Sunday, August 26, 2012

The RNC Arrives in Tampa and With It, Martial Law

by S. Paul Forrest

We discussed this as one of the stories - 08-27-12 - Breaking Taboo - - 7:00 PM EST - If you missed it, Listen HERE.

The Republican National Convention is intended to be an event where politicians and their delegates meet to finalize their selection of a Presidential Nominee and outline their agenda for the party.  Typically, this event is surrounded by media and special interest pomp which like the counter DNC, is intended to rouse the troops and excite the base before the General Election.  This year’s RNC however, is mired in controversy surrounding the Republican Party’s all too apparent, anti-social agenda and a non-performance track record in Congress which has many in this Nation protesting and Law Enforcement being paid to protect.  No where has this become more obvious than in Tampa, Florida the location of this election’s RNC.

In preparation for this event, the City of Tampa has spent nearly $100 Million dollars of tax payer money.  The expenses include everything from surveillance cameras to mounted police patrolling the streets and barricades to keep anyone out who would dare not support the politics of nothingness.  Our downtown has been transformed from a normally peaceful one into a war zone patrolled and monitored by the Secret Service and several other law enforcement agencies.  Streets are being closed, bus lines rerouted and during the event, the Cross Town expressway, closed.  As news and military helicopters fly above, the police and the court system below prepare for what they predict will be an event surrounded by violent protests.  They are now more than ready to protect the interests of a political system that has all but abandoned We the People.

Along with this tour de force of police presence, the right-wing aligned media has taken the opportunity to further the agenda of their poli-pets by demonizing those who are preparing to protest against the GOP, be they rational protestors or not, serving to send a message to their listeners that any who cares enough about America to stand up for her, is the enemy. This tactic is an all too revealing ploy representing what this Government has truly come to represent and the deception our electoral system is now defined by: In this new America, the right to free speech is still available but with the caveat that if you decide to exercise that right, it will be to your own detriment. 

The scariest part of the RNC preparations is not the anticipation of meaningless rhetoric and false promises delivered by plastic politicians but rather, how quickly this modest City of Tampa has fallen under Martial Law.  There are swat teams positioning, police from the Capitol and several other jurisdictions patrolling, Secret Service scanning and even the National Guard set on stand by if protests become what our fearful leaders deem too disruptive.  Protestors are also descending upon the City for their own reasons. Their purpose should not be looked at as just people wanting to cause havoc as channels like FOX news will have us believe though, it should be viewed as an attempt to inoculate against the disease that is quickly infecting our Nation: Representation of the few rather than the many. 

What the media won’t tell you is how the protests scheduled to take place at the RNC are not just about fighting against the Republican initiative to dismantle the social system, school system or their desire to rid our country of worker representation while even Democrats sit idly by and allow our Constitution to be dismantled by the in place POTUS; it about fighting back against the duopoly which is destroying our nation. These protests are not as much a partisan issue as they are a statement that We the People are onto the game the politicians are playing with our Nation’s future.  We who do still honor this nation’s history and believe that the term civilization is not marked by the destruction of rights but rather, by the people working together for the common good not just the good of the select few, will not sit back and allow this nation to be sold to the highest bidder – We will fight back.

Given the amount of preparation and expectation of violence, it would be truly interesting to see what would happen if no protestors showed up at all - not a single arrest made.  Some would see it as how a police state instituted actually worked to deter dissidence while others would see it for what it is; a system hiding behind a militarized police force to avoid being held accountable. If violent protests erupt, Martial Law is justified and if they don’t, what will it say about our present system?  When politicians have to hide behind police lines to avoid facing the ire of the people they are misrepresenting, we should all be demanding change from these false representatives instead of justifying their cowardice by calling all who would stand against them, criminal. 

What is truly remarkable is how so many supporting the RNC preparations and the police state associated with them, not so long ago agreed that Occupy Wall Street protestors were hindering business and so, their removal from downtown was justified. Ironically enough, now the politicians and media members who began that story line are doing the same.  Many residents here in Tampa have vowed to stay away from the downtown during this event.  In fact, many businesses in the greater area will be opting to temporarily relocate or close their offices to avoid having employees caught up in the potential melee and their offices inundated with those who would resort to violence – police included.  We won’t be hearing about the negative effect on business from media, though – most of them are owned by the same people who own the politicians the police are protecting.

There are many out there who will say that the RNC and DNC both represent American Democracy.  We are told that protests like that coming to Tampa are anti-democratic but a system that does not serve all is not a Democracy nor is it a Republic as we are supposed to be. The truth of the matter is quite simple: The false representation seen from the GOP and the Democrats alike, combined with voter purging undertaken by this State of Florida and many others, austerity measures to come, the promise of a continued loss of jobs to free trade and a global military presence meant to take us to a one world economy, is destroying our America.  

Try as they might to blame our problems on the Patriots of Occupy Wall Street or those like Julienne Assange working to reveal the devilry of America’s militarization of the Globe, the real criminals will not be found on the streets of Tampa holding signs and demanding change, they will be at the podium spreading their message of the 1% while their media advocates consciously convince the slumbering slobs foolish enough to believe them, that we are still being represented.  When Americans come to decide that to protect our nation from the scourge of Corporatism is an unpatriotic action, they surrender themselves to it. But what else is to be expected from a people who have become complacent within televised fantasy and infected with an insatiable addiction to ignorance?

To add insult to injury, Americans are sadly becoming acclimated to the Police State surrounding our inept system of Governance. Republican and Democrat voters alike have been convinced that our “leaders” are doing what is right to protect us from foreign threats but stubbornly refuse to recognize the domestic one currently in place.  Call it an Oligarchy, a Duopoly or any other title you wish but the fact remains that if We the People were truly being represented, protective measures of the magnitude seen downtown would not be necessary. This beautiful City would not now be a militarized zone and the people would not be afraid to traverse it if the degradation of America was not a reality.  What has become all too clear is that We the People of Tampa are no longer hosting the RNC; We have become been invaded by it. 

It is not difficult to begin considering the potential parallels between the RNC representing the GOP agenda along with the inevitable protests and what would happen if in fact, their agenda became a reality. When the people are eventually left on their own without governmental representation to ensure they have a viable economy for all to survive within, the violence of desperation will begin to overwhelm our nation. Will the same protests aimed at the RNC become the norm when their desire to institute austerity measures is realized and will Martial Law start to creep into every town and city in America? These are questions we all must consider and prepare to have answered with a devastating, yes.

Many reading this may not think the RNC and the police force protecting it is as big a deal as this article makes it seem but when they come to your town and turn it into a militarized zone where your rights “guaranteed” by the Constitution are discarded to protect the criminals of the State, there is no doubt in this author’s mind, you will agree that it is indeed, a big deal.

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