Really Destroy America?

by S. Paul Forrest

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Whenever election time comes to rear it’s ugly head in America, partisan attacks and fears of the next administration making changes that will destroy the fabric of our nation hypnotizes voters into thinking that the next politician they elect or the “other” side elects, will somehow transform our nation into a better, worse or even, an horrific place. This mentality not only demonstrates the absolute ignorance of Americans of how our Governmental system was designed to work, it brings to the forefront the real problem we are facing as a whole – division instead of unity and what our governmental system is slowly transforming into while we fall asleep at the wheel within our troglodyte world of televised idiocy.  

What most people fail to remember or in some cases never knew to begin with, is how one politician or one Administration cannot dictate every Law put into place or independently steer the course of our nation without the support of the majority in Congress and then, survive the determinations of the Judiciary if our Constitution is in anyway encumbered by those dictates. As evidenced by the administrative ineptitudes of the current Democratic occupation of the White House, one Administration cannot change America without agreement from both sides of the aisle.

The three branches of our government were created to prevent one group from controlling the destiny of our Nation. It ensures or at least once did, that one political party given the seat of rule could not do what so many fear could happen in the coming election.  Within this system, the winners cannot invoke absolute change or destroy our Constitution in one sitting within the White House.  What can happen and what seems to be happening now though, is as the people fight against each other with ammunition gathered the night before from their sensationalistic media arms dealers.

The political rhetoric surrounding the upcoming, Presidential election as opposed to the average circus monkey and pony show we have seen in every other election cycle, is a bit different.  Because of partisan mass media, a simple line in the sand has not been drawn but rather, a chasm between Republican and Democrat voters and is dividing We the People while slowly destroying our nation from the inside out.  Biased media with a sensationalistic desire to boost ratings and sales for their sponsors, is driving this ignorance. 

As seen these past four years, media control over our system of governance has become a plague on our nation.   On every national “news” station one tunes into today, there is to be found slanderous, fear creating insistences of how the Left or the Right will either save or destroy our nation if elected into office.  On the Right, we are inundated with the vitriol of Liberals hating America and trying to destroy the fabric of our traditions and culture while on the Left, we hear how the Conservatives will bring about austerity and destroy our Constitutional rights and Liberties.  The truth is rarely seen in this cacophony of blame and false predictions and the false representations of facts are meant only to entice us to vote or else give up all together.

With each passing day, We the People are being driven further apart by this fatalistic propaganda so we will be forced to choose sides in a war of words meant to create a house divided rather than working to bring us back together as a people sharing a common purpose.  The politicians are not driving us apart as much as the corporate run media, heavily invested in the end product of their rhetoric are. If the division is solid enough, targeted marketing can occur and brand loyalty, assured.  In this way, they can also begin to enact any legislation they desire so as to assure larger profits and lessened concern for the average citizen who has fallen victim to the bottom line.

Since aspiring politicians cannot run for office or maintain their positions without corporate contributions, they will do whatever is necessary to convince the contributors to continue this funding including but not limited to, betraying their own constituents. What an Administration can accomplish though, with the help of its politically motivated, polar opposites being demonized in the media, is to divide our nation and its people to the point where absolutely nothing of substance gets done other than the filling of the pockets of those charismatic enough to convince us to vote for them.

If the conspiracy crowds are correct, there is truly only one party serving in America – the corporate one.  Its political force uses our fears and television perpetuated, hypnotic state to make us think we are being served so we continue to willingly and rather mindlessly, participate in the voting farce while they sell our Republic to the highest bidders within the corporate world. These people represent not the voters flocking to the polls but their own interests. The business at hand they are operating within the troglodyte halls of governance is for profit only not the people. Given this self-serving purpose, one of the answers to the question of whether one politician or administration can truly destroy our nation would seem a moot one since they all serve different corporate masters with different agendas. 

On the other hand, let us assume the accusations of the conspiracy driven crowds on both the Left and Right are wrong; that there is still a two party system working for the people.  Given this context, there is still a system of checks and balances working within our Governmental structure.  If this is true, then those checks and balances will not allow the extremist philosophies heard from so many political hopefuls these past three years to come to fruition.  If the Republicans win we will not see immediate austerity measures and defunding of our social support system and if the Democrats win, we will not see redistribution of wealth like evidenced in Stalinist Russia.  If the system still works, these dangers will never be witnessed within our free Republic: If it doesn’t, we will witness its inevitable destruction.

In light of a fascist-like state within our nation brought on by a Republican President’s initiating the Patriot Act and continued to the Nth degree by the following Democratic President and his war on freedom and additionally given the decisions handed down by the Supreme Court in the Case of Citizens United, it has become painfully obvious that the latter scenario is more possible than the former. Even given this reality though, many keep hoping that there are still enough sensible people left in Washington and on the State level, to ensure that a Theocratic State or a Statist takeover of our government will not become a reality in the immediate future.  What will become reality if not corrected by the People, is a State of not Independence but rather one of Dependence on either the Government or the Corporatists whereby We the People will not possess that ever increasingly elusive dictum of Freedom we thought we once had but only become imprisoned with a system that desires absolute power over us all.

What are you personally going to do to stop the worst of these scenarios from occurring: Stay tuned for the next episode of Fantasy Sleep-off or get involved so We the People can take back our Nation? As to the original question of; “Can a single politician or administration, really destroy America?” the answer is quite simple: Only if WE THE PEOPLE let them.

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